Changes in ES 3.00 R3B

  • Fixed that R3A wrongly contained several R3 files.
  • Because the files inside the MPQ are changed, no patch (partial update) version is available for this release. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Now Elemental Masteries fully work twice for Enchant, Holy Auras and Venom.
  • Holy Auras' melee damage multiplier is reduced (F/C/L 600/500/600% -> 400/400/400%).
    • Hopefully these changes will fix the damage display issue and damage rollover issue of Holy Auras.
  • Changed back the Barbarian skill trees to the original LoD trees.
    (One reason is the old trees are more self explanatory and well balanced. Another reason is the strings of skill trees are dirtily hard-coded and changing them causes troubles in localization to other language.)
  • Fixed the bug that Devil's Foods only costs 4 DF points, but now it costs 6, not 7.
  • Reduced the cost of Secret Recipe 24 and 25 again, which I changed differently from the plan in R3 by mistake.
  • Fixed the display of Raven's number.
  • Reduced the mana cost of Bash (3 + 0.25/lvl -> 2).
  • Leap now let you leap up to 20 yards at slvl 1. Removed the distance synergy.
  • Removed the knockback synergy of Leap.
  • Removed the speed synergy of Double Swing.
  • Changed the AR synergy of Double Swing (10% from Double Throw -> 5% from Concentrate).
  • Increased the damage synergy of Stun (5% -> 8%)
  • Changed the damage synergy of Concentrate (8% from Bash, BO -> 8% from Bash, Stun, Berserk).
  • Reduced the defense synergy of Concentrate and Iaigiri (10% -> 5%).
  • Removed the AR synergy of Concentrate (5% from Berserk).
  • Changed the damage synergy of Frenzy (8% from Double Swing, Concentrate -> 7% from Double Swing, Bash, Berserk).
  • Reduced the AR synergy of Concentrate (18% -> 5%).
  • Changed the damage synergy of Whirlwind (4% from Concentrate, Bash, Berserk -> 5% from Leap Attack, Frenzy, Berserk).
  • Reduced the level requirement of Berserk (30 -> 24).
  • Removed Howl's faster flee synergy.
  • Removed the synergy of Find Treasure.
  • Changed the duration synergy of Shout (Battle Cry -> Battle Command)
  • Changed the duration synergy of Battle Orders (Shout -> Battle Cry)
  • Changed the duration synergy of Battle Command (Shout -> Battle Orders)
  • Increased the damage and magic damage of War Cry.

Changes in ES 3.00 R3A

  • This version was withdrawn in a short time because of wrong file archiving.

Changes in ES 3.00 R3

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug that Multi Stocker can't store 4 Anvil Stones correctly.
  • Fixed the bug that runestockers don't store some amount of runes correctly.
  • Fixed the maximum skill level of Annihilation and Fanaticism. The base points beyond the cap still work but treated as the synergy.
  • Fixed the skill description of Energy Shield, Fire Shield and Lightning Inferno.
  • Fixed the skill description of Anointed Bear. The life, damage, def, and AR had been improved in the previous patch, but not reflected to the description. The All Resist bonus is now correctly displayed.
  • Fixed Tomb Viper's poison missile again. The poison damage of the poison cloud had been determined by the viper's melee poison damage (via "srcdmg = -1"), but I guess this makes the poison cloud also carry melee physical damage. So I completely removed it ("srcdmg = 0") and gave a pure poison damage to the cloud instead, which is as strong as Andariel's poison spray.
  • Fixed the bug that Frost Javelin's exploding radius isn't designated, which results a bugged radius.
  • Changed the Diablo in Baal's throne from the duped Diablo to the original Diablo. Hopefully this will fix not only Diablo's AI issue (frozen after using Firestorm) but also the random crash when Mephistos and their Tamer die.
  • Reduced the life and experience of the original Diablo by 1/16, to avoid the life rollover at /players16.
  • Fixed the "5 Rare Rings/Amulets -> Mag Jewel" recipe to work. Now it requires "6 Rare Rings/Amulets".
  • Fixed the bug that the new Ninja To (2H) and Wakizashi (2H) can't be tokenized. Now any tokenized Ninja To and Wakizashi are restored as the new (2H) version.
  • Fixed the bug that Gambling Chits generate the old Ninja To (1H) and Wakizashi (1H).
  • Fixed the bug that Malah sometimes sell the old Ninja To (1H) and Wakizashi (1H).
  • Now Secret Recipes generate Set/Unique Ninja To and Wakizashi even if the input is the old version (1H).
  • Now Unique Stones gerenate Unique Ninja To and Wakizashi even if the input is the old version (1H).
  • Now Set Reroll recipe rerolls Set Ninja To (1H) into Set Ninja To (2H).
  • Fixed the bug that following items can't be tokenized.
    • 2 socket Daggers
    • 2 socket Throwing Knives
    • 2 socket Throwing Axes
    • 5 socket War Hammer, Battle Hammer, Military Hammer
    • 0 socket Battle Dart
    • 3 socket Wrist Blade
    • 3 socket Fascia
    • 3 socket Hand Scythe, Battle Cestus
    • 3 socket Feral Claws
  • Fixed the bug that some Jewel Forging recipes worked wrongly.
  • Fixed the bug that Part-Timers appear in Marsh of Pain, instead of Soul Killers.
  • Changed Duriels in Marsh of Pain so that their corpses aren't shattered, because they leave the invisible corpses anyway, and visible corpses are slightly better to avoid being surrounded.
  • Fixed the life rollover of Duriel in Baal's throne in NM.

New Utilities (Windows only)

  • Old File Cleaner: Before you run the installer, please run this. It deletes the unused files of the older version of ES, which may cause troubles with the latest version.
  • Stash Switcher: Makes the secondary shared stash of PlugY, and switches between the primary stash and it. It's a safe way that you keep the secondary stash almost empty and use it when you play TCP/IP games. Also good to separate the tourney stash. You need to exit D2 when you switch the stash.
  • Runetool: Smiiif and Stabby's Runetool is now bundled and automatically installed with ES.


  • Diablo Clone (World Event) Change
    • Made the trigger item cheaper (Devil's Food, see the Item section).
    • Increased the random encount chance by 33%.
    • Now selling the trigger item ALWAYS cause the World Event. The trigger item only shortens the time to wait, but it didn't always make the time zero in the previous version (PlugY's default setting).
    • The drop of Diablo Clone is nerfed.
      • Unique Charm: 12% -> 3%
      • Maple Leaf: 22% -> 4%
      • Rare Charm: depends on MF -> 33%
      • Magic Charm: depends on MF -> 60%


  • Removed Portion of Heroism and Potion of Super Heroism from the gamble screen. They will be dropped by monsters in act 5 new areas in the future patch.
  • Rune/Decal Stockers can now upgrade runes internally.
    • Rune/Decal Stocker + ID Scroll -> Rune/Decal Stocker + ID Scroll (-2 current runes, +1 higher rune)
      (The highest runes of each stocker (O, Wo and ZoD) can't be upgraded with recipe.)
  • Changed the morph charms so that the bonuses now only work when the character is morphing. Please update the old charms by simply cubing them. The old charms can be used no longer.
  • Changed the morph charms' stats as follows.
    • Diablo's shard: +10% To Maximum Life, -10% Enemy Lightning Resistance
    • Wave's shard: +10% To Maximum Life, +3 More Skeletons Raised
    • Ihsan's shard: +10% To Maximum Life, Slows Target By 20%
    • Kain's Shard: +10% To Maximum Life, Damage Reduced By 10%
    • Salevok's Shard: +10% To Maximum Life, +40 To Vitality
    • Lich's shard: +10% To Maximum Life, +3 More Vampires Raised
    • Angel's Shard: +10% To Maximum Life, -10% Enemy Cold Resistance
    • Jade's Shard: +10% To Maximum Life, -10% Enemy Poison Resistance
    • Arion's Shard: +10% To Maximum Life, -10% Enemy Fire Resistance
    • Danarak's Shard: +10% To Maximum Life, +40 To Strength
    • Nature's Shard: +10% To Maximum Life, +2 More Spirit Wolf, +1 More Dire Wolf summoned
    • Cow King's Shard: +10% To Maximum Life, +10% To Experience Gained
  • Tokens tokenized in R3 show more specific graphics. (I found a good way which doesn't require many recipe lines. :) ) The old tokens have the same graphics until re-tokenized.
  • The new item, Devil's Food
    • The new item to be sold to the vendors to cause the World Event.
    • Created via Rerolling Orb (costs 7 Devil's Food points)
      • Level 10 Unique Ring/Amulet: 1 Devil's Food point
      • Level 20 Unique Ring/Amulet: 2 Devil's Food points
      • Level 30 Unique Ring/Amulet: 3 Devil's Food points
      • Level 40 Unique Ring/Amulet: 4 Devil's Food points
      • Level 50 Unique Ring/Amulet: 5 Devil's Food points
      • Level 60 Unique Ring/Amulet: 6 Devil's Food points
      • Level 75 Unique Ring/Amulet: 7 Devil's Food points
      • Level 45 Class Unique Ring/Amulet: 3 Devil's Food points
      • Level 60 Class Unique Ring/Amulet: 5 Devil's Food points
      • Level 75 Class Unique Ring/Amulet: 7 Devil's Food points

Cube Recipe Changes

  • Reduced the cost of following Reroll recipes.
    • Secret Recipe 22 (Ethereal Magic Reroll): Perfect Gems -> 2 Blemished Gems
    • Secret Recipe 23 (Ethereal Rare Reroll): 3 Perfect Gems -> 2 Perfect Gems
    • Elite Rare Reroll: Blemished Gem -> 2 Flawless Gems, now also accepts Exceptional/Normal.
    • Magic Reroll (the higher one): Blemished Gem -> Flawless Gem
  • Changed the output ilvl of following Reroll recipes.
    • Exceptional Rare Reroll: ilvl=previous level -> ilvl=70, now also accepts Normal
    • Normal Rare Reroll: ilvl=previous level -> ilvl=50
  • Improved CtC Armor recipes (better CtC chance, 1-2 socket -> 2 socket).
  • Mecenary Item Conversion is expanded as follows:
    • Target Item + Anvil Stone + Perfect Obsidian
      • +1 To All Skills, Damage Reduced by 8%
    • Target Item + Anvil Stone + Perfect Ruby
      • +1 To All Skills, +12% To Fire Skill Damage
    • Target Item + Anvil Stone + Perfect Sapphire
      • +1 To All Skills, +12% To Cold Skill Damage
    • Target Item + Anvil Stone + Perfect Topaz
      • +1 To All Skills, +12% To Lightning Skill Damage
    • Target Item + Anvil Stone + Perfect Diamond
      • +1 To All Skills, Piercing Attack 12%
  • The input of Unique/Set Recipes (Secret Recipe 4, 5, 6, 7, 24, 25) are simplified.
    • Normal items and Jewelry: 2 Perfect Gems + Dragon Stone + Forging Hammer
    • Exceptional items: 4 Perfect Gems + 2 Dragon Stones + 2 Forging Hammers

Base Item Changes

  • Increased the lower cap of the durability of weapons (30 -> 45).
  • The gem apply type of Cloaks and Robes is changed from Helm to Armor.
  • Following items are nerfed because the attack speed of weapons and combat skills are improved in R3. (ex. Now you can Zeal with a Katana at 5 fpa in R3.)
    • Katana family: WSM[60] -> WSM [30], less auto mods, slightly less damage
    • Light Crossbow family: WSM[-30] -> WSM[-20]
    • Crossbow family: WSM[-20] -> WSM[-10]
    • Heavy Crossbow family: WSM[-10] -> WSM[0]
    • Repeating Crossbow family: WSM[-60] -> WSM[-40], slightly more damage
    • Ritualistic Dagger family: WSM[-40] -> WSM[-30]
  • Changed the requirement of Ranseur so that Act 2 Mercenaries can equip Hell mercenary set weapon sooner. Other elite spears which have heavy requirement are also tweaked.
    • Ranseur: Req Str 122 -> 145, Req Dex 163 -> 114, Req Lvl 62 -> 60
    • Guisarme: Req Str 155 -> 135, Req Dex 120 -> 100
    • Grapnel: Req Str 168 -> 148
  • Spetum and its family show the in-game graphics of Brandistock, instead of Trident.
  • Increased the inventory height of normal Wands (2 -> 3).
    • (CAUTION) Please make 1x1 space below all the normal wands (1x2 wands) in your inventory and (shared) stash before the update. Or the wands will be lost.

Skill Changes

  • Reduced the mana cost of Phantom Hatchets. (4 + 1.5/lvl -> 4 + 1/lvl)
  • Improved the base damage of Anointed Bear in high slvls. (Because Anointed Bear had had the same base damage as LoD Grizzly's, which is, however, much weaker than Water Elemental's base damage. The new base damage is still a bit weaker than Water Elemental's. This is because Anointed Bear gains decent life without synergy.)
  • Made Cow Balloons unbreakable F/C/L/P/M immune.
  • Halved the damage penalty of Hunger (1/4 damage -> 1/2 damage). This is because Hunger seems to hit only once in twice due to some animation problem.
  • Improved the damage and synergy of Nova and Thunder Storm.
  • Improved the damage of Frost Nova.
  • Reduced tha cast delay of Fire Wall.
  • Capped the resist reduction effect of Ancient's Call at -100%.
  • Killer Scythe can be used with any 2H weapons.
  • Changed Raven as follows:
    • The numbers of Raven is 1 at slvl 1, increases 1 per 2 levels and capped at 5.
    • Spirit Wolf, Dire Wolf and Water Elemental grant 1 more Raven per 10 levels.
    • The life and damage of Ravens is doubled.
    • Ravens have 5% chance of Crushing Blow, instead of the blind effect. (They don't overwrite the curse any longer.)
  • Reduced the effect and effect cap of Conviction (130% -> 110%).
  • Increased the effect of Pierce P&B (20& + 2%/lvl -> 30% + 2%/lvl).
  • Reduced the effect of oskill Pierce P&B (30% + 1%/lvl).
  • Tweaked the effect of Elemenatl Masteries (60% + 6%/lvl -> 80% + 5%/lvl).
  • Slightly improved the Fire Damage of Enchant.
  • Increased the Thorns Damage of Spirit of Barbs (150% + 45%/lvl -> 180% + 60%/lvl).
  • Increased the life bonus of All Spirits and Vines.
  • Doubled the Defense Bonus of All Spirits and Vines.
  • Increased the base Life and base Defense of Poison Creeper and Carrion Vine.
  • Now Cow Balloon gives life synergy not to Spirits but to Raven and Vines. (Because Cow Balloon gives Spirits extra summons.)
  • Changed the All Resist synergy and Damage Resist synergy of Druid Summons' to level dependant bonus. (All Resist: 10% + 1.5% per slvl, Damage Resist: 0.5% per slvl) This benefits hybrid summoner builds who can't invest heavy synergy points into summons.
  • Improved Poison Skills.
    • Plague Javelin: Increased the Poison Damage per second by 20%. Reduced the Poison Length.
    • Poison Arrow: Deals the same Poison Damage as Plague Javelin.
    • Viper Bite: Added 200% + 20%/lvl ED and 125% Weapon Damage. Roughly 33% better Poison Damage than Plague Javelin. Reduced the Poison Length.
    • Rabies: Increased the Poison Damage by 50%.
    • Poison Creeper: Increased the Poison Damage by 120%.
      • These two skills aren't the main attack skills but the sub skills like Thunder Storm and Golems. Their damage is still not very high, but it's ok. You can use other skills while these skills are dealing damage automatically. :)
    • Poison Nova: Increased the Physical Damage by 20%.
    • Poison Explosion: I found this skill isn't given any radius, which seems a bug of LoD 1.10 itself. :( Now it has 150% radius of Corpse Explosion, 150% physical Damage and 67% Poison Damage (per second) of Poison Nova, and much longer duration.
  • Changed Viper Bite as follows:
    • Releases Poison and Physical damage missiles on impact, like Shadow Strike.
      (This is because it proved the Impale routine doesn't work correctly with poison damage.)
    • Poson Damage is improved (Roughly 33% better Poison Damage than Plague Javelin).
    • Each missile also deals Physical Damage, roughly as much as Shadow Strike's Magic Damage.
    • Now it attacks in normal attack speed, and any melee weapons can be used with.
    • Moved under Fend in the Spear & Javelin skill tree, because it's no longer a spear skill.
  • Slightly reduced the damage of Fire Strike in low slvls.
  • Removed the description of the AR bonus of Amazon's Bow skills, which doesn't work due to the bug of LoD 1.10, but adds false AR to the character screen.
  • Removed the min damage bonus/synergy of Bash, because the ED and weapon damage ratio are much improved.
  • Improved the equimpent of Shadow Warrior and Shadow Master (The items in red are added).
Valkyrie27Rare Tiara
25Rare Amulet
23Rare Titan Belt
21Rare Titan Boots
19Rare Titan Gauntlets
17Rare Impaler
16Rare Archaic Armor
14Magic Circlet
13Magic Amulet
12Magic War Belt
11Magic War Boots
10Magic War Gauntlets
8Rare Lance
7Rare Chaos Armor
5Magic Plated Belt
4Magic Greaves
2Magic Gauntlets
1Rare Spear
1Rare Full Plate Mail
Shadow Warrior28Magic Battle Cestus (R)
28Magic Runic Talons (L)
28Magic Viper Boots
14Magic Fascia (R)
14Magic Greater Talons (L)
14Magic Sharkskin Boots
1Magic Cestus (R)
1Magic Blade Talons (L)
1Magic Heavy Boots
1Magic Piece of Caster's Body Armor Type
1Magic Piece of Caster's Headgear Type
Shadow Master17Rare Amulet
13Rare Ring (L)
11Rare Swayyah (R)
Rare War Fist (R)
Rare Scissors Swayyah (R)
11Rare Battle Cestus (L)
Rare Runic Talons (L)
Rare Scissors Swayyah (L)
11Rare Spellcaster Gloves
Rare Sepulcher Gloves
Rare Titan Gauntlets
11Rare Rogue Boots
Rare Sepulcher Bootss
Rare Titan Boots
11Rare Ring (R)
11Rare Piece of Caster's Body Armor Type
11Rare Hood
6Magic Swayyah (R)
Magic War Fist (R)
Magic Scissors Swayyah (R)
6Magic Battle Cestus (L)
Magic Runic Talons (L)
Magic Scissors Swayyah (L)
6Magic Spellcaster Gloves
Magic Sepulcher Gloves
Magic Titan Gauntlets
6Magic Rogue Boots
Magic Sepulcher Bootss
Magic Titan Boots
6Magic Ring (R)
6Magic Piece of Caster's Body Armor Type
6Magic Hood
5Normal Spellcaster Gloves
Normal Sepulcher Gloves
Normal Titan Gauntlets
5Normal Rogue Boots
Normal Sepulcher Bootss
Normal Titan Boots
1Normal Swayyah (R)
Normal War Fist (R)
Normal Scissors Swayyah (R)
1Normal Battle Cestus (L)
Normal Runic Talons (L)
Normal Scissors Swayyah (L)
1Normal Piece of Caster's Body Armor Type
1Normal Hood
  • Improved the damage of physical attack skills.
SkillOld EDOld ED/LNew EDNew ED/LRemarks
Leap Attack1505020050125% Weapon Damage
Charge1203020050125% Weapon Damage
Sacrifice180(20-40)8040125% Weapon Damage
Bash2004018035125% Weapon Damage
Berserk1501515030125% Weapon Damage
Stun3086025125% Weapon Damage
Concentrate1001212025125% Weapon Damage
Def Bonus <- LoD Value
Iaigiri1502012025125% Weapon Damage
Def bonus <- LoD Value
Zeal06*08*(*after slvl 5)
Fanatic Swing06*08*60% Rollback
100% Weapon Damage
(*after slvl 5)
Fend7013100143~7 Hits
60% Rollback
Oskill Fend70135073 Hits
60% Rollback
Killer Scythe7010100143~7 Hits
80% Rollback
Double Swing3065013
Dragon Claw1001210016
Guided Arrow0510020

Animation Speed Changes

  • ALL classes can attack almost equally fast with ANY weapon type. The cast rates are also improved. Some classes still have some advantage but the difference is little.
  • The red values in the following table are reduced, and the blue values are increased.
The old base frames in LoD and ES 3.00 R1~R2
1H Swing13141518181417
1H Thrust
(Javelins, Daggers)
2H Swing
(2H Swords)
2H Swing
(Axes, Mauls, Poles, Staves)
2H Thrust
Spell Cast19161318151513
The new base frames in ES 3.00 R3
1H Swing14141515151415
1H Thrust
(Javelins, Daggers)
2H Swing
(2H Swords)
2H Swing
(Axes, Mauls, Poles, Staves)
2H Thrust
Spell Cast15151315151513
  • The calculator for the changed weapon speed is here.
  • For the new cast rate of Amazon, Assassin and Druid, please use Paladin's column of the LoD cast rate table.
  • This change doesn't affect the dual wielding attack of Assassin and Barbarian. Please use LoD attack speed calculator for those attacks.
  • This change doesn't affect the attacks in Druid Wereforms. But LoD attack speed calculator can accept only limited Weapon IAS, so I'll make a new calculator in near future. Please use LoD attack speed calculator for the moment.
  • Whirlwind and Dance of Death may be affected by this change. I'll make the new table for WW type attack in near future.

Affix Changes

  • Doubled the chance of Skill Tab bonus prefixes on Grand Charms.
  • Doubled the chance of All Resistance prefixes on Small, Large and Grand Charm.
  • Reduced the chance of Defense prefixes on Small, Large and Grand Charm.
  • Reduced the chance of Attack Rating prefixes on Small, Large and Grand Charm.
  • Reduced the chance of Mana prefixes on Large and Grand Charm.
  • Increased the max slvl of aura suffix (of Aurora).
    • slvl 1-12: Defiance, Cleansing, Holy Fire/Freeze/Shock, Meditation, Might
    • slvl 1-9: Vigor, Annihilation, Saluvation, Fanaticism
  • Increased the max slvl of oskill aura suffixes (of Skill Master).
    • slvl 1-16: Defiance, Cleansing, Holy Fire/Freeze/Shock, Meditation, Might
    • slvl 1-12: Vigor, Annihilation, Saluvation, Fanaticism, Protection From Evil
  • Added oskill Pierce Poison and Bones suffix.
  • Changed oskill Fend suffix to oskill Killer Scythe suffix.
  • Increased the chance of oskill Zeal suffix.
NameRareLevelReq LvlRarityStatsItem Type
of Skill Master148362+1-12 To Killer Scythemele glov
of Skill Master172541+1-4 To Pierce Poison and Bonesring amul tors helm pole
of Skill Master156425+1-4 To Zealmele glov

Set Item Changes

  • Changed some bonuses of some set items because it proved "Max Damage per level" and "Defense per level" don't work as a gold letter set bonus. The existing ones of the items in red letters must be rerolled to get the new stats. Full and partial set bonuses of existing items are updated automatically.
    • Arctic Gear
      • Full Set Bonus: (1/clvl) +1-100 To Max Damage -> none
      • Artic Horn 3 item bonus: Added (1/clvl) +1-100 To Max Damage
    • Death's Disguise
      • Full Set Bonus: (1.75/clvl) +1-175 To Max Damage -> none
      • Death's Touch 2 item bonus: 20% Chance of Crushing Blow -> (2/clvl) +2-200 To Max Cold Damage
      • Death's Touch 3 item bonus: (2/clvl) +2-200 To Max Cold Damage -> 20% Chance of Crushing Blow
      • Death's Touch 3 item bonus: Added (1.75/clvl) +1-175 To Max Damage
    • Berserker's Garb
      • Full Set Bonus: (1/clvl) +1-100 To Max Damage -> none
      • Berserker's Hatchet: +50% Enhanced Damage -> +100% Enhanced Damage
      • Berserker's Hatchet 2 item bonus: +50% Enhanced Damage -> (1/clvl) +1-100 To Max Damage
    • Milabrega's Regalia
      • Full Set Bonus: (1/clvl) +1-100 To Max Damage -> (3/clvl) +3-300 To Attack Rating
      • Full Set Bonus: (2.5/clvl) +2-250 To Defense -> +250 To Defense
      • Milabrega's Rod 3 item bonus: (3/clvl) +3-300 To Attack Rating -> (1/clvl) +1-100 To Max Damage
    • Kain's Means of Destruction
      • Full Set Bonus: (3/clvl) +3-300 To Max Damage -> none
      • Blood Baron 5 item bonus: Added (2.5/clvl) +2-250 To Max Damage
    • Sascha's Jaded Kiss
      • Full Set Bonus: (1.5/clvl) +1-150 To Max Damage -> +120 To Max Damage
    • Lancelot's Courage
      • Partial Set Bonus (2 items): (1.5/clvl) +1-150 To Max Damage -> +120 To Max Damage
    • Darkshade's Ruin
      • Partial Set Bonus (3 items): (1.5/clvl) +1-150 To Max Damage -> +120 To Max Damage
    • Naj's Mastery
      • Partial Set Bonus (2 items): (5/clvl) +5-500 To Defense -> none
      • Partial Set Bonus (2 items): +500 To Defense -> +1000 To Defense
  • Changed some of (3 item) bonuses of each Diablo Set piece to a property of the piece itself.
    • Helm of Spirit: +15 To Vitality
    • Optic Amulet: Damage Reduced by 6
    • Armor of Gloom: (3.5/clvl) +3-350 Defense
    • Storm Shield: (2.5/clvl) +2-250 Defense
  • Changed some of (2 item) bonuses of each Planet Set piece to a property of the piece itself.
    • Tharn's Ward: Fire Absorb 15%
    • Bard's Graceful Hand: +30 To Dexterity
    • The Acolyte's Spirit: 4% Mana Stolen Per Hit, 4% Life Stolen Per Hit
    • Root's Banded Restraint: 25% Enhanced Damage
    • Wanderer's Waltz: 20% Faster Run/Walk
  • Improved following set pieces.
    • Root's Banded Restraint: Added 50% Enhanced Damage
    • Wanderer's Waltz: Replaced +20 To Defencs with 15% Chance of Crushing Blow
  • Changed the level requirement of Act 2 mercenary set H to 60 (Ranseur's stats are also changed so that they can equip the full set at clvl 60).

Unique Item Changes

  • Nerfed the stats of Arm of the Sketeton.
  • Izeal's Vise
    • Lvl 1 Conviction Aura When Equipped -> Lvl 1-3 Conviction Aura When Equipped
  • Inarius' Fall
    • Lvl 1 Conviction Aura When Equipped -> Lvl 1-3 Conviction Aura When Equipped

Monster Changes

  • Reduced the ED bonus of monster's Charge attack to the LoD value (120% + 30%/lvl -> 100% + 25%/lvl).
  • Fixed the bug that the charge of Claw Vipers in Act 1-4 and Rhinos had no ED bonus.
  • Temporalily disabled Cyclops, because it's animation is incomplete and conflicts with the weapon animation speed change in this patch. Will come back in the future patch with the fixed animation.
  • Reduced the life and experience of Baal to avoid the life from being capped. The drop isn't changed because his drop doesn't depend on players number much.
  • Baal is now accompanied with 3 Baal Clones, in addition to the Clone he may summon in the combat. The 3 Baal Clones drop like a semi act-boss, but the Baal Clone summoned in combat drop nothing as before.

Not Bugs

  • TCP/IP game is unstable.
    • Not confirmed. Make sure all players use the same version/settings of ES/PlugY.
  • Atlastrust: Enhanced Max Damage Per Level (1-100%) -> 75% Enhanced Damage--this was a r2e/f change, but in r2h, it's still max ed%.
    • Existing items don't have the new stats until you reroll them.
  • I can't get 2/3 rune forging to work on a rare jewel. I'm trying to combine three Ka runes with a rare jewel and a town portal scroll.
    • The recipe is changed.
  • When I fought through Worldstone 1, the game lagged uncontrollably for no reason that I can see.
    • Heavy graphic may cause a lag, especially when the resources (video memory, etc.) are used up.
  • something wicked is changing weapon damage every 20 sec.
  • This might be a problem with D2 and not ES, but my martial arts assassin is having difficulties hitting frozen monsters. After releasing Ice Phoenix Strike, it freezes nearby monsters. When I try to attack those monsters for more charges, she whiffs constantly while they are in the frozen state. This is happening quite a lot, although it hasn't been deadly yet since they are frozen. Hell difficulty might be a different story...
  • I cant complete the Gidbin Quest (Act III). FOr some reason when I activate the Gidbin Alter and kill the monsters that appear NO Gidbin drops. I tried this with two different characters, three times with one of them.
    • Not confirmed.

File to attaach: fileinvdevils.gif 1164 download [Information] fileinvtok2_stf.gif 458 download [Information] fileinvtok2_spe.gif 482 download [Information] fileinvtok2_xbo.gif 470 download [Information] fileinvtok2_wnd.gif 467 download [Information] fileinvtok2_thr.gif 458 download [Information] fileinvtok2_jav.gif 479 download [Information] fileinvtok2_cqv.gif 443 download [Information] fileinvtok2_pol.gif 470 download [Information] fileinvtok2_sw2.gif 456 download [Information] fileinvtok2_ma2.gif 457 download [Information] fileinvtok2_ma1.gif 466 download [Information] fileinvtok2_ktr.gif 458 download [Information] fileinvtok2_sw1.gif 467 download [Information] fileinvtok2_pal.gif 448 download [Information] fileinvtok2_nec.gif 474 download [Information] fileinvtok2_dru.gif 484 download [Information] fileinvtok2_dgr.gif 473 download [Information] fileinvtok2_bar.gif 476 download [Information] fileinvtok2_ax2.gif 463 download [Information] fileinvtok2_ax1.gif 488 download [Information]

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