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  • I'm a relative newcomer to Diablo and ES and started playing vanilla in the fall of '2005 and discovered ES the following March. I fell in love with the mod immediately and within a few months thought it would be fun to host a tournament. I became a forum moderator/lead tournament administrator in January of 2007 and host many ES events. Hans and Blinn help me a great deal with tournament responsibilities.

Eastern Sun Character Roster

  • Hulk_Smash, lvl 81 Iron Claws Elemental Form/Summon Elemental Druid. Born on Date: 8/22/2008 (Patch R6D).
    Stats: All Strength (627); Resistances (Nightmare) — all 75; Iron Claws Damage (w/fully charged Maul): 23k-61k; Kill Counter: 21751
    Equipment: Full Jaheira's Set, Fleshchew Axe based up to Split Axe, Jalal's Mane, Boots of the Valiant, 2 SS Skill Tab rings
    Merc: Donovan, Act III Cold Sorcerer. Hell Merc Set, plus Knowledgeable jewelry, LOL, Autolycus Belt/Boots.
    Current Location: Running various Act V areas (NM) in Obsession II tourney.
    Character Deaths: 0

My Diary


I took a couple weeks off from playing and basically gave myself an ES enema. Yeah, I know..."Thanks for the visual, Metro." Morthwyl and Mathayus are history and it's time for a clean slate with my new Obsession II character, Hulk_Smash.


I just withdrew from the Rares tourney. It had nothing to do with Goeido — he's done a fantastic job and wrote a great ruleset. I guess I have too much pride and refused to lose to anyone over a big points hit I took due to a mistake in the Database. I feel bad about it. But, I told Goeido in a PM that this was an opportunity to just follow through with my original plan of taking a break from competition until Obsession started. Sometimes tourneys just become too consuming for me, and this is one of those times.


Goeido just posted the Ultra Rare Collector's Tournament ruleset, so I made my character — he'll be a Creeping Doom Druid. Magic find is going to be a huge deal in that event and getting a decent level of it without Leathers of Luck, Autolycus and Cherry Blossom is going to be pretty damn tough.


Crap. Logic tells me I should care less whether Morthwyl and Ilzan both ate dirt to a Might-Enchanted Milk Maiden pack in NM cows — Morthwyl is not a tournament character. But, my perfectionist side cares A LOT! Grrrrrrrr. I hate playing dead characters. I feel like I failed with Morthwyl. Goeido's upcoming Rares event is looking better and better. I just may have to end my tournament sabbatical to take away the pain. Hair of the dog.


I've been playing Morthwyl quite a bit in preparation for beginning a Hell game. Ilzan bought the farm for the first time in the Hell Den of Evil. We were both amp'd and he hit the floor quick. With Energy Shield doing its thing I kept swinging happily. That's a fantastic skill and quite the safety buffer. I had never used it before until today. Sarevok's is now completely made. That was a huge effort to make all of those pieces from the conversion recipes. I'm pretty happy with the Set. But, the defense for a lvl 70 Set is not great and the damage mods on the weapons could be better. Oh, well. You can't have everything. As I've often said in tournament threads — Hell Den of Evil is kind of the last wake up call to get your equipment right before pressing on. And there's still much work to be done — especially for Ilzan to prevent him from becoming a permanent fixture on the floor of dungeons. So, I made notes on what needs improvement and it's back to NM cows for now.


Morthwyl is doing well and is now a Champion. Thankfully, he's not a tournament character because a Council member's Frozen Orb resulted in him getting up close and personal with the floor of the Worldstone Chamber. At least I'm assuming it was FO. There was a million of them flying around at the time and it all happened so fast. He's got 75% resists across the board, so who knows what happened? If he got in Double Swing lock without me knowing it, then he couldn't have leeched and it most certainly would have resulted in near instant death. He doesn't have a lot of life since it's an all-Strength build. I think it's around 2400. But, his decent damage, very high IAS, and high leech made for some pretty smooth sailing through all of Nightmare. The only other thing of note is Morthwyl traded in Waheed for Ilzan (Might aura) while in Act II.


Scroll #25 finally popped up after I don't know how many rerolls — 25 or 30 at least. I was SOOOO tempted to ask Blinn, Goeido, or anyone for that puppy to give Morthwyl a kick start towards making DarkShades. And I know they would have happily agreed, but I really want this guy to be the result of all of my hard work. So, now DarkShades is made. And talk about an upgrade...moving from the Berserker Set to DarkShades is like trading in a Yugo for a Corvette. DarkShades is not your average Exceptional Set — it still works in Hell given the proper attention. I'm going to tweak up my new diggs a bit and then edit Morthwyl's new stats later.


Yesterday my Game Face Druid came to an untimely demise due to a stupid Teleport error. So, that was my last active character. I wiped the slate clean, reinstalled Diablo and ES and created Morthwyl, a Barbarian. Morthwyl will be my immediate project in building the ultimate high-damage Double Swing Barb. I haven't decided if I'm going to participate in the upcoming Rares tournament, or if I'll just continue my tournament sabbatical until I host the Obsession tournament in a couple months. I must confess, it's nice just playing a character for fun without any restrictions.

I ended up playing Morthwyl most of the afternoon and his initial equipment is complete: the full Berserker Set, Leathers of Luck (terrible GF at 66% but great MF 147%), and Autolycus Belt and Boots. The last piece I gambled was for a 2nd Berserker Hand Axe and the Unique Hand Axe popped up, Krog's Basher. So, that's good enough for now. Actually, with its resistances and Crushing Blow Krog's is a solid weapon. I'm guessing a Might merc will be Morthwyl's end game selection, so that's one reason why he's going to solo Act I. There's no reason to sink money into Rogue equipment when he needs to save up for the Act II merc Set.


  • Sorry to see you withdraw from the rares tourny Metro. You'll have time to work on Morthwyl now though. :) See you in the Obsession tourny. -- Dapaba? 08-08-2008 (Fri) 10:57:31
  • Double Swing Lock, Dapaba. I don't know if this bug affects other skills, but with DS the Barb essentially freezes until you press weapon switch to unfreeze him. If your eyes dart around a lot like mine do between character, surrounding area and monsters' health bar, than it's possible to not even realize your Barb froze before it's too late. -- Metro? 07-21-2008 (Mon) 12:21:32
  • Sorry to hear about the death. What is DS lock? -- Dapaba? 07-21-2008 (Mon) 11:12:52
  • your barb is getting stronger, keep the hard work -- ultimategrayfox? 07-21-2008 (Mon) 04:30:16
  • That may work better for a tourney name. -- Hans? 07-20-2008 (Sun) 22:26:29
  • Hans, here's a page name idea since you're a headbanger at heart — Hans' Mosh Pit. -- Metro? 07-20-2008 (Sun) 22:13:33
  • I was surprised to see your own page. It makes me want to create a page too. -- Hans? 07-20-2008 (Sun) 21:27:31
  • You might think about "dark knights dread" unique throwing hatchets later. It comes with phantom hatchets and throwing mastery staffmods, which makes farming lower difficulties a lot quicker without dedicating skill points. -- goeido 07-16-2008 (Wed) 14:16:55
  • Nice to see a page for you Metro. Good luck with your Barb! -- Dapaba? 07-15-2008 (Tue) 00:15:16
  • Good to see you've finally caught up with us younguns, Metro. ^_^ I agree, it's a good idea for you to have fun playing some characters without all the restrictive rulesets - it'll likely wind up giving you even more insight for the next tournaments you roll into. Looking forward to see some of those Druids you like building so much. ;) -- Nightfire? 07-14-2008 (Mon) 23:25:02
  • Hi Goeido. Oh, it's not that I'm shy and afraid of a good challenge. I'm just thinking a little break from tournaments would do me some good. -- Metro? 07-14-2008 (Mon) 18:43:48
  • Hi Metro, nice to see You also made a Wiki page. Im also looking forward to Obsession, planning for a Javazon unless there are some unexpected rule changes. Dont be shy joining the rares tourney, though, it will be quite tough and no-rerunning so your farming stamina wont be an advantage ;) -- goeido 07-14-2008 (Mon) 17:49:48

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