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Started my Diablo play with Diablo 1. Was late to that, and didn't play nearly as much as some, and only made it into NM in Multiplayer.

Then bought the D2 Battlechest, again, years later than some.

Played that a bit, tried Cattlenet, and immediately got player killed in a multiplayer game. That angered me a great bit, and I started thinking Cattlenet was not for me, and I might even like to hunt down player killers and cheaters. So, started searching for a group to do these things. Found the Knights of the Forgotten Order, which was a very good guild built on integrity and honesty. So, no bounty hunting, but I found a great group of players to play with, out of my Cattlenet experience.

After a few years, the Guild started to wane, and I started visiting other forums more often, such as the Lurker Lounge, Amazon Basin, and Eventually settled on's Single Player Forum, and started taking part in many tournaments there, for over a year. Lord Vega, another player in those those forums, highly recommended Eastern Sun. I was also familiar with the Phrozen Keep, but had not done much there, or tried any mods. But, I came to the site, checked out ES, and the forums, and thought it looked interesting, and like almost a new game, that fixed the things that were wrong with D2, like higher rune availability, etc. So, I gave it a whirl.

After playing a short while, and having just came from the tourney scene at, I started to promote tournaments. Being so new here, and new to items, we tried a Magic Find tourney, with pretty dismal results. But, it was a start, and from there, the tournament scene has flourished.

So, all told, at least around 6 or 7 years of Diablo 1 and 2 play for me, now! And, still going strong.

I play some other things. Have many great games, on PS1, XBox and PC, that I haven't even played. I play a lot of Civilization 4, as well as ES, with some occasional XBox or PS1 side ventures for a short ES vacation. But, I see no end in sight for my Eastern Sun play, any time soon!

Current Tourney Characters

Craftsman Tourney--FrenziedCrafter(Barbarian)

Level 27
Main skills- Frenzy, Warcry, Ghost Decoy, Find Magic Items

In search of his first crafted items, at the moment. A quite efficient killer. My main played character at the moment.

Cow King's Wealth-O-Rama--BonesBillions(Necromancer)

Level 35
Main skills - Clay Golem, Fire Golem, Blood Golem, Corpse Explosion

Originally planned to be a Bone Necro, but after reading a character build here on the wiki, decided to try my first GolemnMancer. So, the name doesn't fit, but it does fit the tourney theme. Sure seems like a good build, at this point, along with a Rogue Merc that's packing some serious punch.

Random Tourney--PoppyMontgomery(Assassin)

Level 6
Main skills- Dragon Tail, Mind Blast, Burst of Speed, Tiger Strike

Just starting out in this tourney. Not feeling too strong at the moment, but I have a feeling that will soon change.

Past Tourney Characters that live

Past Tourney Characters that perished(IE tales of Hardcore woe)

Non-Tourney characters

Dear Diary


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