Confirmed and Fixed in R2C

  • Fixed the bug that following mercenary set pieces is wrongly upgraded into Mercenary's Wrap Hell (body armor).
Mercenary's Shiek NM (helm)
All Iron Wolf Set NM (sword, helm, body armor, shield)
All Barbarian Merc Set NM (sword, helm, body armor)
  • Fixed the bug that Ormus gives a white jewel as the quest reward.
  • Fixed Unique Reroll recipes. The name of "Ideal Craft" in uniques.txt was accidentally broken as "Ideal Craf" in R1B, and all the lines after Ideal Craft reroll were bugged.
  • Fixed the bug that Ideal Craft displays the string "An Evil Force". This was also caused by the broken name of Ideal Craft.
  • Dark Clans (Goatmen) displays the string "An Evil Force".
  • Fixed the synergies to Prayer. The synergy value reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Runeword Heaven's Will requires 5 socket and blessed edge can have max 4 socket -> Fixed database.
  • Fixed the drop in Fake Note Factory and Poppy Farm in NM and Hell.
  • The missiles of Tomb Viper are still doing too much damage. -> Hopefully got better. (Made it similar to Poison Javelin in LoD as possible.)
  • Fixed the bug that Demon Life/Mana Orbs can't be activated.
  • Changed the Mercenary sets' name in the database from the internal name to the displayed name on the item.

Reported Bugs in R2B

  • My ES has been crashing an awful lot since I upgraded. It never used to do that. Now it'll crash randomly and additionally whenever someone leaves my tcp/ip games.

Requests, etc.

  • Please streamline the inventory of Fara and remove some of the lower level items that you can also buy at Elix or Charsi. Very often you don't get any bows.
  • Is it intentional that the Clay Golems in the Catacombs do huge poison damage? (At least huge for Act 1 Normal chars with little Poison res) It just seems like a weird ability for a Clay Golem to have.
  • Clay Golems in Nightmare have ridiculously low health when compared to their relative health on Normal. They should, IMO, be tougher than the iron-clad knights are.

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