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UPDATED August 8th, 2008

Current Characters:

  • Lance (lvl 92) pal - A Very Random Tournament [RET]
  • Thor (lvl 89) bar - GF barb

Dead Tourney Characters:

  • NeckRomancer (lvl 27) golemancer - GameFace #2 Tourney
  • Callista (lvl 26) lightning sorc - 2nd Craftsman Tourney
  • Supernova (lvl 23) nova barb - Wrecking Ball IV Tourney
  • FluId (lvl 51) vine druid - 2nd Craftsman Tourney

There's various screenshots at the bottom of the page if you're interested
Here's what I'm listening to right now

For Trade:

  • Decals (up to Vex)
  • Skill Jewels (All classes)
  • Ethereals: *see video
  • Ethereal Rares: *see video
  • Rare Necro Jewel w/ +1 Necro skills & 35% GF
  • Battle Orders javelins:
    • +2 B.O. magic dire pilum
    • +3 B.O. magic lissom spear
  • 5 Javelins with +3 Shout
  • Uniques: *see video

If you are interested in any of the above, see this video of my items for trade:
(link will be posted soon)

In Search Of...

  • Ohm Decal
  • Gold Find jewels (35% GF & up)
  • Jewels w/ +45% Enhanced Defense
  • Gold & Purple runes
  • Magic Death Blade w/ 6 sockets
  • Maple Leaves & Sa Runes
  • Exceptional & Elite coupons
  • All upper level unique charms
  • Unique Jewels
  • +Battle Orders javelins
  • Highest level Unique class ammys/aura stones
  • Magic odd & square charms
  • Paladin staffmod charms
  • Any rare ammys w/ decent oskills
  • Kanji runes (lol)

My Diary


Updated character list and small update to my Trade List.


Well, my golemancer in the GameFace #2 tourney, NeckRomancer, is now dead. Currently, I'm working on a project to figure out whether it's more efficient to gamble rings with a lvl 10 or lvl 15 character. Finally, I've beaten Baal in Hell difficulty for the first time! It was only on /p 1, and it was only moderately hard with my level 92 pally, Lance. Well, that's all for now!


I've retired Lance from the Random tourney and am now just enjoying the fruits of Hell. It's my first character I've leveled above 90, and I'm starting to get together my first end-game equipment. I need all the gold I can muster, so I've been focusing on Goldark's gear currently. I finally got the +20 life small charm I've been looking for! Here's a few screenshots of how things have been going :)

8 D-stone cows run.jpg

Coupon Jackpot w 1 elite.jpg

Mid-rune jackpot.jpg


Well it certainly has been awhile since I updated! Currently, I'm in the Cathedral in Act 1 Hell. I've been taking a few risks, training and doing some basic farming in Dark Wood with very low resists (all under 40%). I have some screenshots as well from prior events in NM.

I managed to complete the NM WSK bonus at /p 8, but it took me an obscene amount of time to do (think hours). My life was sufficient, but my party's attack was definitely not up-to-par. My minions were weaker than I expected, and my oskills turned out to be somewhat of a joke. Well, I've learned from it and will try to prepare much better for the Hell WSK /p 8 finale.
Lance in WSK NM.jpg


Lance seems to be going nowhere. He's gained one level in a few hours of playing. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong - I'm on Act 1 NM on /p 8 right now about to go to Act 2, and it seems like forever until I level up again. I'm only at level 57 and the monsters won't die! This shouldn't be so hard :( I rerolled that crappy amulet into a less crappy one with +2 pally skills, but that's the only major change equipment-wise. I'll chug on for now, and hopefully things will get better or something.


I've been farming for hours now, and have FINALLY got all the required gear to go through the portal. Here's screenshots:

Ancient Full Plate Mail.jpg Monk\'s ring of life.jpg Blood Circle ring.jpg

Blustone unique belt.jpg Doom Noose Amulet.jpg Brimstone Fletch Long War Bow.jpg

Honorable Iron Guards of the Ox.jpg Lightmaster\'s Greaves.jpg royalty crown.jpg


Well, the red portal has been made, and now to go back to the special areas and try to secure enough items to fulfill my equipment requirement. I've decided to get the whole 100 points because I'll surely need them to finish well in the tourney. If the special areas aren't really producing results, I'll have to gamble for the unique belt and boots.

If I did axe one of Lance's EQ slots it would be the char gemword torso. That's just brutal, and it may not carry me to Hell. But this tourney isn't about easy, so I think I'm going to go for it ;)


I've been working on my paladin for the Random tourney, Lance. He's at level 33 currently, and in Act III. Here's a screenshot of a lucky arctic set drop I've been using for my cold rogue merc:

Arctic set drop.jpg

EDIT: Here's his assignment for archival purposes


Protection from Cold
Holy Ward
Sacred Piercer

Cold Rogue


Char Equipment:
torso - gemword
boots - unique
ammy - crafted
belt - unique
weapon - rare

Merc equipment:
ring 2 - rare
boots - rare
torso - rare
helm - gemword
weapon - set


So Callista died the other day very early. I decided to continue my druid FluId from the Craftsman tourney who's now at lvl 55 before I start the random tourney tonight. I did a couple cow runs and beat Nihlathak. I'm starting Act I NM and basically just waiting til the random tourney starts. Good luck to all!

EDIT: Here's a screenshot of Nihlathak's loot with FluId (Normal)

Nihlathak loot - Normal.jpg

Here's a screenshot from a decent Cows run in Normal.

Cows Run loot - Normal.jpg


I've created a new character for the 2nd Craftsman Tourney named Callista. She's a sorceress named after a jedi in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. I plan on going the lightning route, and leveling is going quicker because I know what skills and stats I'm putting points into. I plan on doing a stat breakdown of about 3-2 ratio of vitality to energy, with occasional points in dexterity. I really don't want her to die this time, and she'll need more life now that she can't use Unique or Set equipment. We'll see how this goes!


I've started a new nova barb named Supernova. I know I know, not very creative. I've been upping his VIT mostly and am going to use Battle Orders & Battle Command eventually so my merc will be buffed. I got a set jackpot in the DoE which really accelerated things.

EDIT: I retired Supernova after I let my merc die TWICE before I even got to Hall of the Dead. Going on without 2 slots would be really difficult, and I just didn't plan well.


Made this diary! I've beat Baal and I'm currently doing runs in Frozen Tundra to get the gems needed to make the required 8 crafted items to advance. The first crafted bloodring I made (with my only blemished ruby) was a lvl 70 with Necro bonuses. Ahhhh

EDIT: Magmajuggler has slain FluId. It was a good run and not bad for my first tourney character. I'll probably join Wrecking Ball IV later tonight and start a new character.

FluId\'s Death.jpg


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  • NM Act 1 can be sluggish if you leveled a bit as you apparently have. I usually drop the /p setting really low (1-3?) and try to blaze through Act 1. Exp and drops starts to catch up again later in Act 2, I like to spend a little extra time in Arcane Sanctuary to make up for blasting through Act 1 at a low setting, the narrow paths and teleport pads make it relatively safe if anything does awry. I think once you get your hands on an exceptional bow (you can reroll with flawless gems, only 1 socket, but still nice for getting a totally new shot at mods), things will start to fall into place. -- Blinn? 05-11-2008 (Sun) 08:19:58

File to attaach: fileMid-rune jackpot.jpg 690 download [Information] fileCoupon Jackpot w 1 elite.jpg 623 download [Information] file8 D-stone cows run.jpg 679 download [Information] fileLance in WSK NM.jpg 659 download [Information] fileroyalty crown.jpg 671 download [Information] fileLightmaster\'s Greaves.jpg 573 download [Information] fileHonorable Iron Guards of the Ox.jpg 632 download [Information] fileDoom Noose Amulet.jpg 560 download [Information] fileBrimstone Fletch Long War Bow.jpg 588 download [Information] fileMonk\'s ring of life.jpg 587 download [Information] fileBlustone unique belt.jpg 604 download [Information] fileBlood Circle ring.jpg 575 download [Information] fileAncient Full Plate Mail.jpg 644 download [Information] fileArctic set drop.jpg 672 download [Information] fileNihlathak loot - Normal.jpg 715 download [Information] fileCows Run loot - Normal.jpg 609 download [Information] fileFluId\'s Death.jpg 575 download [Information] fileAncient Coupon Jackpot.jpg 290 download [Information] fileFluId\'s Final Stats.jpg 233 download [Information]

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