Contrail's Diary


Coming eventually. Maybe.

Current Tournament Characters

  • The Cow King's Wealth-O-Rama: MagicMower, Barbarian, level 57, Berserk Fury Thrower
  • 2nd Craftsman Tournament: CastIron, Druid, level 33, Elemental Form/Iron Claw
  • A VERY Random Tournament: StoneViper, Amazon, level 28, Viper Bite Spearazon
    • Assignment
      • Class: Amazon
      • Skills: Petrify, Viper Bite, Valkyrie
      • Merc: Desert Merc (Combat)
      • Stats: VIT, ENE
      • Char Equipment:
        weapon - set
        belt - unique
        boots - crafted
        helm - unique
        ring 1 - crafted
      • Merc Equipment:
        ring 2 - rare 
        belt - runeword 
        gloves - crafted 
        torso - rare 
        boots - crafted 

Diary Entries


For the past few days I've been playing my Random tournament character, StoneViper. I certainly wouldn't have chosen Petrify or Viper Bite myself, but Petrify came in handy early on to avoid getting mobbed by boss packs, and should be helpful in Act 3 to keep those annoying Flayers from running out of spear reach so easily. I usually avoid poison skills altogether because I'm not interested in standing around waiting for the monsters to die, but Viper Bite at least does physical damage as well and the missles usually all hit one target, doing serious damage to it. She hasn't been having any trouble going through on /players 5.

I'm probably going to keep the Defiance version of the Desert Combat merc, since Might won't increase Viper Bite's damage and Conviction doesn't lower poison resistance. Extra defense is always good, and Sway gets a significant synergy from Petrify (+300% to the flat AC bonus Sway gives if Petrify is maxed out) so StoneViper may well end up with a large defense total.

I've been putting points into Energy and Vitality every level for the bonus points, but mainly been working on getting her Strength up to where I want it to be. Then I'll work on her Dexterity until I think it's high enough. After that I'll probably go 4:1 or 3:2 Vitality:Energy.

There's two randomly selected equipment assignments I'm planning on ignoring (and taking the point loss for doing so); The unique helm assignment for my character, so she can wear the full Milea's set, and the rare torso assignment for my merc so that he can continue to wear his full merc's set for a while.


CastIron has made it to Lower Kurast in Act 3. No difficulties so far other than navigating my way through the stupid jungle areas. I'll probably stop his progress here for a little bit to play StoneViper, my Random Tourney character, since that tournament is about to start.

Life Total in Elemental Form: 1361
Iron Claw Damage in Elemental Form: 170-1169


CastIron has finished Act 2. The only things to really give him trouble were the snakes (due to their knockback) and the undead rezzing guys because they keep on bringing back unleechable skeletons.

Life Total in Elemental Form: 1273
Iron Claw Damage in Elemental Form: 159-1097


Got CastIron, my third Craftsman 2 character, through the rest of Act 1 Normal on /players 5 and finished the Radament quest as well. He's very close to hitting level 26. I made 3 pieces of skill tab jewelry during this session, which are giving CastIron a total of +6 to Shape Shifting skills. It's been fun to pretty much just power through everything so far. I'm not planning to start crafting until after I've finished Normal difficulty, which neither of my previous Craftsman 2 characters managed. But CastIron is a much sturdier character than the previous two, so I think he's got a good chance of making it as long as I don't do anything stupid.

I think I'll keep running totals of CastIron's life and damage, just to see how high they end up getting.

Life Total in Elemental Form: 975
Iron Claw Damage in Elemental Form: 149-750


  • Good Luck with CastIron. He should get you very far in the tourney. -- Hans? 04-25-2008 (Fri) 18:46:23

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