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I'm a longtime Diablo fan who started playing again recently. I started playing Eastern Sun about 4 months ago, and it's grabbed me good. I also play a bit of Median, but only when it's with a friend. Besides ES I play a good amount of DotA on the US West server. I'll be using this as a way to keep track of my different tournament characters, and to post about neat/scary moments in gameplay or fancy drops that I find.

To Do List

  • Get Tynian to a higher level, and make him some new gear. Some of it is woefully outdated. Try and make some useful stuff for his merc as well, his merc can't kill anything in hell currently without it taking a minute or two. Nothing there can kill him, but.. I'd like him to be able to whack a fallen at least.
  • Get some better gear for Moltenraven, figure out where I'm going skillwise as well.
  • Continue to take it slow and careful with Garou, and hopefully get lucky on some jewelry skilltab/crafting.

Current Tournament Characters

  • 2nd Craftsman Tourney
    Tynian, a level 79 Paladin, using a defensive barbarian mercenary. Main skills are Protection from Evil and Holy Bolt, have them up to 50 and 46 respectively.
  • Limbo contest
    Goku, a super saiyan who's power level is over 9000!?!? Once the tournament has ended, a detailed update on how it went will be posted here, with some screenshots to accompany it.
    This tournament is over now, and later when I have more time I will put more about it here.
  • A Very Random Tournament
    Moltenraven is up to level 51 now! Woo!


Fire Claws

Barbarian (Defense)


amulet - rare
belt - gemword
weapon - crafted
ring 2 - rare
gloves - crafted

Merc equipment:
ring 2 - set
amulet - unique
belt - rare
gloves - gemword
weapon - unique

No rerolls, I think I got pretty lucky on my selection of gear and skills/stats.

  • Game Face #2
    Garou is up to level 35, and is doing well. His summoning skills of choice are Raven, Spirit Wolves, and Dire Wolves. He has one pointers in Cow Balloon, Oak Sage, and Summon Water Elemental. Once he finishes up Ravens, Spirit Wolves, and Dire Wolves, the rest of his points are going into Shapeshifting Mastery to give him a huge life and defense boost, as a protective measure in case anything gets past the wolves.

His summoning skills are at 37, 28, and 15 respectively.


This will contain updates about how different characters are doing as I play them. Possibly some screenshots as well if I can figure out how to add pictures.


Played as Tynian today, cleared some special areas then moved on to Act 1 Nightmare. So far everything has been a breeze, I had it on players 8 for a while but since I didn't notice a significant increase in experience I dropped it back down to 1 for now. Cleared to the Outer Cloister, and gained a level on the way. That along with the Den of Evil quest has me one point away from maxing out Protection from Evil.

Made some more crafts, they are as follows:

This was a lucky craft indeed, with the all resists +59 on it. With this, my resists are still at 75 for all four in Nightmare. I don't think this will change for quite some time :).

Nothing too special, but the run/walk is nice, along with the vitality.

The hit recovery and fire armor proc chance are quite nice. The strength, while neat, is being put to waste right now.

New merc gear follows:

Merc boots01.JPG
It may not seem like it, but this is a big jump for my merc. The run/walk is especially appreciated, as it helps him keep up with me.

Merc armor01.JPG
Getting damage and magic damage reduced on here was awesome, those are two of my favorite mods.

Merc gloves01.JPG
Can't go wrong with crushing blow and magic find.


Yesterday and today took Tynian through Acts 1 and 2 of Nightmare, and now he's at the Kurast Bazaar in Act 3. Had a couple close calls in Act 2, so now I'm spending more points into vitality. Health hits 1.4k after battle orders from the merc, which while good could be higher. Couple new crafts, listed below:

Much better than what I was wearing before, and it has my second oskill on it.

Best ring I've rolled up so far, what with +3 to paladin skills on it.

New merc gear follows:

Merc belt01.JPG
Not a bad belt, and the ctc lightning hydra is going to be silly.

Merc helm01.JPG
Not a giant improvement over the previous helm, but the extra armor helps.

Merc armor02.JPG
This is exactly what I look for in armor for him, nice enhanced defense and damage/magic damage reduction.


Started playing my Random Tournament druid, liking him a lot so far. Level 21 at the Inner Cloister, with 7 ravens and 10 spirit wolves :). I haven't played a summoning based character in a while, so this should be a fun change from Tynian and his everpresent blasting of things. Also good practice for the upcoming Game Face tournament!


Whew, been a long time since I've updated this. Quick update on my characters:

Now that the April Fool's Tourney is over, I can mention what I was playing as. I tried using a bone armor necro, with poison slash and killer scythe as his attack skills. I managed to pull it off at level 28 with only 2 deaths. Go me!

In the Craftsman tourney, Tynian is up to level 79 now, in Act I Hell. His gear hasn't changed too much. Nightmare Domain was really scary, but he managed to pull it off. I'm so proud of him :).

In the Random tourney, Moltenraven is at level 51, and is in Act I Nightmare. He's doing alright, but could be doing better. I need to get him more attack rating so that he actually hits with his fire claws, and I need to get him some better gear. Thankfully he can rerun areas, so it won't be too difficult.

In the Game Face #2 tourney, Garou is at level 35, and just finished Act II normal. His summons are sickeningly powerful so far, hopefully they will continue to be so.