Welcome to my Eastern Sun diary.

Altermaven's ES Diary (AKA thepsycho2)

I have depreciated the nickname "Bastige", for unification purposes I am using the official project name of mine, Altermaven. You will find me listed in the Phrozen Keep forums as "thepsycho2". I cannot change that.

General other things

Still setting up.


Garden of Hell Variety Challenge scorecard

NAME                   CLASS             CLVL  ACTS      TOTAL  Alive?
Winterizer C           Druid               14     1        140
Sniperizer R           Amazon               1     1         10
Purifier               Paladin              1     1         10
Brutalizer M           Barbarian            1     1         10
                       GRAND                               170  4

Winterizer: IN.

  • Cold / Wind Druid, Winter Fury / Sandstorm
  • Act 1, Level 14

Sniperizer: NOT IN.

  • Plague / Elemental Javelin Thrower
  • As per rules, must start with a ranged weapon, thus have to throw javelins.

Purifier: NOT IN.

  • GRAB BAG CLASS! Fanatic

Brutalizer: NOT IN.

  • Either Bash or Double Swing.
  • As per rules, must be strictly melee with melee weapons, or swingable ranged weapons. May use DS/Frenzy to syn off of Iron Skin better.
0 transferables.

Other characters not bound to challenges or tourneys

  • Shocktart, Druid
    Level 11
    Charged Claws / Fire Claws / Iron Claws
    Act 3 Cold Mercenary (soon)
    /players 4

Scattered Notes

Another Fresh Start... sorta

Nothing was transferred over, except for gems, crystals, runes, decals, certain stockables, and ancient scrolls between 11 and 30. Wildcards, trash normal, xcep and elite coupons were carried over.

Notable loots (Exceptional, Elite)

Not yet

Rune grabs (Yellow +)

Not yet

Decal grabs (Dol +)

Not yet

Written entries

10 Jan 2015

Diary came into existance. My wordpress is no more.

Commentary on the diary

Trash/pointless comments will be scrubbed. Your comment must have meaning.

  • cool someone else likes this project and plays it, would be nice to see online server too if possible -- octalgenesis? 01-26-2015 (Mon) 13:22:09

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