Changes in ES 3.00 R2J

  • Fixed the statsinterface.txt so that Lightning Absorb and Lightning Absorb% is correctly displayed.
  • Fixed the bug that the Set and Unique piece of Ninja-To and Wakizashi can't be spawned.
  • Removed the Amazon's voice from oskill Shuriken. (Even if used by an Amazon, the voice is muted.)
  • Made the Set Reroll and Unique Reroll accept old Ninja-to and Wakizashi.
  • Made the Set Reroll accpet the base-changed set items.
  • Set Base Change recipes don't reroll the target any longer. Forging, D-Stoning, etc. are inherited.
  • Removed the Prefixes which increase the stack size, because throwing weapons have a fixed stack size now.

Remedies for Melee/Ranged Attackers

  • These are the remedies for melee/ranged attackers affected by the fix of off-weapon ED bug.
  • Reduced the physical resistance of most monsters in Hell. (roughly 20% less resist for most monsters.)
  • Added a special charm which increases the total melee and ranged attack damage by 1% per character level. (Applied after all other calculations.)
    • Wirt's Leg + Tome of Identify -> Damage Augumenter (Unique Large Charm)

Changes in ES 3.00 R2K

  • Replaced some older files which I had wrongly included by correct ones.
  • Changed Damage Augmenter to a Special Charm.
  • Fixed the bug that dummy suffix "of Dummy" is displayed.
  • Fixed the bug that Holy Auras when equipped were broken.
  • (jp) Fixed the strings of Morphing Charms, which weren't partially translated.

File to attaach: filehack 215 download [Information]

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