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A Brief History

I've played Diablo II extensively since it was released and Diablo before that. It was playing the original Diablo that I was first exposed to mods. Our group screwed around with playing a few and it really caught my interest. The idea of making my own really appealed to me, but I lack the discipline.

I often became quite bored with the run of the mill Diablo characters. My specialty was the Bowazon, which I like to think I've refined into an art. Don't scoff yet, I didn't use DR or poison. If you remember in 1.09 when there was nothing but obnoxious Bowazons with Ith weapons, Shaftstops and .08 Vamp Gazes... I was the lone Amazon prowling the Blood Moore with a Windforce and 160/60 Wire Fleece. Beating the snot out of them and actually looking good, while I was at it. (Does it get any uglier than Shaftstop and Vampgaze? Tal-Rasha's Mask, maybe...).

Korea knows the wrath of Kirre, oh yes.

So, besides that I made a lot of really off-beat characters, my other trademark. I would make things like an Assassin that ran around with two-handed swords and other stuff that made the average gamer scratch their heads. I got bored often and would stop playing, not having the patience for Meph Run after Meph run.

I ran into Eastern Sun some time ago, probably in '06, during one of my Diablo II quasi-retirements. I've come back to it several times, each time absolutely amazed by the depth and quality of the game. It's everything I wanted Diablo II to be in the first place and, frankly, everything it should have been.

I've recently returned to it, bored with everything else in my gaming universe. This is my story.

My Experience.

Disillusion *RIP* - Experimental Necromancer (April 21 - April 25, 2008)

April 25, 2008

Just started the Diary! Woot! Hopefully I won't get lazy about it... then again, hopefully I'll start doing my homework more and playing games less. But that's enough of pipe dreams for now.

I've been playing a few days now, taking full advantage of the ability to reassign my skill points to see what's all there and what I can do. I'm through Normal and have had pretty good success, just running around in all those goofy extra areas to see what I can find. My biggest complaint about Necromancers is that I get bored just standing back and watching the fight, I like to be in the thick of things mixing it up. So, needless to say, I started out loving Killer Scythe.

I focused a lot of my other skills on my summons, letting my +Skill equipment carry my curses. Up to 8 Vampires now!

Then, it was in Bloodraven's Workshop I believe, that I found something that made the whole character come to life. I picked up the Wolf's Claw Military Axe, figuring I'd just identify it and toss it in the stash. But in looking at it I noticed it gave me the ability to transform into a Werewolf and use Feral Rage. I remember back in my old LoD days, making a Feral Rage Druid just to be different.

This turned into an absolute blast. I mean, besides being a Werewolf that summons Vampires to his aid (How cool is that?!?) but I've been storming through unchallenged as of yet, though I've not yet ventured into Nightmare. The tactic I've found to be pretty devastating is to put a few points into confusion to keep the larger packs off your back. Then use either Amp or Lower Resist (for the Vampires) to shave off the closest section. This way, the guys behind them are confused and beating on them, while they're taking extra damage from me.

So far, I've done the Lost Farm and Andariel's Dressing Room like this. By far the biggest challenge I've had was sorting through all the oodles of loot laying around in my wake. We'll see how that turns out against Nilithak and Nightmare difficulty tonight.

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April 25, 2008 - Tragedy! R.I.P. DisIllusion

I found the Private Realm on D2Maniacs and, in attempting to log on, realized my version needed updating.

Due to my own failure to read the install guide here, I lost my characters and all my progress. In my own defense, however, I did check the ReadMe file and didn't see any note of it.

Unfortunate, but I guess that assures I won't be distracted from my new discovery of the D2Maniacs Realm. Maybe I can get Poe to play...

Kirre - Generic Amazon (April 25 - Present) [Current focus]

Monday, April 28 2008

I was forced to go to the cities for the weekend, so I didn't get to spend nearly as much time as I'd hoped on this. So far she's making solid progress along the Javazon route. It was a tough decision, since I can't go back on it at any time like before. But there were some skills I thought looked interesting and I've played the bow game many a time.

She's level 14 at this point. It's so disheartening to start over, especially with such a difficult mod. Progress is steady, but so slow at first it's hard to keep your chin up until you can take down Baal, then it starts getting interesting.

My greatest fear is that I'm going to get bored with the class. It's really not that bad if I do, of course, then it just serves as a jumping off point for my next character. I need to get her to at least act 5, though, so I can get my hands on some of them gambling chits!

I've got the beginnings of an Assassin in the back of my head...

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Wednesday, April 30 2008

WooT! Power leveled like crazy yesterday.

I started leaning towards Plauge Jav, which gets some crazy damage going on. I finished up to Act 5 on my own. I hit thirty and about then started being able to use some of the better equipment other players had graciously given me. I also gave Lightning Fury some points, but it's really not as much fun! Spirit Strike or whatever was a disapointment. Is it bugged or something? It only seems to release the spirits sometimes. For such a high level requirement, I'm pretty disappointed. I think I'll end up maxing out Plague, Jab, Charged Strike or whatever (The Chain Lightning one) and Lightning Fury. Poison, Lightning and Physical should work out.

Anyhow, as I was making my way through the Bloody Foothills, some level 61 Sorc came in and said he was having problems equiping a Merc. I'd read in one of the threads on the forums before that a fresh install fixed that, and even had the problem myself. So I told him, he helped me finish off Shenk and The Ancients and I went back to the grind.

Well, he came back about a half hour later saying it was fixed and he just about dragged me all the way to Act 5 in Nightmare. The hardest part was probably dealing with all the drops. I'm a total scavenger/pack rat so, even though I left a lot of stuff behind, I had to have him wait a few times so I could screw with my rerolls and gems. He was plenty nice about it all and I do appreciate the help, but sometimes I'd rather just be pushing through the old fashioned way.

Anyhow, I started at like 14 and now I'm in the mid-40's now. And haven't even had a chance to scrounge around in all those fun little nooks and crannies set-up for post-Baal.

Random Tourny starts tonight! SO excited! *is a loser*

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Skriaxit - The Approaching Storm

Monday, April 28 2008

I just signed up for the 'VERY Random Tournament', a competition where we make the best out of a random mess character requirements~! Here's a link, dear readers.

And here's what I got! I rerolled the skills, they're posted here just to make sure I confuse myself with them later. ^^;

Skriaxit (NegativeCreep)


Fire Ball
Chain Lightning

  • Shiver Armor
  • Blizzard
  • Lightning Hydra
  • Denotes Rerolled(And therefore Irrelevant)

Eastern Sorcerer (Fire)


equipment:Merc equipment:
boots - Runewordring 2 - unique
helm - Magictorso - rare
Ring - Magicring 1 - crafted
Ammy - Sethelm - gemword
Gloves - Uniqueweapon - crafted

Looks like I got saddled with lightning. I've only played a tiny bit of Sorc on Eastern Sun, so I have no idea what I'm in for! With no tank and the Str/Dex mods, I might be wise to actually play a Melee sorc. I bet there are actually skills that would help, even!

So, I'm off to go look into all that and start scheming. <3

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Love to hear from you kids!

Thursday, May 1 2008

Woot Woot! Started!

Since it started in GMT, I got to start yesterday afternoon. So far it's going really well. They changed the rules, so I don't have to spaz about keeping my stupid Merc alive. I read a guide on building a Lightning Inferno/Time Stop Sorc, which I think I might end up doing. Since Lightning Inferno is synergetic with Lightning and Chain Lightning, I'll get solid damage out of it. Plus it also deals physical damage, in addition to lightning. Between that, Fireball and my other lightning skills I should be able to handle most threats except for the occasional triple immune.

I got lucky on the bow and gloves for the Arctic Set dropping, so I'm dealing solid damage without spending mana. And, since I'm pretty slick with a bow, sometimes I'll even forget I'm supposed to be a caster. Haha. Anyhow, my pizza's done. Time to fill up the tank and get back to it for a couple more hours. School's gonna be rough, tomorrow. XD

Friday, May 9 2008

Hahaa! Alright, well it's been a while since I've updated, so as you might have guessed, I've been pretty into it.

I'm up to Act 5 in nightmare, having almost no trouble with 8 player difficulty. Lightning immunes are starting to become pretty common though, which leads to either patience with an unfortunately weak Lightning Inferno or skipping.

I've gotten pretty lucky with my items, having correctly filled each of the assigned inventory slots, and found quite a few neat and useful things. Most remarkably, after a death yesterday I found a Deviant Cell Odd Charm. Totally worth it, so far as I'm concerned. I've also come across Naj's Full set, which would only cost me one equipment slot mark if I used it. I'm still debating it, but haven't commited. I gave it a try and it was pretty impressive, however after just a few kills I happened across the Unique Mage Plate.

I rolled a Sorc ring with Battle Orders, which was desperately needed without a tank. It was pretty difficult to actually put into use, however, requiring me to switch several pieces of equipment for +all skills just for the pre-buff. Then, about the time I found an equipment switch setup that gave me enough time to be useful, I came across that Unique Ancient Axe and rerolled it for +6 BO. Now I just keep that on switch weapon. No fuss, no muss.

Chain Lightning is maxed and pretty effective in late nightmare, with a few quick Static Shots to soften them up. It's usefulness has plateaued, however and I am going to have to make some drastic equipment changes if this is going to work through Hell. I am getting the feeling that Naj's might be a necessity, with it bumping my max CL up over 10k, not to mention it's effect on my more neglected skills, it's hard to see the 10 point loss from the boots competing.

In the end, a 10 point hit is a small price to pay in the face of having to dip into my rerolls further. Time will tell.

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