Aura When Equipped List

LevelAuraItem NameItem Type
1AnnihilationComposure3 Socket Melee Weapons
1-3AnnihilationThe AnnihilatorGiant Axe
1-9AnnihilationMagic/Rare "of Aurora"Weapon
2-4AnnihilationGreen aura stone forgeAmulet
2-4AnnihilationMitsurugi’s AideLithe Blade
5-8AnnihilationAtlastrustChest Guard
6-8AnnihilationGrand Leon4 Socket Swords
1Aura of DivinityAlea Jacta EstPrecision Cleaver
2-4Aura of DivinityOrb of the HoradrimHeavenly Stone
3-6Aura of DivinityHoly AvengerCelestial Blade
12Aura of DivinityEternal Reign6 Socket Body Armor
1-12CleansingMagic/Rare "of Aurora"Helm, Torso
6CleansingStomach Ache4 Socket Body Armor
6-8CleansingWhite aura stone forgeAmulet
10CleansingInstrument of PurificationSeraphic Scepter
12CleansingArthur’s CrownTitania Crown
13-17CleansingPlague3 Socket Weapons*
1ConcentrationWicked AxeHeavy Axe
3-5ConcentrationRed aura stone forgeAmulet
5ConcentrationMilea’s Majesty**
5-7ConcentrationMiller’s HammerMilitary Hammer
5-8ConcentrationDragon’s BreathDragon Spear
9ConcentrationHound2 Socket Weapons
16-20ConcentrationPride4 Socket Polearms*
1-3ConvictionInarius’ FallZweihander
2-4ConvictionIzeal’s ViseCeremonial Armor
5ConvictionBurn3 Socket Melee Weapon
12ConvictionInfinity4 Socket Polearms*
1-12DefianceMagic/Rare "of Aurora"Helm, Torso
3-6DefianceMelody3 Socket Missile Weapons
4-8DefianceDiscontent3 Socket Helm
5DefianceAanna’s Battle Dress**
7DefianceStonewallBody Shield
7-12DefianceThe ProtectorPetrified Staff
8-10DefianceViolet aura stone forgeAmulet
8/11DefianceAnimal Friend4 Socket Helms/Body Armor
12DefianceRaistlin’s Salvation**
12-15DefianceEnvy4 Socket Body Armor
13-16DefianceExile4 Socket Paladin Shields*
1-9FanaticismMagic/Rare "of Aurora"Weapon
2-5FanaticismScope of the HawkMarksman Crossbow
6FanaticismRage3 Socket Weapons
9FanaticismBeast5 Socket Axes/Scepters/Hammers*
12-15FanaticismFaith4 Socket Missile Weapons*
1-12Holy FireMagic/Rare "of Aurora"Helm, Torso
14Holy FireDragon3 Socket Body Armor/Shields*
16Holy FireHand of Justice4 Socket Weapon*
17Holy FireVulcanguardChain Shirt
1-12Holy FreezeMagic/Rare "of Aurora"Helm, Torso
3Holy FreezeAlora’s Shadow**
5Holy FreezeChains of BindingHeavy Mail
7Holy FreezeHail Fire6 Socket Staves
10Holy FreezeDivada’s Trickery**
10Holy FreezeOrdnance of the Dark Brotherhood**
12Holy FreezeDoom5 Socket Axes/Polearms/Hammers*
16-22/11-15Holy FreezeWinter2 Socket Staves/Orbs/Mana Blades
18Holy FreezeIce4 Socket Missile Weapons*
1-12Holy ShockMagic/Rare "of Aurora"Helm, Torso
6Holy ShockLightning4 Socket Melee Weapons
15Holy ShockDream3 Socket Helms/Shields*
18Holy ShockGolden Dragon6 Socket Body Armor
1MeditationZeus’ BoltsMatriarchal Javelin
1-12MeditationMagic/Rare "of Aurora"Helm, Torso
5-7MeditationBlue aura stone forgeAmulet
6MeditationInsight6 Socket Body Armor
12-17MeditationInsight4 Socket Polearms/Saves*
1MightCollar of the Minotaur
1-12MightMagic/Rare "of Aurora"Weapon
5MightButcher’s TenderizerSerrated Star
9MightAdmiration4 Socket Weapons
17MightLast Wish6 Socket Swords/Hammers/Axes*
1-3PrayerSpirit of the ForestShillelagh
4PrayerMillenium2 Socket Staves/Orbs/Mana Blades
5PrayerHeart of the MoonRogue Boots
7PrayerPrayer3 Socket Weapons
8Protection From ColdFox3 Socket Body Armor
1-9Protection From EvilMagic/Rare "of Aurora"Weapon
3Protection From EvilSpellcasters Aide
5-10Protection From EvilSheep3 Socket Weapons
6-12Protection From EvilUndead’s BlightRogue Bow
16-18Protection From EvilLawbringer3 Socket Swords/Hammers/Scepters*
2Protection From FireGreiz’s LegionRoyal Guards
2-4Protection From LightningZerae’s PointWar Spear
1RedemptionKain’s Means of Destruction**
5RedemptionGriffith’s Cunning**
10-15RedemptionPhoenix4 Socket Weapons/Shields*
1SalvationHeaven’s GateKurast Shield, Pal
1SalvationMorquan’s AuraBattle Staff
1-9SalvationMagic/Rare "of Aurora"Helm, Torso
5SalvationJindujun5 Socket Body Armor
6SalvationNature’s Kingdom4 Socket 2H Weapons
10SalvationShepherd’s Delight**
2ThornsJaheira’s Tenacity**
5ThornsSorrow4 Socket Body Armor/Polearms
6-9ThornsQuill Giant’s SpineWrist Spike
10-12ThornsBlack aura stone forge
15ThornsEdge3 Socket Missile Weapons*
15-21ThornsBramble4 Socket Body Armor*
24ThornsDread4 Socket Shields
1VigorJourney4 Socket Body Armor
1VigorPlanet’s Veneration**
1-9VigorMagic/Rare "of Aurora"Helm, Torso
3VigorBorik’s Deceit**
3-6VigorHermes’ GiftGladiator Boots
3-6VigorThe GrandfatherDeath Blade
4-6VigorYellow aura stone forgeAmulet
10VigorHarmony4 Socket Missile Weapons*

* LoD Runeword

** Set bonus

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