Changes in ES 3.00 R4


  • Shadow Warriors now correctly use bows and crossbows.

General Game Balance Changes

  • The life of all monsters is generally reduced by 25%.
  • The damage of physical attack skills isn't changed.
    • This means physical attackers deal 33% more physical damage than before.
    • If this change is proved too strong, the skill damage may be rebalanced in future.
  • The damage of all damaging spells is roughly reduced by 25%. (Some are rounded up and some are rounded down.)
    • Casters basically deal the same amount of damage as before, but this change also benefits them because their mercs deal 33% more physical damage.
  • The damage of all minions is reduced, but it's difficult to reduce minion's damage exactly by 25%, so their nerf is generally much milder than 25%.
    • Summons deal at least the same amount of damage as (and usually more than) before.
    • The damage of Valkyrie and Shadows isn't reduced because it depends on the random equipment. (i.e. they deal 33% more physical damage.)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug that LoD Uniques lose the extra socket when tokenized. You can add the extra socket to the LoD Uniques spawned in an older version by tokenizing.
  • Revised all skill descriptions so that they directly refer to the columns of skills, to avoid the display bugs.
  • Fixed the description of the radius of Slow Missiles.
  • Fixed the description of the kick number of Dragon Talon.
  • Fixed many other skill description errors.
  • Fixed the ED calculation of Guided Arrow.
  • Fixed the bug that Zeal, Charge and Sacred Piercer don't receive the synergy from Holy Ward.
  • Fixed the synergy of Cold Blast.
  • Fixed the spelling of the Ancient Coupon of Trellised Armor.
  • Fixed the bug that Mephisto releases bolts of Shadow Strike instead of his Charged Bolts.
  • (jp) Fixed the string of RW Stone and Shock Armor skill description.
  • Fixed the bug that Secret Recipe #6 and #7 (making Unique/Set Jewelry) spawn a rare if the input (Crafted Jewelry) has a socket.
  • Prohibit rerolling tokens, because rerolling tokens corrupts them.
  • Fixed the bug that Naraku Level 1 waypoint leads to Naraku Level 3.
  • Fixed the bug that enemy Bone Golem's name is displayed as "Metal Golem".
  • Updated the icon of Vampire to that of Femele Vampire.
  • Fixed the color palette of Rune Stockers.
  • Fixed the bug that Ancient Barbarians can still be spawned with Fire Enchanted mod.

Recipe Changes

  • Following recipes now refund the key.
    • 2 of Sets/Uniques/Crafted Items + Key -> Decipherer
    • Ancient Scroll + Key -> Dragon Stone
    • Chipped Skull + Key -> Randomize Stone
    • Unique Charm + Any Rejuvnation Potion + Key -> Maple Leaf
    • 3 Brains + Key -> Rare Amulet
    • 3 Eyes + Key -> Rare Ring
    • D-Stoning
      (As an exception, "Wild Card + Key -> 3 Decipherer" doesn't refund the key, because the output of a cube recipe is limited to 3 items.)
  • D-Stoning now refunds the stamina potion.
  • Rune downgrade recipes now refund the ID scroll.
  • Adding a socket to a white odd charm doesn't add the level req penalty any longer. This is because the penalty is displayed but doesn't work on a charm due to a bug of D2.
  • Reduced the rerolling cost of some Unique Rings, Amulets, Charms and Jewels.
    • Ring of Vengence and Collar of the Minotaur are treated as a normal Unique.
    • Perfect Cell, Yellow Jello, Lothar's Will and Deviant Cell are treated as an exceptional Unique.
    • Jindujun, Bohemian Stone, Icestorm Shard, Lady Eboshi's Greed are treated as an exceptional Unique.
  • All Skill Forging (Secret Recipe 40) now requires a Chipped Gem instead of a Forging Hammer as the material not refunded.
  • Added following recipes.
    • Multi Stocker + ID Scroll -> Converts the selected coupon's points into a Wildcard point.
    • Multi Stocker + ID Scroll -> Converts the selected item's point(s) into Decipherer point(s).
      (The target includes Steaks, Organs, Flags and Wildcards.)

Skill Changes

  • Improved Shadow Warriors so that they can use a bow or a crossbow.
  • Increased the missile number of Charged Claws (+1 per 8 levels -> +1 per 5 levels).
  • Increased the missile number of Viper Bite (+1 per 8 levels -> +1 per 5 levels).
  • Increased the life bonus of Werewolf (+50% -> +75%).
  • Increased the synergy of Fire Maul and Rabies.
  • Increased the damage of Feral Rage, Iron Claws and Double Smash.
  • Reduced the damage and defense bonus of Elemental Form.
  • Removed the synergy of Weapon Block from Melee Mastery.
  • Reduced the damage of Psychic Hammer. (The damage had been doubled by mistake.)
  • Changed back the effect of Cloak of Shadows back to the LoD values.
  • Changed back some parameters of Fist of Heavens to the LoD value (aurafilter, pCltHitFunc).
  • Changed back some parameters of Lightning and Chain Lightning to the LoD value (useAR).
  • Removed the pierce ability of Holy Bolt, because Holy Bolt is hardcoded and pierced Holy Bolts can't deal any damage.
  • Reduced the effect of Prayer in low skill levels.
  • Slightly increased the mana cost of Prayer, which had been over-reduced.
  • Removed the cap of stun duration of Stun and War Cry.
  • Removed the stun synergy of Stun.
  • Reduced the stun duration of War Cry (0.2 -> 0.16 sec/lvl)
  • Reduced the req level of Venom from 30 to 24.
  • Reduced the effect of Shade Armor.
  • Increased the radius of Winter Fury per base levels. (.67 yard per 3 levels -> per 2 levels).
  • Changed back the AI type of Cloaks of Shadows to the LoD value.
  • Capped the knockback chance of Dragon Talon vs bosses and players at 80%.
  • Removed the voice (Fallen's scream) from Killer Scythe.
  • Reduced the req level of Fanatic Swing from 24 to 18.
  • Reduced the req level of Aerial Guard from 24 to 18.

Monster Changes

  • Removed the no drop from Countess' special rune drop. Now Countess always drops a rune as the special drop, and can drop up to 5 other items as the normal drop.
  • Increased the number of Belhifeit in a pack (1 -> 1-2).
  • All unique monsters can no longer be spawned with Fire Enchanted mod in NM and Hell. Undead Stygian Dolls and Suicide Minions aren't affected, because they aren't Fire Enchanted monsters.

Base Item Changes

  • Reduced the req strength of Cloaks so that a level 1 Sorceress can equip Arcanna's Cloak.
    • Cloak: 30 -> 15
    • Shadow Cloak: 45 -> 30
    • Shinobi Cloak: 60 -> 45
  • Increased the req strength of Robes.
    • Robe: 15 -> 20
    • Mage Robe: 30 -> 40
    • Archmage Robe: 45 -> 60
  • Reduced the req level of Dragon Spears (55 -> 52) and Ranseurs (60 -> 55). This makes all pieces of Act 2 Mercenary Set (Hell) have the same req level (55).

Misc Changes

  • Reduced the experience needed for hirelings to level by 46% from the previous version (by 75% from LoD 1.10). This is because if your character's level is high, you can hire high level hirelings in any difficulties in LoD 1.11, and you can't in ES, which is based on LoD 1.10.
  • Prohibit oskill and charged skill suffixes from spawning on the items related to the correspondent class. (ex. oskill BO on Barbarian rings)
  • Improved the skill level and charge number of charged skill suffixes.
  • Improved the base items dropped in Hell.
  • Slightly increased the drop chance of elite coupons.
  • Fixed the bug that Gamblefilter doesn't save the selection.
  • Recorded the version of Runetool so that future updates won't reset the saved data of Runetool. (This update resets the saved data.)

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