Changes in ES 3.00 R6/R6A/R6B


  • This version contains a lot of major changes. If you don't like to read all of the long chage log, please read this section at least.

BETA State

  • Since the game system (including skills, stat bonus and available skill points) is drastically changed in R6, many skills or even character classes can be underpowered or overpowered.
  • I'll try to rebalance those things within a few months, but until then R6 will be in so-called BETA state and most things, especially skill damages are subject to change.
  • Please be patient even if something is off-balance, or something is changed frequently.

Character Compatibility

  • Each character is given 12 more skill points from quests.
    • You can give 12 skill points to R5 characters by Nameless' utility. (Included in R6B and later)
  • Stat Points now work differently.
    • 1 point in Vitality always grants +2 To Life.
    • 1 point in Energy always grants +2 To Mana.
    • Characters automatically gain much more Life and Mana per level.
      (This means now spending skill points in Strength, Dexterity or Energy isn't so disadvantageous.)
    • 2 actual skill points in Strength or Dexterity grants +1 To Max Damage for 2H weapons.
    • 4 actual skill points in Strength or Dexterity grants +1 To Max Damage for other weapons.
    • 4 actual skill points in Energy grants +1% To F/C/L/P Skill Damage.
    • 6 actual skill points in Energy grants +1% To Magic/Wind Skill Damage.
    • 2 actual skill points in Energy grants +1% To Summon Melee Damage.
  • PlugY's stat allocation is disabled, because it makes characters bugged in R6.
    • You can reset your stat points by Nameless' utility. (Included in R6B and later)

Item Compatibility

  • Please cube all Unique Charms you have to erase Carry One Check, or they will reduce your life to 1.
  • All jewels temporarily become tokens in R6. Please untokenize them to use them again.
    • Some Forgings are removed and the materials are refunded at that time.
    • In R6, You can't apply Skill Tab Forging to a jewel that has a skill bonus.
      (Please don't try, or you may lose the skill bonus on the jewel.)
  • Please cube your Damage Augmenter to add new passive oskills. You need those passives to get the damage bonus from base stats.
  • Adventurer's Pack now also contains a Noob's Odd Charm and a Rogin Oil.
    • Wirt's Leg + Tome of Identify -> Adventurer's Pack
  • Noob's Odd Charm is a weaker version of the White Odd Charm. (You can carry only one of them.)
  • You can add a defensive passive skill to any 2H melee weapons. Rogin Oil is sold at Charsi.
    • Any 2H Weapon + Rogin Oil -> Adds 2H Melee Passive
  • "Damage +X" property on LoD items will be gone. The items will be given an equivalent damage bonus by reactivating (RW) or rerolling (Unique Items).
    (Attack damage hardly changes, but the new damage bonus no longer works with Smite. Instead, Smite itself is improved.)
    • Affected Items: RW Grief, Astreon's Iron Ward, The Redeemer, Stone Crusher

Bug Fixes (R6)

  • Fixed the bug that following recipes crashes ES.
    • Raistlin Set Weapon base change (Grim Scythe -> Rune Bow)
    • Raistlin Set Weapon base change (Rune Bow -> Rune Staff)
    • Any item except convertible Set Pieces + Thawing Potion
  • Fixed the bug that Multi Stocker returns a Healing Potion when it should return a Mana Potion.
  • Fixed the synergy amount from Shapeshifting Mastery to Werewolf and Elemental Form (+3% Damage per Level -> +7%.)
  • Fixed the data of RW Medecine in Runetool, which had been accidentaly broken.
  • Fixed the bug that Spirit Wolves don't regenerate their life.
  • Fixed the wrong synergy description of Charged Claws. (Feral Rage -> Fire Claws)
  • Fixed the wrong synergy description of Sandstorm. (Feral Rage -> Cyclone Armor)
  • Fixed the bug that tokenizing any 3 socket Rune Scepter (including Righteous Avenger) yields a corrupted token.
    • The corrupted tokens of Righteous Avenger can be untokenized.
    • The corrupted tokens of other 3 sokcet Rune Scepters cannot be untokenized. (Sorry)
  • Fixed the bug that Precision Cleaver has a lower base damage than supposed.
  • Fixed the bug that Reziarfg and Reporb are wrongly colored black.
  • Fixed the bug that Decipherer Jackpots don't happen.
  • (jp) Fixed the typo on Rerolling Orb and other several items. (Key -> Ancient Scroll 27 to reroll a rare charm.)
  • (jp) Removed the remaining English strings on several items.
  • (jp) Changed the translation of Wind Skill Damage. (物理スキルダメージ -> 風系スキルダメージ)
  • (jp) Unified the spells of Bear. (ベアー -> ベア)
  • Fixed the bug that Blizzard and Chilling Armor don't show the cold duration. (This is the bug of LoD itself.)
  • Fixed the bug that Cold Wave doesn't show the cold duration.
  • Fixed the bug that Assassin's Cold Wave's actual damage is calculated from Baal's Cold Wave's damage table.
  • Fixed the bug that Flame Wave is bothered by the obstacles on the ground.
  • Fixed the bug that Fire Wall's actual/displayed damage is calculated from Flame Wave's damage table.
  • Fixed the bug that Poison Arrow's actual/displayed damage is calucalted from Plague Javelin's damage table.
  • Fixed the bug that Fissure's displayed damage is calculated from Earth Spike's damage table.
  • Fixed the bug that D-Stoning Magic Skill Damage and Wind Skill Damage aren't capped correctly.
  • Unified the spell "Shape Shifting" to "Shapeshifting".
  • Fixed the color palette of Square Charm. (Removed the dots of wrong colors shown in certain acts.)
  • Fixed the bug that Poison Damage of Acid Rain increases 40% less than supposed between slvl 17 and 22. This also fixes Acid Rain's Min Poison Damage being greater than Max Poison Damage after slvl 17.

Bug Fixes (R6A)

  • (Mac) Replaced some wrong (R5H) files with correct (R6) ones.
  • Fixed the bug that Cain Set Body Armor and Song of the Damned Unique Demonic Wand cause a bad item error.
  • Fixed the bug that "Rerolling Orb + Anything" trun into "Rerolling Orb +