Grim's Diary

The Player

I'm 23 years old economics student from Finland. I used to play Diablo 2 back in the day on Bnet during patches 1.08 and 1.09. During that period I was introduced to Eastern Sun, which I played a few months. Can't really remember the version, but it was during 2002 or 2003 i'd assume. If anynone knows which patch was going on then, feel free to enlighten me.
I came back to ES last spring, and I've been playing since then, pretty actively.

Character list

Class/Build - Name - LVL - Status

Amazon/Multi+Guided - KingOfSweden - 99 - Active
Barbarian/Plasma Rain - Gorthaur - 93 - On hold
Assassin/Samurai - Emoninja - 77 - On hold
Paladin/Vengeance+HolyShock - Nagamon - 50 - Semi-active

Future Projects / To-Do list

Top priority:
I'm going to continue my jewel project with my amazon. I'm going to equip GF gear and go level 99->100 on hell cows.
When KingOfSweden reaches level 100, equip her with best available damage gear and go "Hawkman" on her, spending all my maples trying to achieve as high damage on multi/guided as possible.
When resources are spent, I'm going to make a Hall_page and video of her doing all tough fights in ES on /p8, and then put her to rest. Whether I will give out her gear, I haven't decided yet.

Minor priority:
Continue leveling and gearing paladin to see if Holy Shock can reach acceptable damage when fully geared.

Trading List

For Trade:

(I will update this when I have the energy to list everything)

Wanted Items:

50-60%ED + 0.625dex/clvl magic jewels
60-70%ED + any phys dmg mods rare jewels
0.375max dmg/clvl + something magic GCs


Hello Diary

I made you today.

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