Players' Personal Pages

Let's Make Your Personal Page!

How about making your personal page? Among Japanese ES players, it's popular to keep a personal playing log on the Wiki. You see several JP_Nikki pages in recent changes, and Nikki means Diary in Japanese.

Besides a playing log, a personal page may include a self introduction, self reminders like a to-do list, a wish list, a FT list, a character list, future character plans, and summarized data you need at hand. (For example, the list of LoD Unique Jewelry Coupons was originally made on a Japanese player's personal page for his own use.)

If you keep a playing log of ES on a blog, you can post a link to that blog here, instead of making a personal page on the Wiki.

How To Make A Personal Page

Make A New Page

  • Click [ New ] in the menu bar to make a new page.
  • Give it a page name like Diary_Tom. (Diary_Your Name)
    (Starting with Diary_ makes it clear that the page is a personal page, when you see Recent Changes.)
  • Select the template @Diary_Template in -- Use another page as a template -- window.
  • Click [ Update ] when the page is done.

Link Your Page

  • Click [ Edit ] at the next section (List of Personal Pages.)
  • Copy any link line and paste it at the end of other lines.
  • Modify the explanation and the link.
  • The format is:
    • [[Explanation>Page Name]]
  • The format for an external page (i.e. blog) is;
    • [[Explanation:External URL]]

Keep A Diary

  • 3 asterisks (***) at the line head makes the third level heading. The wiki tag &date; automatically inserts the date.

Attach Images

  • You can attach images to your page by clicking [ Attach ].
  • The wiki tag &ref(./filename); displays the attached image.

List of Personal Pages

AdmiralCrackbar's Diary
Bastige (psycho2)'s Diary
Billybgame's Bonzo Bitchin' Blog
Blackduck's Diary
Blinn's Diary
Cerepol's Diary
Cheveyo's Diary
Contrail's Diary
Crux's Out of Order
Freykin's Diary
goeido's Diary
Hans' Mosh Pit
Jakebow's Diary
MasterKazoom's Diary
Metro's Diary
Moonie's Diary
Nameless' Diary
Nightfire's Diary
Stingray's Diary
Ultimategrayfox's Diary
Viske's Diary
Xc0n's Diary
XenmorphÅ's Diary
Lucifer666's Diary
Valahan's Diary

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