Community Patches


Well, tsuru has been absent for several years, and Perfect Cell is very busy, which means no patches :( However, seeing as we have so many community things at our disposal, we should all pitch in to create a "community patch", till tsuru is back or PC gets some time.

This page can be used as a starting point for ideas and division of work, as well as assigning those who will oversee the final patch releases. This should in no way be seen as any disrespect to tsuru and all his hard work, nor Perfect Cell & Lothar

For me the most pressing things revolve around stability on the Mac OS. R5 and earlier were all rock solid. But, with the introduction of R6, things changed — crashing to the desktop on leveling up, crashing when picking up the Damage Augmentor, etc. These don't happen all the time, but they occur frequently. It seems the more advanced a character is in terms of high-end gear — socketed Unique Charms, tons of plus skills, etc., the more frequent the crashes. (Metro)

If you're looking for the community patches and don't really care for the changelogs on each, the ZIPfiles are at the bottom of the wiki page. I recommend you get 4.1 and then overwrite with 4.1N -- to ensure nothing goes wrong. (psychotwo)


Highest priority exploits

None, at the moment.

High priority bugs

  • Characters become completely stuck and disappear whenever the Dodge oskill triggers. Confirmed on a Paladin.

Following Set Items need to be fixed according to the database:

   * Gabrielle's Pointed Staff (Set Maiden Spear)
         Requirements -50% -> none
   * Lixo's Flight (Set Faceguard)
         2 Item Bonus: +10 Lightning Absorb -> Lightning Absorb 10%
   * Lixo's Coat (Set Demonhide Armor)
         +200-400 Defense -> +400
   * Motoko's Captivation Set
         Full Set Bonus: Slain Monsters Rest In Peace -> none
   * Messerschmidt's Rule Set
         Full Set Bonus: 20% Increased Attack Speed -> 40%
   * Malek's Pride (Set Barbed Shield)
         3 Item Bonus: 10-40% Bonus To Attack Rating -> 40%
   * Arion's Augury Set
         Partial Set Bonus: Increase Max Life/Mana 20% (2 items) -> 25%

Set Changes to make:

   * Shepherd's Delight Set
         Full Set Bonus: +4 To All Skills -> +5
         Full Set Bonus: Regenerate Mana 100% -> (1.5/clvl) +1-150 To Max Damage
   * Krakerag's Point (Set Tulwar)
         Base Weapon: Tulwar -> Ancient Sword
           (This item internally has 3 sockets but a Tulwar can have 2 sockets at best.)
   * The Lich's Cage (Set Cuirass)
         (8/clvl*) +8-800 Defense -> +800 Defense
           (*=internally capped at +7.875/clvl)
   * Rogue's Bow, Mercenary's Pike and Barbarian's Point
         (5/clvl) Attacker Takes Damage of 5-500 -> (2.5/clvl)
         Full Set Bonus:Attacker Takes Damage of 50 -> 200
   * Rogue's Bow/N, Mercenary's Pike/N and Barbarian's Point/N
         (7.5/clvl) Attacker Takes Damage of 7-750 -> (5/clvl)
         Full Set Bonus:Attacker Takes Damage of 100 -> 400
   * Rogue's Bow/H, Mercenary's Pike/H and Barbarian's Point/H
         (10/clvl*) Attacker Takes Damage of 10-1000 -> (7.5/clvl)
           (*=internally capped at 7.875/clvl)
         Full Set Bonus:Attacker Takes Damage of 150 -> 600
  • Phantom Hatchets.
    1. It says +1 missile per 2 skill points... however it increases 1 per skill point for me.
    2. It says +1 trigger missile per 15 base points, I'm currently at 20 now and it is still 3
    Trigger missiles, this is the exact same amount it gave me at skill level 1.
    (Nameless: AFAIK this should work the way it's displayed, Tsuru only changed Multishot but forgot to actually change Phantom Hatchets.)

Medium priority bugs

  • Druid Ravens die instantly from attacking monsters with "thorns" effect shields (Fire and Chilling Armor, etc...).
  • Werebear (alternative skill to Elemental Form) does not get the synergies. AFAIK all that needs to be done is to copy the Params section to that skill (with those fields empty, the game takes them as 0, so you actually get 0% synergy).
  • The NoCD countermeasure is too aggressive. There are games that in this day and age simply don't need the CD anymore by design. I own three instances, comprised of two examples. I bought the C&C Ultimate Collection from the Origin service and Darksiders from the GameStop service. I also own and play HALO for PC. Anytime I have run any of these games, Eastern Sun will not run until I have restarted my computer. (Also, I am on my second LoD CD. CDs do die in time, it is why Bungie released a patch for HALO owners so they could play without a CD in the drive, saving it for re-installing in future computers.)

Low priority bugs

  • Bone Wave needs to show cold effect on impact.
  • I cannot use the magic eraser recipe to remove the +1 shadow disciplines on the Smiiiff Stone Unique Jewel.
  • Tinkering is unlimited when applied to socketed gem/runewords. Might be ok not to change.
  • (psycho2) Cosmetic: The gambling chit for the Tribal Hatchet is mislabeled as "Tribal Spear" although you will get a Tribal Hatchet from the chit.

Modifying Existing Content & Balance Fixes

  • Throwing Mastery gives double throw, normal throw, and berserk fury a much larger boost than intended.
  • Nihlathak Bone Wave too strong because of recent synergy from Hell's Gate?
  • It would be very nice if Firestorm could be changed the same way as the Bone/Flame/Cold Wave spells to avoid small ground obstacles, it can be difficult to hit monsters in cluttered areas.
  • Kanji runes needing only 1 crystal instead of 2 (Except God and Heaven runes of course.)
  • Unsummoning the Iron Golem should respawn the item which was used for the golem. This will make players less hesitant to use their valuable unique items and such, it will create more dynamic playing style with the Iron Golem: need a defensive Golem? Just unsummon the current Iron Golem and use an item with defensive stats. Need an offensive Golem? Unsummon the defensive item and use offensive item instead.
  • Improve skill: Protection from Lightning
    Wouldn't it be cool if the paladin get the ability to tank Lightning attacks when he has this aura? The lightning will damage the paladin but stops after doing this like when they hit a wall, and people behind the paladin is safe.
    This also makes act3 lightning mercenary less useless. And it balances the skill compared to "Protection from Cold" which has the extra attribute "Cannot be frozen".
  • The wording in the rune forging recipes on the database is confusing, I would suggest saying "up to Ra rune" instead of "up to O rune".
  • (*Daishi_GD)Improve skill: Lightning Inferno. It took a huge nerf back in the day. So much so that the skill is utterly useless and underpowered. This needs to be rebalanced so it can be used again.

New Content Suggestions


  • (*Daishi_GD)Ethereal Unique rerolling recipe
  • (*Daishi_GD)Recipe to make LoD Uniques Ethereal. -> Example: 3 Coupons + Maple Leaf + Elixer = Ethereal Unique LoD item
  • (*Daishi_GD)Ethereal White Item + Unique Stone -> Ethereal Unique Version

Fixes & Content Still To Be Done

  • Coupon reroll recipes working with Multi Stocker
  • 2 flawless gem rare reroll recipe working with gem can
    ^These two recipes can't come to pass until the useitem and usetype functions in cubemain.txt can be applied to multiple outputs via code editing.

Download & Instructions

   - This patch is ONLY FOR PC, mac users will have to wait till it is determined
     that the patch is stable and contains no e