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This build was initially an experiment as there wasn't already a build for it. Extensive use of Creeping Doom is the focus of this build, with some Tornado thrown in for magic immunes when you come across them.

Treehugger - Example Creeping Doom Druid

Base Stats

Minimum for Equipment
Minimum for Equipment


Creeping Doom
Acid Rain
Earth Spikes
Arctic Blast
Cyclone Armor
Oak Sage
Summon Elemental
0 or 1
All prerequisites

Your main skill will be Creeping Doom, so maxing that is obvious. You're also gonna want Tornado. As 3/4 synergies for Tornado are also synergies for Creeping Doom, these are your best choice to skill up. All remaining points can go into Acid Rain if you want more damage, or Summon Elemental for more defense.

More than 1 in Cyclone Armor isn't really recommended. You'll have 1-2k+ absorb with +skills. Adding more will increase it very little, where the points could make a more significant impact else where.

Oak Sage can be gotten from an oskill to save skills from it (Druid 75 Ring for example.)


Basically, you're wanting as much +skills as you can.

(Will be updated when I can)

Placidity Runeword

This is an awesome helm for Elemental Druids. +5 skills, +res, +life. Given that we're wanting as many +skills as we can get, this is perfect.

A good rare circlet could be used as well.

Insight Runeword

This is mainly for the Meditation aura, as well as the +skills. +30 FCR is also nice.

Other choices are pretty much anything with +skills, +life and +res.

Gloves, Boots, Belt

Personally, I'm using Runefusion x3. It gives +2 to our main tab, +res, +mana regen, and a socket as well. They also have plenty of room to D-Stone.

Some good rares or crafts can be used instead. Rumour of Pain is out because it doesn't have -% to magic res.

Yagul's Wrath

With +2 to druid skills, +res and a possible +6 to Creeping Doom, these are a great choice. +Shout is nice as well.

Good rares or crafts can be used instead.

Yagul's Bloody Rage

A nice +2 skills and lots of +res.

Again, good rares or crafts can be used instead.

Secret of the Ooze

This wand is perfect for casters. You have massive +skills with the 2 sockets available, and you get oskill Clay Golem to go with it. The golem can come in handy for tanking when you need it.

Rift Runeword

Same as the rest of the equipment, chosen for the masses of +skills. the +mana regen is also nice if you don't have Meditation.

Defensive Alternative is Stonewall if you want something more defensive. It gives no +skills, but the Defiance on Equip is nice if you need it and can't forge it on to an amulet.


Definately go with Act 5 Offensive. Ancient's Call is an amazing ability when it comes to immunities.

Give him a nice 2h weapon, lots of aura's on equip and +skills, and he'll be set. He's mainly there to take a beating and break immunities while you dish out the pain.

Strategy & Tips

Run in front of a pack of enemies, cast Creeping Doom until dead. Rinse and repeat. That's all there is too it. With Magic Immunes, you do the same thing but with Tornado instead, while casting Creeping Doom every 2 seconds or so to keep them stunned.

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