Changes in ES 3.00 R2D

  • Avoided the bug of D2 that Enhanced Damage added on weapons can't be removed, to remove the ED Forging correctly.
  • N rune (r05) Forging gives "-25% Target Defense" in accordance with the rune mods update in R1B.
  • Fixed the bug that the vs Undead/Demon damage synergy of Protection From Evil from Might and Fanaticism wasn't displayed.
  • Fixed the bug that the damage synergy of Cold Blast was partially broken.
  • Fixed the resists of some monsters in Hell which were broken in R1. (Now Cows have a random immune like in patch N.)
  • Reduced the number of Cow Baloon per level and the duration of Cow Baloon.
  • Added the experience bonus to Planet Set and Brother Set again, which was accidentally broken.
  • Fixed several Japanese strings

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Last-modified: 09-11-2006 (Mon) 18:49:00 (5292d)