ES Attack Speed Calculator
Class Fanaticism slvl 
Weapon Type Annihilation slvl 
Attack TypeBurst of Speed slvl 
Weapon WSM (R) Eagle Eye slvl 
Weapon WSM (L)Frenzy slvl 
Direct EIAS
Hand To Hand: for Claws, Knuckles and Bare Handed Attack.
Claw SQ: for FoF, CoT, BoI with Single Claw/Knuckle.
Claw SQ (Dual): for DC, FoF, CoT, BoI with Dual Claw/Knuckle.
* For dual wielding, the second weapon type doesn't matter.

IAS 1st
0 14
9 13
19 12
32 11
54 10
86 9
152 8

The unit is FPA (Frame Per Attack). 1 frame is 1/25 second.
You attack 2.5 times in a second with 10 PFA.