Dapaba's Diary

Some Random Stuff.

  • Hello and welcome to my page.
  • Dapaba was created by joining the first 2 letters of each of my names. Not very exciting but it works.
  • I'm creating this page primarily to plan and execute the building of a Goldfind Barbarian that can take on Hell Naraku and the Domain at /p8 with top GF/MF gear...not just take on, but dominate. I had one about halfway complete when my harddrive crashed and everything ES was lost, so I'm on a mission now.
  • I will also make entries for planning tournament characters, etc.
  • Feel free to post comments, suggestions, questions, or just anything that comes to mind.

My GF/MF Barb - Fred is born

This is my long term ES project. I'll probably never complete it, but it'll be something to go back to in between tournys, and I just plain enjoy playing a 'Singer'. It isn't the most powerful build when decked out in Gold Find gear, but with enough resources, will be able to rule Hell, and with Find Item can rake in a ton of gold very quickly.


  • Only one rule: you die, you start over. Because I don't like playing 'dead' characters, this is a must for me. The gear, of course, will be passed on to the next generation to grow into.


*Short Term

  • Get ready for Hell. Endgame gear in place and forged/dstoned up to level.
  • Get oskill Teleport, Dim Vision. Try for +4 Warcries with Oak Sage, Fade or Chilling/Shock Armor on rings.
  • Concentrate on max resists, magic damage on weapons, max life, cast rate, DR and defense, in that order.
  • Get merc ready for Hell. Resists, life leech, IAS, max life, crushing blow.

*Long Term

  • Weapons maxed for magic/wind damage.
  • All gear forged/dstoned for max Gold Find, and max life %.
  • FCR to 7 frames (200), FHR to 3 frames (200)
  • Enough resists and DR% to stay maxed when cursed.
  • As much absorbs as possible (especially lightning).
  • 14 GC of the collector (socketed).
  • All gear tinkered for life regen (jawbones).
  • All jewels 40%GF, forged with Ra runes.
  • Reach level 100

The Build

Well, with no tourny restrictions, and the ability to reset hard points, my build will fluctuate according to two things. 1) Warcry damage. The more damage I can dstone onto my weapons, the less hard points in synergies I will need. 2) Charms. Eventually I will replace the unique and large skill charms I'm using with 'of the Collector' charms, which will force me to put hard points into one-pointers. This is my build as of now:

  • 20pts in Warcry
  • 25pts in Battle Cry
  • 30pts in Howl
  • 20pts in Taunt (so far)
  • 1pt in Ancients Call
  • 1pt in Double Swing
  • 1pt (charms/staffmods) each in Shout, BO, BC, Find Treasure, LotA, SofA, VotA, Iron Skin, Natural Resistance, and CCM.

The Gear

  • Still working it out.

Some Stats

  • All stat points into energy and dstoning both weapons with + magic damage give me +145%MSD and +70%WSD at level 83. This translates into ~7k Warcry damage.
  • 105FCR (8frames), 24% DR (merc gear + some gemmelding), 30%FHR (not good).
  • 570% max life = almost 7k life(BO and temp. OS), 1410% mana regen (meditation merc).
  • +2625% GF and +965% MF
    This is good enough for NM, but I'll need a lot more damage and life to tackle Hell.

My Tournaments

Ultra-Rare Collectors Tournament

  • I've started a Golemancer for this tourny, and he's currently sitting in act 1 NM. Using rares only is tough, and not being able to buy gems means I'm still using low runes as forgings in NM.
  • I changed my usual build plan and maxed Golem Mastery first. Will wind up with maxed Blood, Metal, and Fire golems, with the leftover points in Clay golem. I haven't decided on which merc to use in Hell, but I'm leaning towards an act 3 sorc, as the defensive barb is going to be really tough to keep alive with this ruleset. I'll wait on that until I see what Oskills I come up with.

Game Face #2 — Druids vs. Necros (Summoners’ Golf Outing)

  • Metro just posted the ruleset for this, and I won't know which team I'll be on until tourny start. I'm doing a skill/score comparison in my Temporary slot below.
  • Survived this tourny until the end, which surprised me, and wound up posting a decent score for the team. Had great luck with gambling and unique charms, but very poor luck getting rings and ancient scrolls.
  • The vines AI were very annoying; they'd wander off the screen and even into adjacent rooms, which made Hell a very dangerous place.
  • Posted my final gear screenies on my album here: http://phrozenkeep.planetdiablo.gamespy.com/forum/album_page.php?pic_id=3059

2nd Craftsman Tourny

  • I've started another entry for this tourny. I never crafted before trying ES, but I'm loving it. My previous entry (Amazon), was level 88 and just starting to craft high-end gear when my HDD crashed.
  • My plan is to make a Concentrate/Berserk Barb for the tourny and switch him over to a Warcry Barb after the tourny is over. I'll go with the Fanaticism Act 2 merc when I get to Hell; in the meantime, I'll stick to the Defiance one I have now.
  • I'm trying for Blood crafting everything for myself and my merc (except jewelry) by the end of Norm, then work on forging everything by the end of NM. Hopefully by the time it gets difficult in Hell, I will have endgame crafts done and be able to dstone them.
  • Well, my Barb (and this tourny) ended badly when some Spearcats(?) took Rufus down in the HotD in Hell. I was going to recycle him after the tourny, but now that he's died, I don't want to play him anymore, so I'll start from scratch.

Kashya’s Summer Rogue Training Camp

  • I didn't do any real skill/gear planning for this one, and it cost me with some early merc deaths.
  • Still have a shot a first place though...until others catch up anyway.

A VERY Random Tournament

  • My first attempt (Necromancer) got wiped out when my HDD crashed, but I was doing great. My second attempt (Assassin) I retired at level 95. She was the first Assassin I ever played, and my lack of knowledge and planning made her a strain to play. Still, she didn't die at all, which made me happy.

April Fool's Limbo Contest

  • I failed miserably at this tourny. Got stuck in the kill stuff/vacuum gold and gear/gamble loop and never did get the gear I'd planned on. Finally gave up at level 25 when I was still in act 3. Reading the after-tourny reports was great, and I might do better if this tourny comes around again.



  • Spent the last little while crafting/gambling for rings...with no luck. Over 250 crafts and more than 50 million gold spent gambling and the best I've come up with is +3 warcrys with Fade on it. Did manage to get a bit more magic damage mapled onto one of my weapons, but most resources are going to rings.
  • I'm a bit frustrated by this, so I've parked Fred for the moment and am checking out some other mods that look interesting. I'll get back to him later on.


  • Changed my gear around quite a bit, as killing was really slow in the NM DMC. Picked up a bunch of skills, lost some GF, emptied my Maple stocker into one of my Dire Flails and my Goldark's boots, so I'm now sitting at ~6700 Warcry damage, ~2600GF, and about 6700 life after BO and OS. That's good enough for most of NM (not the Domain), but won't even dent the act bosses in Hell.
  • All resources are still going to jewelry. Finally got a +1Barb/+3Warcries with teleport charges ammy gambled, so now I'm concentrating on rings. This is really holding up progress, as I can't plan the rest of my gear without knowing what will come up on jewelry. I'm about 90 resists short on everything except cold as it is now.


  • Got a good start on my GF barb. He's finished NM now, has ~2700GF and his warcry does a little over 4k total damage. That's barely enough to kill at /p8 in NM, so there's a lot of work to be done before he can hunt in Hell. All his gold is being spent on jewelry right now.


  • Updated my tournys above. Back to playing my Craftsman barb, who is going through act 2 NM. He's a time bomb waiting though...I just can't seem to keep a melee character alive in ES.


  • First entry. Busy planning for the Summoner tourny, but managed to get a few levels with Rufus (my Craftman barb).


Some of the things I need for my GF barb.

  • Rings with at least +4 warcrys skills (any mix is fine) and one of the following oskills: Oak Sage, Fade, Dim Vision.
  • White elite 4 or no socket barb helm with +3 warcry and +3 LotA staffmods.
  • Magic SCs with .125/clvl extra gold mod (of the collector).


  • huh??? forging is not possible, but dstoning too? if that is true, we must rethink some equip -- ultimategrayfox? 08-01-2008 (Fri) 10:03:03
  • Dstoning/gemmelding GF on armors isn't possible, but you're probably right about the choices...with the extra skills from Gold Scarab adding to LotA, it's a close race even for Barbs. -- Dapaba? 07-29-2008 (Tue) 14:33:53
  • about best GF armor you were right last time i did'nt think dstoning so wealth is 400+175 gold scarab is 400 + 20 LOA... whealth win for 125% . for a barb wealth is better for my sin i'll think choose scarab less GF but more damage and safe -- ultimategrayfox? 07-24-2008 (Thu) 19:35:22
  • i was thining you have choose grand charm because have less GF but is more cheap and easy to find... anyway i have reply your pm -- ultimategrayfox? 07-23-2008 (Wed) 11:28:51
  • Goeido, you are right, and thanks for the headsup. Using SCs nets 1631 GF (after cube, book of tp, augmentor, and keys), whereas max GF for GCs is only 1486. I just assumed it would be more efficient to match the charms to the spaces in inventory, but it isn't. ultimategreyfox, pm on it's way. -- Dapaba? 07-23-2008 (Wed) 01:40:39
  • i have found one collector grand charm if you want it. pm me -- ultimategrayfox? 07-22-2008 (Tue) 17:37:22
  • its better to use socketed magic small of the collector instead of grand charms, they have more goldfind/inventory space. 2 socketed gcs: 202 gf. 3 socketed scs: 231 gf and more jewel prefixes. -- goeido 07-22-2008 (Tue) 06:25:55
  • Well, I mainly play tourneys where gold limit isnt really a factor. I prefer the zon because her killspeed is probably much higher than any singer barb, which effectively will result in more gold per hour. About dstoning/gem melding: GF in jewelry and boots slots, magic or wind skill damage in weapons, which leaves only armor, belt and glove slots for +life or other desired mods. -- goeido 07-19-2008 (Sat) 19:55:13
  • Goeido, that must drive you nuts! The 'zon might be good, but her top end for GF will be much less than a barbs. Good luck with your Singer Blinn. I think you'll have fun. I'll be posting my build goals soon ultimategreyfox. I'm still working out the dstoning/gemmelding. -- Dapaba? 07-18-2008 (Fri) 13:14:06
  • I still prefer my zon for goldfinding... its hard to combine high goldfind with high skill levels. I just wish I could somehow get rid of my bugged install which reverts to the old gold cap, 960k as max in inventory means she has to return to stash 3 or 4 times per cow run. -- goeido 07-18-2008 (Fri) 09:22:22
  • I got bored and started a War Cry Barb last night, to eventually put my Gold Find stuff to eventual use also. Looking forward to seeing how your GF/MF Barb progresses! -- Blinn? 07-18-2008 (Fri) 07:22:55
  • good luck with your barb... post some info in future i want to see your build ^^ -- ultimategrayfox? 07-18-2008 (Fri) 05:01:37
  • Yeah. Whatever you say. I know how sloooow you can play. :) Seriously, though, good luck in the event. -- Metro? 07-12-2008 (Sat) 12:05:33
  • I don't think you have to worry. There's only around a month left to go, and I'm taking this guy real sloooow. -- Dapaba? 07-12-2008 (Sat) 05:20:17
  • Back to playing Craftsman? NOOOO! Hans, you need to email Parabola, Dapaba, and raidenderby a mega virus that will hose their hard drives. I want to win ONE Major before D3 comes out. :) -- Metro? 07-11-2008 (Fri) 17:20:24
  • I think you're right about the revives; I didn't use them much. I should have said the skellies and clay golem would get slaughtered. -- Dapaba? 06-19-2008 (Thu) 03:22:31
  • I haven't used a pure Necro summoner recently, but I can't say I've ever seen revives get slaughtered in hell, even without synergies; the great thing about them is that they're actually much tougher in the late game, because you're reviving tougher monsters. The problem with revives isn't survivability; they're the toughest summons in the game. They just don't deal much in the way of damage. I suppose it doesn't matter much, though, seeing as how you're on the Druid team. -- MetalShadow? 06-18-2008 (Wed) 19:20:07
  • Hehe. Ok, I'll quit kibitzing in the Necro thread. -- Dapaba? 06-18-2008 (Wed) 13:07:02
  • That's an interesting comparison of possible skill points for GF builds. By the way, you have been assigned a team (Druids). -- Metro? 06-18-2008 (Wed) 12:09:51

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