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Let me introduce you my very first and the best characters:

*et (lvl 88) ama - A bit of everything.
*qw (lvl 79) sor - Et works for her.

My objective is simple, pimp them and finally beat Hell Nihla by my self.

Please do not mention servers, thanks - Hans

My Diary


The "x" day. Did tons of things for my Sorc by Ama. Im pretty happy with it. I never used "forge" before, so for me effect is pretty impressive. This is the best item i got today, base item was like +3 Sorc skill, +4 Oak Sage and + 5 Heart of Wolverine, i filled it with jools: +1 all skills, + 1 sorc skills and + 1 to fire skills with energy based on lvl. I will upgrade this diadem in future for sure.
In background You can see my sorc, atm i use her like a mule, cause Ama do all the dirty job at this moment.


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