Changes In ES 3.00 R6E

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug that the skill description of Golem Mastery always shows the damage bonus as 3.
  • Fixed the bug that Petrify shows the old skill description on the skill icon.
  • Fixed the bug that Petrify shows the old skill name in the LCS.
  • Removed the wrong mod (CtC Thunderstorm that doesn't work) from Gemword Holy with 1 chipped diamond.
  • Reduced the life of Diablo in Nightmare to avoid the life rollover at players8 in Baal's throne.
  • Fixed the slvl of Holy Fire/Shock/Freeze On Equip ("of Aurora" suffix) on helms according to the database. (1-6 -> 1-12)
  • Fixed the bug that Raise Vampire wrongly requires Metal Golem instead of Fire Golem as one of the prereqs.

Database Corrections

  • Cube Recipes
    • All Skill Forging: Removed "Crafted Items" from the target list.
    • Secret Recipe 50: Added a caution about removing the level req penalty on runeworded items.
  • Runewords
    • RW Fog (Ki Ri Jewel): Removed "Helms" from the item type list.
  • Unique Items
    • Iron Thimble (Unique Ring): Added a notice that Oskill Iron Skin no longer works for hirelings.
  • Set Items
    • Achilles' Force (Set Gauntlet): Corrected the 2 Item Bonus.
    • Stormshield (Set Kite Shield): Corrected the base properties.
    • Shepherd's Delight Set: Corrected the full set bonus.
    • Tasselhoff's Jerkin (Set Silvan Chain): Corrected the 3 Item Bonus.
    • Tasselhoff's Pouches (Set Merchant Belt): Corrected the 3 Item Bonus.
    • Lixo's Harp (Set Gothic Bow): Corrected the base properties and 3 item bonus.
    • Aanna's Skill (Set Battle Gauntlets): Corrected the 2 Item Bonus.
    • Aanna's March (Set Battle Boots): Corrected the 2 Item Bonus.
    • Alaziel's Grip (Set Sepulcher Gloves) Corrected the 2 item and 3 item bonus.
    • Grace (Set Claws): Corrected the 3 item bonus and removed the 4 item bonus.
    • Borik's Deceit Set: Corrected the partial set bonus.
    • Blood Baron (Set Great Sword): Corrected the 5 Item Bonus.
    • Sarevok's Malicious Stare (Set Conquerer Crown): Corrected the 2 Item Bonus.
    • Horns of Power (Set Hunter's Guise): Corrected the base properties.
    • Hide of the Tarrasque (Set Archmage Plate): Corrected the base properties.
    • Claws of the Dragon (Set Royal Guards): Corrected the 2 item and 3 item bonus.
    • Rathol's Fear (Set Ring Mail): Corrected the base properties and 3 item bonus.
    • Wrathamon's Omens Set: Corrected the partial set bonus.
    • The Lich's Clutch (Set Heavy Bracers): Corrected the 2 Item Bonus.
    • Lim-Dul's Vault (Set Hemp Band): Corrected the base properties.
    • Tyrael's Faith (Set Spiked Shield): Corrected the 2 item and 3 item bonus.
    • Malek's Defense (Set Barbed Shield): Removed the 5 item bonus.
    • Griffith's Cunning: Corrected the full set bonus.
    • Naj's Mastery Set: Corrected the partial set bonus.
    • Divada's Screen (Set Defender): : Corrected the 2 item item bonus.
    • Robes of the Arch-Magi (Set Mage Plate): Corrected the base properties.
    • Jade Slipper (Set Viper Boots): Corrected the base properties.
    • Asheara's Iron Wolf Division/N Set: Corrected the full set bonus.
    • Asheara's Iron Wolf Division/H Set: Corrected the full set bonus.

Recipe Changes

  • A 6 Pack of Perfect Gem can replace 6 Perfect Gems in all recipes.
    • Secret Recipe 16, 17 (Socketing Normal Weapons/Armor without Rerolling)
    • Secret Recipe 26 (Making a Maple Leaf, incl. Multistocker Shortcut)
  • "Unique Charm -> Maple Leaf" conversion doesn't work if the target is forged (for safety's sake.)

Map Changes

  • Modified the map of Monastery Gate. The main gate is now blocked and players need to find the path in the building.

To Do

  • Fix Barbarian's skill switch on Veteran's Charm.
  • Fix Sorceress' skill switch on Veteran's Charm.
  • Bone Wave
    • Shows cold effect on impact.
  • アサの各種トラップスキルのシナジーにコールドウェーブが追加されておりますが、効いていないように思われます。
  • 詳細はソウル・シヴァーに振ってない状態でマナ回復が20%
    スキルLV23でマナ回復50% という状態です。
  • セットアイテム全般
    • You can't reroll Unique/Set Items after base upgrade.
  • 一応白アイテムでもティンカリングの上限はチェックしているのですが
    Superior(ED13%)のCeremonial Armor(Ethereal)というお化けアイテムが出たので、Act5の穴あけを使って6穴開け、ルーンワードEternal Reignを発動しました。
  • Criffkiller Coupon "Long Siege Bow" -> "Large Siege Bow"
  • Corpsemourn Coupon "Ornate Armor" -> "Ornate Plate"
  • 1)壁を背にしてくっついている敵が倒せない→VBにのみ起きる。ChargedClaw(以下CC)やShadowStrike(以下SS)では発生しない
  • 2)弾が初発の敵(小型限定)を貫通→SSのみ起きる。VBやCCでは発生しない。
  • スタットフォージ適用時に最大値を超えていないかのチェック機能
  • RUNE STOCKERに入れてある状態のダウングレードが欲しいと思いましたですっSTOCKER+TP みたいな
  • 1)朝でOskillのDecoyを使うと実際には発動しているようですが、画面に何も表示されません。
  • 2)EagleEyeのOskillの付いたUniやRWが追加/変更されないものかと思っています。
  • DSをトレードするのにGEMのようにでっかいDSを作ることはできないでしょうか?

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed following Set Items according to the database.
    • Gabrielle's Pointed Staff (Set Maiden Spear)
      • Requirements -50% -> none
    • Lixo's Flight (Set Faceguard)
      • 2 Item Bonus: +10 Lightning Absorb -> Lightning Absorb 10%
    • Lixo's Coat (Set Demonhide Armor)
      • +200-400 Defense -> +400
    • Motoko's Captivation Set
      • Full Set Bonus: Slain Monsters Rest In Peace -> none
    • Messerschmidt's Rule Set
      • Full Set Bonus: 20% Increased Attack Speed -> 40%
    • Malek's Pride (Set Barbed Shield)
      • 3 Item Bonus: 10-40% Bonus To Attack Rating -> 40%
    • Arion's Augury Set
      • Partial Set Bonus: Increase Max Life/Mana 20% (2 items) -> 25%

Set Changes

  • Shepherd's Delight Set
    • Full Set Bonus: +4 To All Skills -> +5
    • Full Set Bonus: Regenerate Mana 100% -> (1.5/clvl) +1-150 To Max Damage
  • Krakerag's Point (Set Tulwar)
    • Base Weapon: Tulwar -> Ancient Sword
      (This item internally has 3 sockets but a Tulwar can have 2 sockets at best.)
  • The Lich's Cage (Set Cuirass)
    • (8/clvl*) +8-800 Defense -> +800 Defense
      (*=internally capped at +7.875/clvl)
  • Rogue's Bow, Mercenary's Pike and Barbarian's Point
    • (5/clvl) Attacker Takes Damage of 5-500 -> (2.5/clvl)
    • Full Set Bonus:Attacker Takes Damage of 50 -> 200
  • Rogue's Bow/N, Mercenary's Pike/N and Barbarian's Point/N
    • (7.5/clvl) Attacker Takes Damage of 7-750 -> (5/clvl)
    • Full Set Bonus:Attacker Takes Damage of 100 -> 400
  • Rogue's Bow/H, Mercenary's Pike/H and Barbarian's Point/H
    • (10/clvl*) Attacker Takes Damage of 10-1000 -> (7.5/clvl)
      (*=internally capped at 7.875/clvl)
    • Full Set Bonus:Attacker Takes Damage of 150 -> 600


  • A recipe to change the color of crystals.
  • Improve the graphics of Rerolling Orb, Ancient Tomes and Can Opener.

Act 1 Map Changes

                   Rogue's Camp ------------- Den of Evil
                       |                         |
                       |                  Fallen's Tunnel
                       |                         |
     +---------- Cold Plains (WP) ---------- Graveyard -----------------+
     |                 |                                                |
Underground ---- Stony Field (WP) ---------- Tristram                   |
  Passage                                        |                      |
     |                                 New Dungeon Lvl 1 (WP)*          |
     |                                           |                      |
     |                                  New Dungeon Lvl 2-6*            |
     |                                                                  |
     |              Dark Wood --------- Countess' Loophole              |
     |                  |                        |                      |
     |                  |              Forgotten Tower Lvl 5            |
     |                  |                        |                      |
     +---------- Black Marsh (WP) --- Forgotten Tower Lvl 1-4           |
                        |                                               |
                 Tamoe Highland ---------------------------Blood Raven's Workshop Lvl 1*
                        |                                               |
                Outer Cloister (WP)                        Blood Raven's Workshop Lvl 2*
                    Barracks --------------------+
                        |                        |
                  Jail Level 1                   |
                        |                        |
                  Jail Level 2           Death's Shortcut*
                        |                        |
               Inner Cloister (WP)               |
                        |                        |
                    Cathedral -------------------+
              Catacomb Level 1 (WP)
                Catacomb Level 2
                Catacomb Level 3

(* = Level 88 areas)
  • Jail
    • Jail Level 1 is removed.
    • Jail Level 2 is renamed as Jail Level 1
    • Jail Level 3 is renamed as Jail Level 2
  • Catacomb
    • Catacomb Level 1 is removed.
    • Catacomb Level 2 is renamed as Catacomb Level 1.
    • Catacomb Level 3 is renamed as Catacomb Level 2.
    • Catacomb Level 4 is renamed as Catacomb Level 3 and renewed.
  • Tristram
    • Renewed with Onix' D1 Tristrum Plugin.
  • New Dungeon
    • Add a new dungeon entrance at the cathedral in Tristram.
    • New Dungeon Level 1 (former Jail Level 1): Level 88 Area, Random Map, Waypoint
    • New Dungeon Level 2 (former Catacomb Level 1): Level 88 Area, Random Map
    • New Dungeon Level 3 (former The Cave Level 2): Level 88 Area, Semi Random Map (2-6 Predefined Maps like Chaos Sanctuary)
    • New Dungeon Level 4 (former The Hole Level 2): Level 88 Area, Semi Random Map
    • New Dungeon Level 5 (former The Crypt): Level 88 Area, Semi Random Map
    • New Dungeon Level 6 (former The Mausoleum): Level 88 Area, Semi Random Map
  • Den of Evil
    • Add a new entrance beside Corpsefire.
      Blood Moor - Den of Evil - Fallen's Tunnel
  • Fallen's Tunnel
    • A new shortcut. Former The Hole Level 1.
      Den of Evil - Fallen Tunnel - Graveyard
  • Graveyard
    • Renewed.
    • Former The Mausoleum entrance leads to Fallen's Tunnel.
    • Former The Crypt entrance leads to Blood Raven's Workshop Level 1.
      Cold Plains - Graveyard - Fallen Tunnel
           Blood Raven's Wrokshop Level 1
  • Blood Raven's Wrokshop Level 1
    • Add a new entrance.
      Graveyard - Blood Raven's Workshop Level 1 - Tamoe Highland
                  Blood Raven's Workshop Level 2
  • Underground Passage Level 1
    • Renamed as Underground Passage
      Cold Plains - Underground Passage - Black Marsh
                        Stony Field
  • Cold Plains
    • Former The Cave entrance leads to Underground Passage.
      Blood Moor - Cold Plains - Stony Field 
                Underground Passage
  • Dark Wood
    • The waypoint is removed to make the waypoint at the new dungeon level 1.
    • Former Underground Passage Level 1 entrance leads to Countess' Loophole.
      Black Marsh - Dark Wood - Countess' Loophole
  • Countess' Loophole
    • A new shortcut. Former the Cave Level 1.
      Tower Level 5 - Countess' Loophole - Dark Wood
  • Tower Level 5
    • Renewed.
    • Add a new dungeon entrance behind Countess' room.
      Tower Level 4 - Tower Level 5 - Countess' Loophole
  • Death's Shortcut
    • A new shortcut. Former Underground Passage Level 2.
    • Level 88 Area. Semi Random Map.
      Barracks - Death's Shortcut - Cathedral
  • Barracks
    • Add a new entrance beside Smith.
      Outer Cloister - Barracks - Jail Level 1 
                   Death's Shortcut
  • Cathedral
    • Renewed.
    • Add a new entrance in one of the rooms.
      Inner Cloister - Cathedral - Catacomb Level 1 
                   Death's Shortcut



  • Ancient's Call does not receive the 1/5 penalty when breaking elemental immunities.
    • This can be because only the original lower-resistance skills (Conviction, Lower Resist, Amprify Damage and Decrepify) are hard-coded so that they have the 1/5 penalty.
      If this assumption is correct, not only Ancients Call but also the modified skills (Inner Sight, Weaken and IM) and the other new skill (Pierce Poison and Bone) may have the same problem. Can anyone confirm if those skills have the penalty?
      If this is a hard-coded problem, it would be difficult to fix and those skills may require some rebalancing.
  • The gemword Holy gives a 100% ctc lvl 10 Thunderstorm on attack that doesn't work.
    Bug only happens when using one chipped diamond I think.. tried two and didn't get
    the 100% thunderstorm(fixed)
    • This is a debug code so as to confirm CtC TS doesn't work and I forgot to remove.
  • /players 8 in Nightmare, Diablo in Act 5 Throneroom - likely life rollover.(fixed)
  • Database error: runewords page, "Fog" (Ki-Ri-Jewel) is not working in a 3 socketed helm(DB is fixed)
  • Database error: suffix page, "of Aurora" for Holy Freeze/Holy Fire/Holy Shock is capped at lvl 6 for helms, not 12.(the suffix is fixed)
  • Database error: recipes page, +1 all skills forging incorrectly says it can be applied to crafted items.(DB is fixed)
  • cLoD Amulet coupons out of order #09-11. List taken from current cubemain.txt
    01 Nokozan Relic
    02 The Eye of Etlich
    03 The Mahim-Oak Curio
    04 Saracen's Chance
    05 The Cat's Eye
    06 Crescent Moon
    07 Atma's Scarab
    08 The Rising Sun_lod
    09 Seraph's Hymn
    10 Highlord's Wrath
    11 Mara's Kaleidoscope
    12 Metalgrid
  • Phantom Hatchets.
    1. It says +1 missile per 2 skill points... however it increases 1 per skill point for me.
    2. It says +1 trigger missile per 15 base points, I'm currently at 20 now and it is still 3
    trigger missiles, this is the exact same amount it gave me at skill level 1.
  • The Druid's Rabies synergy to Fury does not work. When you put points into rabies you get no damage boost to fury.
  • I can't get the following Amulet Custom Reroll recipe to work with the rerolling orb:
    3 Rare Amulets
    (or Rerolling Orb with 7 Magic Amulet pts)
    Flawless Ruby
    Flawless Sapphire
    Flawless Topaz
    Flawless Emerald
    Rare Amulet
    (ilvl = char level)
    All Resistances +11-14 
  • I cannot use the magic eraser recipe to remove the +1 shadow disciplines on the Smiiiff Stone Unique Jewel.
  • Throwing Mastery gives double throw, normal throw, and berserk fury a much larger boost than intended
  • Sway adds much less Defense to the character than it should according to the skill display, at least according to the LCS.
  • Petrify displays the Duration in the fixed part, but it actually increases with skill level.
  • Using stat unassignment with the character utility causes all gold in the personal stash to be lost. (Hans - Nameless looked into the the Character Utility and it does not appear to the cause. The issue may be with the ES Launcher and the character backup feature interfering with PlugY.).
  • Character disappears whenever the Dodge oskill triggers.
  • Druid Ravens die instantly from attacking monsters with "thorns" effect shields (Fire and Chilling Armor, etc...).

Needs more confirmation/information:

  • I was using Frenzy with a Druid. I had an item on that granted cold and lighting damage. If you start to strike something repeatedly; it doesn't show the effect of the cold, and the monster completely stands still. Won't move. It still looses heath but doesn't show any of the elemental effects.
    Blinn- ?? I cannot see how a Druid can use dual weapons or where he can learn Frenzy. I know some monsters like Assailants do freeze occasionally.
    153957- I suppose that (s)he meant Fury.
  • When I accidentally forged a +1 ama skills jewel with +1 druid summoning tab, and then tried to remove the forging I regained the anvil stone, but the +1 summoning tab remained on the jewel, so it is possible to make any amount of + skill tab.
    Blinn- I was unable to duplicate this, testing with +1 Martial Arts tab forging on a magic +1 Druid Skills jewel.
  • Had a bit of a weird one tonight when I loaded up my tourny 'zon. Her gold was all gone. Stash and inventory, both with 0 gold. I was saving hard to buy gems and was sure I had around 200k in my stash when I quit last night.
  • Cold Wave seems to be cancelling out the Lightning Hydras cast by the Act 3 Lightning Merc.
    Blinn- No issues between Lightning Hydra and Cold Wave when tested with characters only (Assassin using oskill Lightning Hydra and Sorc using oskill Cold Wave), issue with only the Merc?
  • The Assassin medallions don't seem to be working for me. I made a Caster medallion and the Warrior doesn't proc stuff; I made an Archer medallion and it doesn't fire exploding arrows. (Mac only issue)
  • Potential issue with tinkering items that have a socket.


  • The wording in the rune forging recipes on the database is confusing, I would suggest saying "up to Ra rune" instead of "up to O rune".
  • Nihlathak Bone Wave too strong because of recent synergy from Hell's Gate?
  • It would be very nice if Firestorm could be changed the same way as the Bone/Flame/Cold Wave spells to avoid small ground obstacles, it can be difficult to hit monsters in cluttered areas.
  • Also would be nice to increase stat points to really maximize synergy bonuses.Like 150 pts maybe to really make great builds.
  • Make maple leafs a little less harder to get

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