Changes in ES 3.00 R4B_Fixed

  • Replaced the broken animation file of Safety/Namahage.

Changes in ES 3.00 R4B

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug that no monsters are spawned in Naraku Level 3.
  • Fixed the bug that non-boss monsters in NM and Hell drop like the monsters in Normal.
  • Secret Recipe 50 correctly removes required levels by 2 for armor and jewelry as announced in R4A.
  • Fixed the bug that the superuniques in NM Act 1 drop the Set Jackpots for beginners instead of the ones in Normal Act 1.
  • Fixed some Morphing Charms that were broken in R4A and transform you into a wrong monster.
  • Checked all new animation tokens and fixed two inconsistencies between dcc files and cof files. Hopefully this may fix the random "NUM_COMPONENTS" errors.

Monster Changes

  • Reduced the life of Reporb and Reziarfg to avoid the life rollover at /players16.
  • Nerfed the Super Saluvation aura of Cheerleaders (50% F/C/L/P/M resist -> 40%).
  • Reduced the melee damage of football players by 10-15%. The skill level of their Charge is also reduced.

Changes in ES 3.00 R4A

  • The new monsters added in this version aren't fully tested and balanced, and can be very dangerous. If you play HC, please hear SC players' impressions before you play.

Bug Fixes

  • Reduced the req level of Fanatic Swong and Ariel Guard (24 -> 18), which was announced but not changed in R4.
  • Fixed the skill level cap of Ariel Guard and Conviction.
  • Fixed the typo of Ancient Coupon of Ballista.
  • Correctly updated the stats of Unique Barbarian Hatchets as listed in the database.
    • All: Added Pierce bonus.
    • Rising Sun: Replaced oskill Jab with oskill Zeal. Removed Barbarian Skill bonus.
  • Updated the suffix name "of Frozen Armor" to "Shock Armor".
  • (jp) Fixed the string for "To Assassin Skill Levels".
  • Fixed the bug that Eastern Sorcerer use Meteor Shower of lower level than the listed level in Wiki.
  • Fixed the bug that the damage bonus of Fend isn't displayed.
  • Fixed the typo of Rejuvenation Potion in Multistocker.
  • Fixed the bug that Dance of Death doesn't receive the synergy from Viper Bite.
  • Re-fixed the life of Diablo Clone to prevent the life roll-over in high players settings. This had once been fixed, but was mistakenly broken in R2G.
  • Socketed Unique Charms show the correct graphics of Square Charm and Odd Charm.

Runetool Updates

(Runetool has been improved so that the save slots aren't erased by updates of ES as long as the update conatins no runetool update. But that isn't the case with R4A.)

  • Fixed the runetool listing Zenith (Te N Chi Yo U) as a 4 socket runeword.
  • Added the missing stats of Lawless (Mu Ho U).This fix isn't included in R4A.
  • Updated the old Barbarian Skill tree names in Horizon (Chi He I Se N) and Rage (Fu N Nu).This fix isn't included in R4A.

Recipe Chages

  • Jewel Rune Forging refunds ID scroll and TP scroll.
  • Resetting 3 Socket White Odd Charm refunds two P-Gems.
  • Resetting 2 Socket White Odd Charm refunds a P-Gem.
  • Reduced the rerolling cost of Nexus Star and Salamander Stone, to make all Unique Rings/Amulets/Charms/Jewels treated as follows for rerolling.
    • Req Level 1 - 39: treated as a normal Unique.
    • Req Level 40 - 59: treated as an exceptional Unique.
    • Req Level 60 -: treated as an elite Unique.
  • Repair/Recharge recipe now recharges jewelry with a charged skill.
  • Secret Recipe #50 now removes level requirement by 2 for armor and jewelry (by 1 for weapons as before).
  • Multistocker now directly stores a Unique/Set piece of Weapon/Armor/Quiver as 0.5 Decipherer point (0.5 point isn't shown on the stocker, but is correctly recorded inside).
  • Added the recipe to make a negative FRW charm.
    • Any Small Charm + Decipherer + 1-4 Thawing Potions -> Special Small Charm with -(10-40)% Faster Run/Walk
  • Made Set Boots upgradable by Unique Armor upgrade recipes (for more kick damage).
  • Made the socket recipes for quivers cheaper (now refund the Socket Donut).
  • Gem Melding adds gem's helm mods to Wands, Staves and Orbs.
  • Rune Forging adds rune's helm mods to Wands, Staves and Orbs.

Crafted Item Changes

  • Stat Forging, Rune Forging and Skill Tab Forging are allowed for Crafted items.
  • Increased the output ilvl (clvl * 50% + ilvl * 50% -> clvl * 60% + ilvl * 60%).
  • Made the cost of base upgrade for crafted items equal to that for rares and magics.
  • Any crafted item can be turned into 2 Flawless gems. (This virtually makes Craft recipes cheaper.)
    • Gem Can + Any Crafted Item -> adds 54 points to the selected gem type.
  • Removed the recipe "2 Crafted Weapon/Armor/Quiver -> Decipherer", which is now unprofitable.

Skill Changes

  • Changed the missile graphics of Poison Stream.

Hirelings Changes

  • Eastern Sorcerers receive "33% To Fire/Cold/Lightning Skill Damage" mod. This is because Eastern Socerers don't benefit from the global improvement of physical attack damage in R4.
  • Canceled the required experience change for hirelings to level in R4. Instead, increased their experience gained by 50%.
  • Slightly reduced the skill level of Shout and BO used by Defensive Barbarians.
  • Slightly increased the skill level of War Cry and Ancient's Call used by Offensive Barbarians.

Monster Changes

  • To prohibit Oblivion Knights from casting Iron Maiden, replaced their skill "MonCurse" which casts random curses with a single curse Lower Resist. (MonCurse is hardcoded and you can't remove Iron Maiden from it.) They still use Decrepify, which is cast only when you get close to them, and is independent from MonCurse.
    • Note: Monster's Iron Maiden had been disabled in the old versions due to the skill ID bug. Though it was a good bug, it was enabled by the skill ID fix in patch R. The return damage to the player was also greatly reduced at that time, but it proved the damage to minions can't be reduced, so I finally removed it.
  • Scaled down the animation of female vampire summon to 85%, who had been much taller than the average human figures in the game.
  • Changed Dark Elder to Cow King's Ghost. Republic was brought down in the Lost Farm, long live the king!
  • Slightly reduced the damage of Hairdresser. But you can't feel easy because her cousin Quarterback in GFraizer Dome deals the same damage as her old one.
  • Duriel uses Charge attacks as he used to do in Diablo II Classic (if you are out of his melee range. 20% chance for Duriels in Act 2 and Throne, 15% chance for duriels in Pain of Marsh).
  • Replaced the graphics of D1 Succubi's red missiles with more realictic one.
  • Mephisto, Wyand Viodfinger and Maffer Dragonhead (the councils with no minion) are now accompanied with council(s).

New Monsters

  • Naraku Level 1-3
    • Treant
    • Treant King (Super Unique)
    • Komusume (New Graphics)
    • Orochi (New Graphics)
    • Orochi Archer (New Graphics)
    • Inoshishi (New Graphics)
    • Living Ice (New Graphics)
    • Matagi (New Graphics)
    • Namahage (New Graphics)
    • Evil Eye
    • Akudaikan
    • Koyakunin
    • Tekkahada
    • Snowman
    • Fuyu Shogun
    • Abarenbou Shogun
    • Ikidaore
    • Acupuncturist
    • Kobe Beef
  • GFraizer Dome
    • Quarterback
    • Wide Receiver
    • Linebacker
    • Defensive End
    • Defensive Tackle
    • Cornerback
    • Safety (New Graphics)
    • Cheerleader (New Graphics)
    • Reziarfg (Super Unique, New Graphics)
  • Bill Roper Memorial Ballpark
    • Infielder
    • Outfielder
    • Slugger
    • Knuckleballer (New Graphics)
    • Manager
    • Umpire
    • Pitching Machine
    • Reporb (Super Unique, New Graphics)
  • Dead End
    • Creeping Gold
    • Golden Scarab
    • Master Thief (New Graphics)

Naraku Monsters

  • Naraku is a Japanese word borrowed from Sanskrit, which means Hell or Abyss. So I mainly populated these areas with Japan-themed monsters. The meanings of those monster names are as follows.
    • Komusume: A flapper, or a presuming young woman.
    • Inoshishi: A wild boar
    • Matagi: A traditional hunter wandering in deep mountains for months.
    • Namahage: A goggle-eyed