Changes in ES 3.00 R2


  • Strings
    Fixed the spell "Indominable" to "Indomitable".
    Fixed the spell "Mithral Knife" to "Mithril Knife".
    Fixed the coupon of Mancatcher displaying "War Fork".
    Fixed the coupon of Cedar Bow displaying "CedarBow".
    Fixed the description of the coupon of Matriarchal Javelin (wrong position of a parenthesis).
    Removed the unnecessary linebreak from the description of Iaigiri.
    Fixed the descriopion of Ancient Scroll 37 (Any -> Non Ethereal).
    Fixed the descriopion of Ancient Scroll 49 (with 1 socket).
    Rearranged the description of Rerolling Orb.
    Added "N" and "H" to the strings of NM and Hell mercenary sets.
    Added the name string for Stained Glass.
    Changed some confusing base item names.
    Correct the wrong name strings of some runewords.
    Unified the old appellation Unique Maker to Unique Stone.
    Fixed misc strings.
  • Tokens
    Arrow and bolt quivers are correctly tokenized.
    Fixed the bug that some Unique Items and Set Items are tokenized with an improper inventory graphic.
    Ethereal items can't be tokenized any longer, to fix an exploitable loophole. Ethereal tokens can be restored as before.
    Fixed the bug that Artic Horn and Gabrielle's Pointed Staff doesn't show the correct picture when tokenized into Green Token.
    Tokenizer now tokenize Set Items into a Red Token instead of a Green Token, so that it doesn't lose the enhancements on the item.
    Reduced the selling price of Tokens to 1, to fix an exploitable loophole.
    Fixed the bug that when you untokenize the item with 1 socket, the socket is disabled until you cube it with a TP Scroll.
    As a result of this this bug fix, now tokens have 1 socket if the tokenized item has any socket(s).
  • Set Items
    Changed the base item of some set pieces, so that the pieces won't share the same base item as possible.
    Fixed the rarity of set jewelry.
    Removed the morphing bonus from morphing sets. Add morphing charm recipes instead.
    (This is because the morphing bonus interferes Druid shapeshifting even if disabled.)
  • Cube Recipes
    Fixed the bug that the repair recipe accepted an any healing pot instead of a rejuvenation potion.
    Fixed the bug that Socket Donuts can't be cubed.
    Fixed the bug that Secret Recipe 31-36 don't convert Set Items.
    Fixed the Forging recipes so that all Forgings can be correctly removed.
    Fixed the skill tab bonus of Paladin starter weapon to "+1-3 To Combat Skills".
    Fixed the skill tab bonus of Barbarian starter weapon to "+1-3 To Tribal Skills".
    Fixed the bug that Skill Tab Forging, +1-3 Skill Tab Ring and +3 Skill Tab Amulet recipes give wrong Barbarian skill tab bonus.
    Added the recipes to make morphing (+ some bonus) charms from former morphing set pieces. Set pieces remain intact.
  • Monsters
    Fixed the bug that Death Clan Lords in Act 4 are accompanied by Moon Clans
    Fixed the drop in Fake Note Factory and Poppy Farm.
    Improved the rune drop of Hellforge Quest. All gold runes can drop in Hell, All green runes can drop in NM and All oragne runes can drop in Normal.
    Slightly improved the drop chance of unique charms.
  • Skills
    Changed the starting skill of Necromancer from Revive to Weaken.
    Zeal correctly receives the synergy from Vengeance and Conversion.
    Improved Anointed Bear. Doubled the life bonus, damage%, AR, and def per level.
    Increased vs Undead/Demon Damage of Sacred Piercer (3% per level).
    Slightly increased the damage of Firestorm.
    Improved the poison length and AR of Viper Bite.
    Cow Balloon deals Physical and Lightning Damage to Attacker.
    Cow Balloon allows to summon multiple spirits of a kind as a synergy.
    Venom deals the correct poison damage.
    Improved the damage of Meteor Shower. Damage per time is almost equal to or higher (at high slvls) than N series patch.
  • General
    Changed "SelectedLanguage=ENG" to "SelectedLanguage=" in PlugY.ini. Because this setting is unnecessary for English version users, and obstructs foreign language localization.
    Removed the old arrows and bolts (without "replenishes quantity") from vendors.
    Stockers now returns a random number of keys just like when they are sold at vendors.
    Protection from Evil flashes slowly. Holy Shock uses the LoD graphics as default.
    Fixed the bug that the runeword "Spirit" and "Abandon" crashes D2 when activated on a charm.
    Changed the gem type of orbs to "Helm".

To Do

Planned but not implemented in this patch

Rearrange the confusing upgrade path of circlets

  • (Group A) Hachigane - Faceguard (new item) - Tiara
  • (Group B) Circlet - Coronet - Diadem

Base Item Name Changes

  • Elite Tower Shield
    Royal Guard -> Royal Shield
    (Confusing with Royal Guards)
  • Exceptional Iron Guards (the 6th gloves)
    Imperial Guards -> Military Guards
    (Imperial sounds as if better than its elite version Royal Guards)
  • Elite Light Gauntlets / Gauntlets
    Gladiator Bracers -> Gladiator Gauntlets
    Titan Bracers -> Titan Gauntlets
    (Sounds as if they are the upper vesion of Heavy Bracers)
  • Elite Heavy Belt / Plated Belt
    Military Belt -> Gladiator Belt
    Girdle -> Titan Belt
    (using "Gladiator" as the 4th elite, and "Titan" as the 5th elite)
  • Elite Light Plated Boots / Greaves
    Plated Boots -> Gladiator Boots
    Gladiator Boots -> Titan Boots
    (using "Gladiator" as the 4th elite, and "Titan" as the 5th elite)
  • Muscle Belt (the 6th belt) Family
    Muscle Belt -> Muscle Wrap
    Titan Brace -> Giant Wrap
    Gladiator Wrap -> Herculean Wrap
    (using "Wrap", like "guards" for the 6th gloves family)
  • Assault Helmet Family
    Assault Helmet -> Assault Helm
    Savage Helmet -> Savage Helm
  • Wretched Scythe
    Dire Scythe
    Soul Scythe -> Demonic Scythe
  • Dread Scythe -> Soul Hunter
    Doom Blade -> Soul Burner
    Soul Destroyer
  • Mana Blade
    Energy Blade
    Magic Blade -> Wizard Blade
  • Spirit Crown
    Ethereal Crown
    Enchanted Crown -> Titania Crown
  • Tribal Spear
    Highland Javelin
    Mountain Clan Spear -> Arreat's Spear
  • Dimensional Boots -> Crystal Boots
    Mystile Boots -> Dimensional Boots
    Spirit Boots -> Phase Boots

Set Base Item Changes

Quilted ArmorAutolycus'DanarakNature's P
leather ArmorAct 1 MercAct 1 Merc(N)Act 1 Merc(H)
Hard Leather ArmorBerserkerLixoSascha
Studded LeatherAct 2 MercAct 2 Merc(N)Act 2 Merc(H)
Ring MailRatholWrathamonMillea
Scale MailGabrielleAloraDarien
Chain MailAct 3 MercAct 3 Merc(N)Act 3 Merc(H)
Breast PlateTyrael
(from Helm)
Splint MailAct 5 MercAct 5 Merc(N)Act 5 Merc(H)
Plate Mail-AannaJaheira
Field Plate-KrakeragSarevok
Gothic Plate-GriffithBrother
Full Plate ArmorDiabloLancelotHurja
Ancient ArmorKainDarkshadeCow King
Light PlateNajRaistlinNature's R
Spiked ShoulderMotokoIhsanBorik
Elven ChainMalekAlazielTasselhoff
Skull CapAct 1 MercAct 1 Merc(N)Act 1 Merc(H)
HelmAct 2 MercAct 2 Merc(N)Act 2 Merc(H)
Full HelmDiabloPlanetDarien
Great HelmAct 3 MercAct 3 Merc(N)Act 3 Merc(H)
Bone HelmWrathamonNupraptorBrother
Spirit CrownVegaDivadaNoir
Dwarven Crown--Cow King
Horned HelmAct 5 MercAct 5 Merc(N)Act 5 Merc(H)
Assault Helm-DarkshadeSarevok
Avenger Guard--Hurja

Mask shows Bone Helm's in-game graphics.
Reduces the req str and gamble cost of Great Helm.
Great Helm req str (63 - 115 - 145) -> (50 - 92 - 135)

Small ShieldMilabregaAraziel
Large ShieldTara
Kite ShieldAct 3 MercAct 3 Merc(N)Act 3 Merc(H)
Tower ShieldDiablo
Gothic ShieldKain
Spiked ShieldTyraelMalek
Preserved HeadLim-Dul
Demon HeadNupruptor
Aerin ShieldAnduin
Crown ShieldLancelot
Leather GlovesDeathWrathamonArion
Heavy GlovesArcticPlanetBorik
Chain GlovesMesserschmidtLichAraziel
Light GauntletsBlackwingAannaShepherd
Iron GuardKainNoirNature's R
Light BeltAutolycus
(from boots)
Heavy BeltVegaJaheira-
Plated BeltAchillesDarkshadeDarien
Muscle WrapMalek
(from gloves)
Heavy BootsMilabregaMerlinJade
Chain BootsBlackwing
(from belt)
Light Plated BootsMesserschmidt
(from belt)
GreavesAchillesNature's P-
Crystal BootsPlanetNoirCow King

Set Item Name/Stats Changes

  • Tyrael's Halo -> Tyrael's Fort
    Full Helm -> Breast Plate
    +2 To Protection From Evil (Paladin Only) -> +3
    All Resistances +20 -> +30
    +4 To Light Radius -> +5
    (1.5clvl) +1-150 Defense -> (2.5clvl)
    +15 To Energy -> +25
    +15 To Vitality -> +25
  • Malek's Grip -> Malek's Girdle
    Iron Guards -> Muscle Wrap
  • Lich's Sole -> Lich's Wrap
    Greaves -> Sharkskin Belt
  • Blackwing's Icewovenstrap -> Blackwing's Footprint
    Belt -> Chain Boots
  • Messerschmidt's Brace -> Messerschmidt's Rush
    Heavy Belt -> Light Plated Boots

New Recipes

Set Reroll

  • Set Cap + Thawing Potion: Berserker's Headgear <-> Infernal Cranium
  • Set Light Belt + Thawing Potion: Autolycus' Thieving Tools <-> Arctic Binding
  • Set Boots + Thawing Potion: Boots of Sneaking <-> Hsarus's' Iron Heel
  • Arctic Horn + Thawing Potion: Hunter's Bow <-> Spear
  • Gabrielle's Pointed Staff + Thawing Potion: Maiden Spear <-> Stag Bow
  • Death's Touch + Thawing Potion: Throwing Knife <-> Katar
  • Other Set Item + Thawing Potion: Rerolled
    (Set Items have no variable mods, but you can reroll a set item in order to reset D-Stoning, Tinkering, etc.)
    (You can't reroll Cow King set pieces due to a restriction of D2.)

Unique Reroll

Some recipes are currently bugged, please don't use until fixed.

  • Normal Unique + Perfect Gem: Rerolled
  • Exceptional Unique + 2 Perfect Gems: Rerolled
  • Elite Unique + 3 Perfect Gems: Rerolled
  • Unique Charm + 3 Perfect Gems: Rerolled
  • Unique Jewel + 3 Perfect Gems: Rerolled
  • Unique Ring + 1~3 Perfect Gems: Rerolled
  • Unique Amulet + 1~3 Perfect Gems: Rerolled
    (Please try to cube to find how many gems it requires.)

Morphing Charm

  • Set Piece #1 + Magic Small Charm: Broken Charm #1 (Set Piece is refunded)
  • Set Piece #2 + Broken Charm #1: Broken Charm #2 (Set Piece is refunded)
  • Set Piece #3 + Broken Charm #2: Broken Charm #3 (Set Piece is refunded)
  • Set Piece #n + Broken Charm #n-1: Morphing Charm (Set Piece is refunded)
  • These recipes are implemented instead of the morphing bonus of some sets. the morphing bonus is removed from the set.
  • You can use the charm without equipping the set pieces. A chacracter other than Sorceress can morph into a Stygian Fury, for example.
  • If you carry more than one morphing charm your life is reduced to 1.
  • 12 morphing sets can make their own Morphing Charm with some specific bonus.
  • Apply the recipe in listed order in the database page. (ex. Spirit Helm -> Optic Amulet -> Armor of Gloom -> Storm Shield for Diablo Set.)
  • All Broken Charms look alike (no # is displayed), so you'd better start cubing after you get all the pieces, and do it all at once.

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