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Umm...I like ES? Profile over!

I have at least 1 character of every class, although most are disassembled and retired. Most of my characters are Assassins, why? because she has the highest quality minions. She might not be the best at everything, but she's close enough.

Capturing Video of ES

Settings in case I lose them later.

Cam Studio

video options:
compressor = xvid mpeg4 codec
quality 40
keyframe every 25 fr
capture frame every 80 millisec.
playback rate 25 fps
autoadjust UNchecked

play ES in windowed mode, not full screen

edit down video in VirtualDub, change compression of output to xvid (the default setting is uncompressed!), resave.

Buy/Sell/Trade list

list version 3-2-2011
This is all for Softcore. To trade, please private message me on the Phrozen Keep.

Currency (always accepted and can always be bought): Anvil Stones, Cookbooks/Elixirs, Perfect Gems/6 packs, D-Stones, Devil's Foods

My Wants:

Rare/Crafted Ring with both of:
1. +1 Assassin skills and +2 MA, OR +1 Assassin skills and +2 SD
2. +10-12 Battle Orders

Assassin staffmod large charms with TWO staffmods on a single charm. I've got enough single mod charms right now, thanks to everyone! The next step is to consolidate them if I can. I am looking for almost any staffmod, the "no" list is pretty small.

My haves:

Notable high end stuff, prefer to trade for either similarly expensive stuff or larger currencies like Maples
all Purple Runes except Null, all higher Decals
some lvl 75 class unique amulets
some lvl 75 class unique rings
8x Vlad Tepe's Sustenance
8x Unknown Hero
2x Something Wicked

Everything else
crystals - a quick 1:1 crystal swap is nice and easy for most types

All Ancient Scrolls.

All regular runes, and all decals.

MF and GF charms
staffmod large charms for all classes
skill tree grand charms for all classes and trees

magic and rare +1 class skill jewels, all classes
Lots of +% elemental skill damage/-% elemental resist/summon melee damage jewels
stat/lvl jewels
all unique jewels, sescheronya's sparks will be most expensive as I use a ton of them on and off

Nearly all sets and uniques, unique stones

Lower lvl 40 Unique Charms: multiples of all

Magic Items:

  • +15-16 might gloves
  • +12 Annihilation Gloves
  • +2 Martial arts/+12 Annihilation gloves
  • +2 bow skill/+16 Might gloves
  • +8 pierce gloves

Rare items of a large variety, some of them:
9 non-ethereal dualmax weapons
lots of rare gloves with offensive oskills
Faceguard: +3 Cold Skills, +15% FCR, +8%max/+25%all shielding, +199%EDef, DR 24
Belts: At least 4 Shielding belts with extras such as life/mana, 2 sockets
Grapnel: +474%ED, +50 max, cold damage, ethereal and self-repair
diadem: lvl 7 Meditation aura, +3 Elemental Skills, +3%max/+15%all shielding, another 25% cold resist, +27 STR, +100%EDef
Crafted coronet: +3 Bow skills, +3 cold mastery, +7% life leech, Resist all 15%, DR 14
Coronet: +1 combat skills, +2 Paladin skills, +3 Fire mastery, +185%EDef, +68 life, +6%max/+37%all shielding

superior/unsocketed/socketed/non-ethereal/ethereal items for runewords and imbuing.
Weapons - Impalers, Ancient Bows, oddyseus xbows, elite Staves, Hellfire and Death Blades, Viking and Slayer Axes, Titan Mauls, Military Hammers, Jeweled Edges, Katanas, elite claws...
Armor - Archaic, Ceremonial, Sylvan Chain, Archmage Plate, etc...
helms - Dwarven helms, ethereal/titania crowns, royal crowns, diadems
other armor - Royal Guards, Phase Boots, Herculean Wraps, Imperial and Ceremonial Shields, pally shields

Rerollable ethereal rare elites

In general, my non-Assassin characters are lower priority so I would likely go for trading my non-Sin equipment for Sin equipment, even if my stuff is currently equipped.

Items for FREE:

If you're new to the forum, starting out, looking for something small, blew all your gold from the last 3 weeks and ended up empty-handed, had a HD crash and lost everything, or it's your birthday, etc... Basically if a little (or big) helping hand will increase your enjoyment of ES, send me a PM, and I'll see what I can do.

Character List

Character notes

Active characters

Ibuki - lvl 96 Impaler wielding Iaigiri/Dragon Blade Assassin
PandaCookie - lvl 99 Shuriken Assassin
Chun_Li - lvl 94 Cold Trap and Dragon Talon kicker Assassin
Razia - lvl 97 Trapper Assassin, Hell special levels treasure finder
Ayumi - lvl 96 Tiger Strike/Dragon Tail Assassin

My Diary


XMas Gift Raffles:


I just finished the crappiest run of bad luck I've ever had I think. Yesterday I grabbed all my Craftsman Zon's crafted rings from her stash and cubed with AS6, didn't get a single Dfuzzz's Fingerguard.

But that's nothing compared to...D Clone. My stocker started at over 590 devil's food points, and now its at 362. Between yesterday and today that totals about 45 kills of D. Clone. I got ZERO Unique charms, it's like boss running on bnet all over again! There's no telling how long this streak will last, so I quit. On to something else...

...hmm...well I tried something else. Tried beating Nihlathak Quest on /p 8 with Ayumi. The Wyvern Tornadoes were too much for Ayumi's glass cannon and low leech build, so she goes down for her first death. Rats! I didn't realize the Tornadoes were that powerful, the death happened against a lone minion Wyvern whose Tornadoes severely outraced the life gain of a Super Red potion. Guess I better stuff her belt with full purples.


I think I won the prize for crappiest Rune Jackpot in Hell. Eldritch gave me I, N, Yo, Ya, Tsu. Ouch. On the other hand, I leveled Ibuki to 96, and PandaCookie to 99, so today was a good day. I also found a +13% ED ancient bow so I got to strike that off my wants list. Rune drops seem to have dried up, I don't remember getting any high runes for a long long time.


I've been leveling Ayumi today, she is about halfway to 96. The 3 Act 5 lava areas are her new hangout, TS/DTail is perfectly suited to these areas. Nihlathak Clone packs are the best, one charged kick and the whole group falls apart in a fountain of items. She found a few Unique Charms for more Maples, but overall her luck isn't that great apparently.


I spent some time today "fortifying" my Dragon Tail kicker to prepare for the final parts of Hell. It's proving to be quite a challenge. So far her resistances range from around 30-60%, and life is just under 3.5k. Those numbers are pretty weak obviously and I need to shore those up massively. Her attack damage is looking pretty good though, about a 750k kick. The Rogue is doing well, in fact most of her needs are covered so I think her belt is basically open to anything right now.


Had a short and sweet shopping session today. Picked up a couple of dirt cheap gloves: +3 Martial Arts/+3 Tiger Strike (Dragon Tail hello!), and a +2 Bow skill/+16 Might. Score! I am currently playing around with the idea of a pack of Fire Archer Sins.


Just noticed tonight that Planet's Veneration and Krakerag's Rage have no overlap! Not only can my Barb wear both sets, but the Krakerag's even has 8 open sockets! In my rush to get him into high gear for eventual gold finding, this setup is going to speed him along. Two midlevel sets with 8x rare barbarian skill jewels...normal Act 5 is getting thrashed!


I just completed the Nihlathak Quest with Razia. I want her to eventually be able to gather up nice loot from the toughest areas, so this was her test. Overall it was not too bad. Fatalstorm was a problem, with 3k life/5k mana and energy shield she was getting walloped by their attacks and they didn't give up the chase either. Eventually they settled on the Shadow Warriors to my relief and they were defeated. The Merc died at the end, though it is my fault. He and Fatalstorm were both dropping down to their last slivers of life, and I stopped potioning him to see who died first hehe. Unfortunately for me, it was the Merc by a split second. Metalspark also killed the Merc once, nearly twice as he went red again on his return. Lava Sentry was instrumental here, once I was brave enough to stand my ground. Static Field kills Energy Shield like nothing else.

Nihlathak was easy. Long range Lightning Sentry followed up with Death Sentries did substantial damage, and the Shadows made relatively short work of the clones. The real Nihlathak fled towards Magmajuggler, and where he was caught and killed. Final tally is 2 Merc deaths, and 0 Shadow deaths in the Domain itself. It was a success, but it also highlighted her trouble against the big 2 bosses.


I completely emptied out my Stocker on Devil's Foods tonight. Didn't have as much luck as last time. This time I spent far more Devil's Foods, I got a Vlad Tepes, 2x Deviant Cells, and a Yello Jello. Not so great but the Vlad Tepes makes it worthwhile. I also picked up a few ores, random skill charms, and most of all an Assailant's Small Charm. This is only the third Assailant's SC in my possession, so it's a welcome find. I later cubed a very high end Yagul's Bloody Rage Druidic Necklace with AS #6, after about 7 tries. 20 to attributes, 49% resist all, and 50% MF! Originally I was using AS#6 for aura stone fodder, but there is no way I'll waste this amulet for that. After cubing some more junk unique jewelry, the multistocker is back to a relatively healthy 91 devil's food points.


Just finished an AMAZING group of D.Clone runs. Well, the beginning is the amazing part. In chronological order:

Perfect Cell SC
Lothar's Will LC
Unknown Hero GC
Unknown Hero GC
rare GC
Perfect Cell SC
LC + Ore (1 Frozen Soul, 3 Bleeding Stones, 1 Dark Azurite)
Lothar's Will GC + Laria's Licentious Lament jewel
rare LC (+0.125 max/clvl, +1 petrify, +1 lightning arrow)
GC (+1 combat skills, barb)
rare GC

plus 4 uniques and 10 sets, and other stuff

The beginning is just ridiculous. 4 out of the first 6 kills resulted in Unique Charms, including back to back Unknown Hero Charms!!! I kept going just to see how long this streak was, but it petered out after the 6th Unique Charm. Still...what a huge haul for 26 Devil's Foods! I also added another empty ore to my lvl 99 ore collection hehe.


Just killed off /p 8 Hell Baal for the quest with Ayumi, she is now a Butcher at lvl 92. Dragon Tail seems to have some serious problems hitting bosses, thankfully I did not die. She just seems to kick and kick and kick, and can't hit a massive target like Diablo until several tries later. I don't know if his blocking is that efficient or what. The Defensive Barb went down against the Mephistos, and he got insta-killed another 2 or 3 times since he came back to the battle without Battle Orders. That's one thing I hate about those guys, once they drop the first time it's tough to keep them from dying all over again.

Ayumi herself did okay though, despite going melee against /p 8 bosses with less than 3k life. She is unbelievably fragile, but the pain she receives is returned with a vengeance once she unleashes Dragon Tail.

I am considering whether a Fire Rogue Merc might be a better way to go. Right now I use France gemword's oskill lvl 29 Inner Sight with a lvl 20 Conviction Aura. Alternatively, I can use the Rogue. She can proc Inner Sight and Amp a lot more reliably than either the Barb or the Sin, and I can use Archdimeron for oskill Conviction which should beat the lvl 20 Aurora one I currently have. What's missing is the Battle Orders though, I need to get that somewhere for this plan to work as I don't even have 2k life without it.


Had a luckless night. 19x shots at the D. Clone, resulting in 18x magic charms and 1x rare large charm. A painful waste of time. Only semi-worthwhile keeper was a Striker's small charm, and one ore with 3x Bleeding Stones and a Solid Mercury. 2x runs each of Cow Level and Lost Farm didn't yield much either, a Spired Helm II decal which was enough to make the helm, a Re Rune, Gul Decal, Smifff Stone, and lots of stocker/can stuff. Otherwise I spent some time merging some parts of Jinx's personal stash back into the main shared stash.


Advanced a little more with my Tiger Strike and Dragon Tail Sin. Low life and low resistances give her some very scary moments especially against hiddens and harpies, but she packs a mighty kick that makes it worth it. There were several times she killed 2 combined boss packs in a single fully charged kick. She also came across a cool jackpot:
Okay maybe not THAT cool, but a Zod is a Zod.


I decided to try the Conviction Merc over the Defensive Barb on my trapper. I am sure he is a lot weaker, but the immune breaking has improved by leaps and bounds. The previous lvl 16 Conviction and lvl 8 Lower Resist is now lvl ~20 Conviction I think, with lvl 23 Lower Resist. The previously unbroken LI cows and FI Imps are now broken by LR alone, Conviction on top now is a virtual death sentence. Plus, the Conviction Merc has Holy Freeze now from his weapon. The only bad part is my Assassin now adds Battle Orders and Lower Resist to her hotkeys, she has a ton of hotkeys...

Drops were amazing tonight. In one game I got a Cham Decal in the Cow Level, and then a Ber Decal in the Lost Farm. In a later game a Sur Decal dropped. BIG haul. Also picked up a +1 all skills jewel, Tasselhoff's Armor, and made a Mistress' Leather Collar which I turned into a Blue Aura Stone. All in all, a good night and so far I am liking my new Merc.


Did some more runs with the Trapper. Gold hit 406 million, found a few cool things like a Jah Decal, +1 all skill/18% IAS jewel, 5% resist all small charm, and a Dracula's Wit.


Just did one pass through /p 8 cow/LF levels. Found a magic jewel with +1 Amazon skills and shielding! Also picked up a Nu Rune. Those two items alone are quite a haul in addition to the usual uniques and stuff, so I'm happy.


So Jinx has reached the point of no return, Anya's Portal. Her Merc will be losing the tried and true Merc Set for crap like this:
What a loss, ouch!

Jinx bumped into a whole army of Cyclops packs in Act 5. The screenshot shows only 2 of them, but there was a 3rd pack just above the pack on the other side of that wall that I found out about shortly later. Huge Experience!


Jinx is off the ground for the Random Tourney. She had a rough start but she blossomed into something fierce once her spells started leveling up. Lightning and Blizzard are both at her disposal, as well as a level 4 Static Field. She just reached Act 2, finishing Andy on /p 8. Unfortunately the Rogue has died twice already, a pretty disastrous omen for her future.


Current MF/GF: 788%/1052%

I haven't used traps in a long time, I forgot how intense they can be. I try to keep most of the action on the edge of the screen because it gets really crazy if it's all onscreen at once. Razia is currently tearing up both Cow Levels on /p 8, and every single battle is a flurry of Sentry Traps and Shock Webs, alongside Fists of Fire, topped off with mass Death Sentry. She leaves nothing but a trail of discarded traps, and lots of corpses and exploded corpses in her wake. Gold piles are ranging between 10k-25k, not bad. One run tonight yielded both a Su and He Rune, and my shared stash is now just a couple of 100k's away from reaching 350 million gold.


The trapper did one run of Cow level at /p 6. Among other things like an ethereal Archaic Armor, she found this beauty:


Equipped an Assassin with my GF/MF trapper experiment. She has crud stats since it's only a partial setup (I didn't even give her any jewels for sockets, her Veterans charm is empty), but I think it will work once fully underway. With her skeleton setup LS is only reaching 36k max. That should skyrocket once jewels, forgings, and D-stoning on her claws comes into play. She has almost 1000% MF and 900% GF with a setup that is just slightly short of being for full combat. One little problem I overlooked was the demand for hotkeys. I don't even have all staffmods I need yet, but it's looking like she will be one of my most hotkey demanding characters. Controlling the Warriors and selecting the right traps at the same time will be quite challenging.

F1-4 FoF, CoT, BoI, PS for Shadow Warrior control
F5-8 for LS, LavS, Shock Web, and Death Sentry
F9 and up for at least Shade Armor and Shadow Warrior. Venom and Blade Shield are maybe's and would push her keys to the limit.
Weapon switch for Energy Shield.


Made a decent craft for use later with the trapper Sin I'm planning.

I burned off maybe 2 dozen or so Devil's Foods, to grab some exp for my Shuriken Sin and hopefully score some charms. The haul:

  • Tons of assorted sets and uniques, nothing remarkable except a Borik's jackpot.
  • One Ore, with 7 chipped crystals
  • 2 Perfect Cells (best being 4%L/5%M, other 3/3), one Lothar's Will with good stats, and a 7% Yello Jello. Only notable non-unique charm is a +1 Lightning Sentry large charm, bleh...

I'm not sure how much those battles pushed her towards 99, but 4 Unique charms is not bad, even though they're all the lower kind. Amp Damage made a big difference, making D. Clone drop maybe 5-10 times as fast, no joke! Unfortunately the Rogue sometimes doesn't proc it for a long time, and I'm not wearing Sorrow for these battles. In those cases he went down very slowly no matter what the "number" says in the LCS.


First entry: Decided to try a /p 8 Nihlathak Run with my partially completed Samurai Sin.

She did okay, surprisingly the biggest troublespot by far was Nikirtana. I don't know what it was, but she hit a wall of Snakes, Tatarashi's, Barbs, Shriekers, and Evil Eyes at that one spot and could not bust through. The War Cry and Molten Boulder's probably wrecked her minions. The Merc and all 3 Shadows died, she chugged 4 pots and retreated to regroup. A two-hit Dragon Blade is nice but there were far too many very angry targets for it to handle alone. I think the War Cries messed up her casting also, it took 4-5 tries just to land a single Decrepify curse.

She cleared them out the second approach, but the ferocity of the battle was a surprise. I have to debate keeping the Might Merc or not, my self-supplied Battle Orders is only lvl 14 while a Defensive Barb would be much higher. He may be able to work once fully equipped, we will see...

foolish moment of the day:
Attempting to jump right in and knock out Nihlathak right at the beginning of the battle. I survived, the Merc was in the yellow, and one Shadow was left in the red. Dragon Flight is probably not a good idea!


  • Hi! i just came across your diary by accident and discovered i have the assa ring you need: +1Assa/+2MA/+12BO/29Strength/10%mf. although i've been playing ES for quite some time i'm completely new here..,.i have absolutely no idea how trading in ES is done and am not registered on Phrozen Keep ( if u are there too). -- Lanzi? 02-03-2012 (Fri) 11:57:59
  • big thanks for what i just read here :D -- drolnomed? 02-03-2012 (Fri) 01:04:12
  • How do I get images to show like in your diary? On mine they just post links to the image which is not whatI want. -- stingray? 07-06-2009 (Mon) 17:24:43
  • pacific, i was busy playing through a really long nihlathak run. Either that or I was still at work and didn't even make it home yet. -- Blinn? 07-06-2009 (Mon) 07:54:18
  • What time zone are you in? I want to pm you for a trade but you weren't on. ( Probably since its 11:30 pm for me =p. ) -- stingray? 07-06-2009 (Mon) 03:27:57
  • Hello, I am new to the wiki, but not eastern sun. I just wanted to let people know that if anyone EVER needs a gem or set/unique I can get it no problem for free. Since i got about 1 trill in shared gold from constant cow running on my goldfind char. So I can give you anything buyable :p -- stingray? 07-01-2009 (Wed) 21:26:39
  • Hey does anyone still play es? gettin bored of single -- Blitzkreig? 03-13-2009 (Fri) 03:27:43
  • Hey you still play ES? I'm looking for ppl to play with cause just single gets so lonely after a while. lol -- Lancelot? 03-06-2009 (Fri) 17:50:40
  • Send me a PM on the phrozen keep, I'll see what I have. -- Blinn? 12-05-2008 (Fri) 00:53:58
  • Blinn, I have many Sa runes. I'm interested in; 2 Sa runes for 1 of every ancient scroll (or more Sa's if you prefer, i must have 40), Sa's for +Paladin Skill Levels, Charms with +1 CS(Pal)/CB or +1 CS/ED Charms also... Skill Smite or Holy Shield lc's with CB. Also, Hero GC's with +strength and increase life/mana % charms. (and the usual +skill, class or all jewels). I also have Purple Runes as well (3 or 4 of most; only 1 Su) and a magic +MA gc. -- Will? 12-04-2008 (Thu) 09:48:18
  • wow you're so lucky... anyway post some info about raiza when you have the time... i'm curious about trapper version of GF -- ultimategrayfox? 07-26-2008 (Sat) 12:02:26
  • I'm using a mix of frenzy and warcry. I only have 1 Double Strike Charm which I cant wear yet, so frenzy will do. i just use war cry for very large groups of monsters that i dont even want to wait for frenzy to kill. -- Blinn? 07-21-2008 (Mon) 18:45:29
  • Nice on the two sets. Metro made a believer out of me with the Planet's set during the Rogue tourny. NM should be pretty easy with that setup too. Are you using Warcry as your main attack yet, or still on Double Swing? -- Dapaba? 07-21-2008 (Mon) 11:05:08
  • That's good to know, oh well. I should probably take it off my list anyway, I don't think I'm going to be using that build. -- Blinn? 07-04-2008 (Fri) 22:53:34
  • About that CtC weapon you've been looking for...I looked in MagicSuffix.txt, and it turns out that Immolation is in Group 49, the same group as Meteor, Blizzard, Amplify Damage, and Ice Bolt. So you won't be able to get Immo/Meteor or Immo/Blizzard. Any other CtC combination with Immolation is possible, however, so you could get Immo/Frozen Orb. -- Verbatim? 07-04-2008 (Fri) 22:45:22
  • The weapon for your Dtail/Tstrike Sin imo could be swapped into Famine unique dagger or Mordenkainen's Dagger unique dagger, the first one is a must lvl 25 decrepify is the shit, dmg reduction plus life and mana leech omg -- Xc0n? 07-04-2008 (Fri) 22:02:13
  • The weapon for your Dtail/Tstrike Sin imo could be swapped into Famine unique dagger or Mordenkainen's Dagger unique dagger, the first one is a must lvl 25 decrepify is the shit, dmg reduction plus life and mana leech omg -- Xc0n? 07-04-2008 (Fri) 22:00:55
  • about the boots of your kicker: rare gloves with +3 martial arts and maybe might oskill transformed into boots. Just reroll Royal Guards. -- goeido 06-29-2008 (Sun) 11:53:43
  • On the barbarian: Note that Ancient's Call works at full strength even over 100% resistance. So it might do a LARGE difference, though I'm not sure how. -- SajberHippien? 06-16-2008 (Mon) 18:22:24
  • I love that Cyclops shot, Blinn. Class_Cutup had the same run-in with gobs of Cyclops packs yesterday. Usually there might be one in an area, but I'm guessing between the Frigid Highlands and the Arreat Plataeu there were 10 packs! -- Metro? 05-03-2008 (Sat) 17:31:42
  • I picked the Defensive because of the Battle Orders and Shout. I won't have my own BO, and this is going to be an ENR character running in the highest level areas. I need the Shadow Warriors to tank for me, so hopefully the Barb will keep them all healthy. Resistance lowering will be slightly weaker than the Offensive Barb, but I think it will be worth it. -- Blinn? 04-25-2008 (Fri) 23:33:54
  • i just saw you want a defensive merc, with a caste id go for offensive for ancients call. -- goeido 04-25-2008 (Fri) 22:50:30
  • I think it will work. You may still need some jewels to help reduce the resitance of the monsters. Hopefully you can break dual fire and lightning immunes with Conviction and LR. Gold Scarab might work great on the merc and get an Unknown armor. -- Hans? 04-25-2008 (Fri) 22:16:09
  • I've got it already. Both Work of God and the Gold Scarab are sitting with my Holy Shock Paladin. He will be inactivated once I start up this project. -- Blinn? 04-25-2008 (Fri) 22:00:21
  • You will need to get the kanji rune for the "Work of God", unless you scrounged up the crystals from your other characters. -- Hans? 04-25-2008 (Fri) 21:47:38
  • Yea I'm not sure on that, I haven't used traps enough. With lvl 16 Conviction and some Lower Resist from the Merc, hopefully it will do something. -- Blinn? 04-25-2008 (Fri) 21:44:20
  • I do not know if Lava Sentry and LS do enough damage at high players settings with out gear dedicated to a caaster build. -- Hans? 04-25-2008 (Fri) 21:35:28
  • I hope my goldfinder will be able to do the naraku levels with 3500 goldfind when her equip is perfected. 3k life is already decent, the main weakness seems to be the merc (which has 7k life but sometimes gets killed by the 3 mephistos on baalruns). -- goeido 04-25-2008 (Fri) 21:35:04
  • I'm just wondering if it's possible to go through the Naraku/Nihlathak levels with some significant GF. Not 3000% or anything, but 2x Master Keys and a Gold Scarab should make the runs pretty profitable if she can do them. She will be equipped for fighting, it's just that she will also "happen" to have some equipment with lots of gold find. Close to 800-1000%GF would be more than enough to make me happy, I think that is attainable with full combat gear. And yea, I just threw the stuff on this page, I will organize it properly another time. -- Blinn? 04-25-2008 (Fri) 21:26:04
  • I would not go with a semi gold finder unless it is for a tourney character that will require some farming. -- Hans? 04-25-2008 (Fri) 21:22:39
  • maybe make some new headings "tourney chars" "active chars" with hall of fame links... but completing these diary pages will take some time, Im not satisfied yet with mine either (but at least my comments link to my page) -- goeido 04-25-2008 (Fri) 21:21:11
  • I wouldnt bother with semi-goldfinders, either make a real goldfinder or a killer trap assassin... goldfind and caster is a bad combination for high levels because sockets and forgings are either goldfind or +skills. If You want to go 2 ways for elemental damage, just make a pure trapper and use the runeword armor with the 2 elemental masteries and give the scarab runeword to the merc. The jewelry slots will be free for Uber crafts or rares with high skill boosts then. -- goeido 04-25-2008 (Fri) 21:18:41
  • guess it got lost during the page renaming. -- Blinn? 04-24-2008 (Thu) 20:04:55
  • Your Nihlathak picture didn't upload fyi -- AdmiralCrackbar? 04-24-2008 (Thu) 17:45:19

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