Bugs in ES 3.00 R2

Bugs Confirmed by tsuru

  • The morphing bonuses aren't disabled.
  • Arion's armor's base item is wrongly changed to Archmage Plate. Because of this, you can't cube Arion's morphing charm.
  • Some of Unique Rerolls don't work or spawns a wrong item.
  • The armor of Nature's Rule spawned in R1 can't be rerolled.

A quick fix for Windows version

Please unzip this file to:
C:\Program Files\Diablo II\es300r\data\global\excel

An official patch will be released within 24 hours.

  • "Tyrael's Halo -> Tyrael's Fort" This change is missing.
  • "Reaver of the Angel of A(tab)Reaver of the Angel of Annihilation" is missing.
  • "Reaver of Darkness(tab)Reaver of Darkness" is missing.
  • Arreat Spear -> Arreat's Spear

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