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Samplezon - Jane_Doe : You can add some description, your name, etc. here. (tsuru)
Death-Dancer - Tyla (N) : Almost exclusively uses Dance of Death, with Shadow Strike as backup. (30-30)
[PK] The Punisher - Eagle Eye Bowazon : (Incompetent)
Queen Jansaadi - The ES LF-zon : This is the ES version of an LoD powerhouse (Logger120)
[PK] Queen Daliah - Elemental Spearazon : Shadow strike, lightning strike, valkyrie, and jab with the usage of careful target management to maximise damage as a spearazon. (:Water)
Multiple Shot Zon - Suzume : A sample of Multiple Shot Zon. (tsuru)
Jabbazon :Jab and Lightning Fury (Goeido)
[PK]Legendporter - Slania : LA/GA with FCR boosts for oskill tele (Mnemic)


Ultimate Samurai Sin Guide (Goeido)
[PK] Butcher Amy - Samurai Assassin : (Nightfire)
[PK] Samurai Assassin (Updated) : (Nightfire)
[PK] Butcher Grace - Mindblaster Assassin : (Nameless)
[PK] Butcher DemonsDeath - Fending Samurai Assassin : (Blinn)
Ninja NinjaBaby - Shuriken Assassin : A ranged Assassin with a strafe-like attack (Blinn)
Eliminator Connie - Elemental Martial Arts Assassin : An aggressive and offensively versatile Assassin (Blinn)
[PK] The Witch - Teeth and Psychic Slash Assassin : (Incompetent)
Shuriken Summoner Assassin : R6D Shadow Masters and Shuriken as backup (Goeido)


[PK] Warlord Ugla - Throwing Barb : (Hrus)
[PK] The ES Singer - Warcry Barbarian : (angiras)
Nova Barb : updated to R6 Plasma Rain barb (Goeido)
Phantom Hatchets Barb : R6 Double Throw/Phantom Hatchets (Goeido)
Kain - The Black Knight : R6 Concentrate Barbarian
The Killing Machine - Frenzy Barb : R6 Frenzy Barbarian
Warlord Karlos - Concentrated Whirlwind : R6 Concentrate/Whirlwind Barbarian


Meteoric Blast (Smarneff)
Iron Power : Elemental Form with Iron Claws (153957)
[PK] Cow Balloon Discussion
Bowler/Summoner: R5 Molten Boulder(Goeido/Logger120)


Melee Necro : Melee necro build.
Skelliemancer : The standard summoning necromancer (Logger120)
[PK] Death Lord Ned - Bone Spell Necro : (30-30)
[PK] Fire Necro Discussion
Death Lord Andreas - Golemancer : The other summoning Necromancer (dawe1313)


[PK] King Palaman - Fire Zealot : (Manolios)
[PK] The Tyler Durden - Thorns Paladin : (Incompetent)
[PK] King Delirious - Annihilation/Frostzealot : (30-30)
[PK] The Preacher - Summon/Holy Skill Paladin : (Nameless)
[PK] The Heretic - Conversion/Thorns/Damaging Aura Paladin : (Incompetent)
[PK] Paladin Summoner : (Incompetent)
[PK] Ranger (Bow Paladin) Discussion
[PK] A Tale of Two Paladins...(Fire and Cold Bow Paladins) : (godheadslament)
[PK] FOH/Conversion Pally : (Grumpy Munchkin)
[PK] King Manes - Dark Paladin (N10A) : (Nightfire)
[PK] Zealot Discussion
Elemental Form Charger : 2h Charger (Goeido)
the Martyr : A sacrifice-wielding Paladin, one of the few to focus in defensive auras.
Lord Pawnadin : A Bow / Summoner paladin (Vigr).


[PK] Wizardess Marilyth - Buffysorc : (Nameless)
[PK] Wizardess Artyre - Tri-Nova Harlot : (30-30)
[PK] Time-stop Immolarion Sorceress : (angiras)
[PK] Spellblade, A guide to the Proc'ing Sorceress : (reiyo_oki)
Pure Fire Sorc: R6(Goeido)
Gold find sorc: R6 Lordbrox
Boltress Tips: ES Charged Bolt Sorceress (Bastige)


This section will be sorted and moved to an independant page in future.

Ranger/Summoner (goeido)
[PK] Skill and character build discussions for us Noobs : (Billybgame)
[PK] The Shadow Sensei - Programmable Shadow Warrior : (Incompetent)
[PK] Tip for Hammerdins - BH and Charge : (Incompetent)
[PK] Eagle Eye, Item IAS vs. Skill IAS, Fanatic Swing and oskill Zeal bps
[PK] The Tasselator - proc abuse : (Incompetent)
[PK] Molten Boulder : (Incompetent)
[PK] Whirlwind/DoD breakpoints for each class :
[PK] Better Barb builds for NM & Hell :
[PK] How Barbarian's Weapon Masteries work :

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