Changes in ES 3.00 R2B

  • All Jewels are reset in R1B to fix a serious exploitable loophole.
  • You are refunded by following cube recipes.
    Old Jewel -> 3 New Magic Jewel of ilvl 99
    2 Old Jewels -> 2 Rare Jewels of ilvl 99
    3 Old Jewels -> Unique Jewel of ilvl 99
  • Reduced the price of Socket Donut (240000 -> 180000)
  • Reduced the cost of socketing recipes. (Requires 1/3-1/2 gems.)
  • Lister has Cold Enchanted property instead of Fire Enchanted because of the buggy FE damage.
  • Removed the bugged physical damage from Tomb Viper's poison cloud.
  • Fixed the bug that some monsters have Experience Shrine graphics instead of colored red.
  • Fixed the bug that some Mercenary Set pieces can't be upgraded.
  • Fixed the broken lines of Bigheads in monstats.txt.
  • Increased the cost of Set Reroll recipes to discourage resetting Tinkering too many times.
  • Slightly reduced the initial ED of Water Elemental.
  • Decrepify, Weaken and Irom Maiden reduces monster's Physical resist by 60%.
  • Amplify Damage reduces monster's Physical resist by 90%.
  • Hell Clan has Cold Immune in Hell.
  • Increased the cubing cost of the morphing charms. Nerfed the stats and add level requirement.
  • Old morphing charms have -100 Vitality, so please reroll them to the new version.

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