Changes in ES 3.00 R4F

  • A serious exploitable loophole has been found. :( Sorry for the frequent update.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a serious exploitable loophole.
  • Fixed the bug that normal Sashes and Light Belts can't be upgraded to Belts.
  • Fixed the bug that Reziarfg and Reporb don't deal damage when they use A2 attack in normal and NM.

Monster Changes

  • Reduced the melee damage of Reziarfg and Reporb.

Changes in ES 3.00 R4E

Bug Fixes

  • Added "+1 To All Skills" to Constricting Ring like other LoD Unique Rings.
  • Fixed Fist of the Heavens so that the Holy Bolts correctly deal damage.
  • Fixed the Charge animation of several monsters. This fixes the bug that after using Charge, some monsters look like they can't move, but still attacks if you get near the monster.
  • Prohibited Baal's Bodydouble from no-shield blocking. Increased the defense instead.
    (Hopefully this may fix the random error when you kill Baal's Bodydouble.)
  • Fixed the map of Nihlathak's Domain so that monsters don't Teleport behind the town wall.
  • Fixed the string of 4 Jewel Helms and 4 Jewel Shields which displays "6 Jewel XXXX".
  • Fixed the bug that Putrid Defilers don't take damage from Protection from Evil.
  • Cleaned up the inventory settings again.
    (Hopefully this may fix few people still experiencing the c0000005 error when you move the mouse pointer around the inventory.)

Monster Changes

  • Changed some monster skills to reduce the graphic lag in multiplayer games.
    • Replaced Tatarashi's Diablo Firestorm with Molten Boulder.
    • Replaced Magmajuggler's Molten Boulder with Druid Firestorm.
    • Replaced Magmajuggler's Diablo Firestorm with Diablo Fire Ring.
  • Replaced the Stone Skin property of Mangajuggler with Extra Strong property.
  • Increased the fire damage of Hellshooters.
  • Reduced the life of Golden Scarabs by 33%.
  • Reduced the life of Master Thieves by 50%.
  • Changed the melee Poison Damage of Reziarfg and Nikartana to Cold Damage.
  • Replaced Reziarfg and Reporb's Charge with Smite.
  • Reduced Cornerbacks' skill level of Bash and Berserk by 3.
  • Slightly reduced the slow effect of Safeties and Namahage.
  • Reduced the attack speed of Reziarfg.

Skill Changes

  • Energy Shield
    • Reduced the initial Mana Consumption Ratio (250% -> 225%).
    • Increased the amount of synergy (2% -> 3%).
    • Added +3% Less Mana Consumption per base level.
    • Removed +1% Less Mana Consumption per slvl.
    • Increased the cap of Mana Consumption (50% -> 75%).

Runeword Changes

  • Soulstealer (Ki Wo Nu Su Mu)
    • +500 To Mana -> (6/clvl) +6-600 To Mana
      (This is because the static Mana bonus is capped at +223 per item.)

Item Changes

  • Increased the level reqirement of Wakizashi (25 -> 40).
  • Increased the qlvl of Diadems (82 -> 83).

Misc Changes

  • Runetool
    • Changed it back so that the searched runewords are sorted by the rune rarity.
    • Fixed the wrong descriptions of runeword "Unknown".
    • Updated the stats of "Soulstealer".

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