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I'm a 20-year old South Carolina native, who's been playing Diablo II almost since the game first came out - about 8 years now. I got into playing mods about 4 or 5 years ago, first with Nezeramontias and Zy-El, and then I found Eastern Sun. After a bit of a hiatus from Diablo in general, I came back to playing the game and quickly fell in love with the new version of ES, which I've been playing ever since.

I consider myself more or less an expert on Assassins in ES (Sorceresses in vanilla were my expert-level class), and I compiled the Eastern Sun Player's Manual for ease of use by new players and veterans alike. I'm also currently working on an application (see below) for item comparison in ES.

Character List

Regular Characters

  • Temari - Level 98 Samurai Assassin
  • Carrie - Level 97 Samurai Assassin
  • Larazon - Level 95 Wind Druid
  • Catherine - Level 92 Shadow Sensei Assassin
  • Kaorinite - Level 92 Lightning Trapsin
  • Shinobi - Level 90 Shuriken Assassin
  • Mariko - Level 89 Physical Bowazon
  • Haseo - Level 88 FotH Paladin
  • Ami - Level 81 Ice Sorceress
  • Benji - Level 80 Blademaster** Paladin
  • Tetsuya - Level 76 Shaman* Barbarian
  • Raj - Level 69 Summoning Druid

  • *Shaman - Barbarian using the lightning skills and warcries.
  • **Blademaster - Paladin using oskill Shuriken/Holy Aura of choice and Zeal/Fanaticism for melee.

Tournament Characters

  • Carrie - Level 96 Samurai Assassin, Obsession II Tournament
    • Obsessions: Dragon Blade/Blade Sentinel (Skills), Strength (Stat), Cold (Element)
    • Stats:
      • Strength: 689
      • Dexterity: 112
      • Vitality: 249
      • Energy: 84
  • Hell Resistances: 79/87/79/79
  • Equipment:
    • Helm: Spirit of Life Ethereal Crown (Socketed with 1 Nexus Star Jewel (Forged with +16% Max Life) and 1 Jewel of Shielding (Forged with +All Resistances), Forged with +16% Max Life)
    • Amulet: Order Scarab Assassin's Choker (Socketed with +All Resistances Jewel, Forged with Level 5 Concentration Aura)
    • Weapon: Ethereal 'Obedience' Impaler
    • Armor: Tasselhoff's Jerkin Sylvan Chain (Socketed with a +Strength/clvl jewel and 2 Ni Runes, Forged with +16% Max Life)
    • Gloves: Shadow Hold Military Guards (+3 to Martial Arts, 4% Life Steal, +29 to Dexterity, Socketed with 2 Perfect Amethysts)
    • Belt: Tasselhoff's Pouches Merchant Belt (Socketed with a +Strength Jewel and Laria's Licentious Lament Jewel (Unique Jewel Forged with +16% Max Life), Forged with +16% Max Life)
    • Boots: Tasselhoff's Breaches Gladiator Boots (Socketed with a +Strength/clvl jewel and Ni Rune, Forged with +16% Max Life)
    • Ring 1: Killjoy's Attitude Assassin's Spiral (Forged with +16% Max Life, D-Stoned with 4% Mana Leech)
    • Ring 2: Killjoy's Attitude Assassin's Spiral (Forged with +16% Max Life, D-Stoned with 4% Mana Leech)

Trade List

All items are Softcore only. To trade, send me a PM on the Phrozen Keep.

In Search Of:

  • Perfect Gems, any quantity. The more, the better.
  • Crystals - Dark Azurite, Burning Sulphur

For Trade:

  • Crystals - Plenty of nearly all types, except Frozen Souls and Solid Mercury.
  • Runes - Plenty of all up to Green, some Gold, some Purple.
  • Decals - All up to Gul, multiples of most of the lower ones.
  • Uniques - Most; let me know what you're in search of.
  • Sets - All except for maybe one or two different high-level set items.
  • Rares - Plenty of rare weapons, circlets, and more of varying use; some are good for any build (DualMax weapons, nice circlets), some possibly for strange builds (good oskill items).
  • Jewels - Skill jewels for all classes except Assassin, All Skill jewels, elemental damage/summon damage/-resist jewels, damage, and more.
  • Charms - Skill charms for all classes, life/mana charms, damage charms, and more.

To-Do List

  • Push Temari up to level 100.
  • Finish up Kaorinite's equipment with forgings and D-Stoning.

Harrogath's Armory - A Diablo II: Eastern Sun Utility

This is my latest project for ES - a program designed to compare stats of any two unique, set, runeword, gemword, or normal items in the game instantly and clearly. The program is written in the Visual Basic language.


  • Finalized the design of the program.
  • Normal/Exceptional/Elite Helms completed.
  • Normal/Exceptional/Elite Circlets completed.
  • Normal/Exceptional/Elite Body Armor completed.
  • Normal/Exceptional/Elite Robes completed.
  • Normal/Exceptional/Elite Shields completed.


  • Normal/Exceptional/Elite Gloves completed.
  • Normal/Exceptional/Elite Belts completed.
  • Normal/Exceptional/Elite Boots completed.


  • Normal/Exceptional/Elite Barbarian Helms completed.
  • Normal/Exceptional/Elite Druid Pelts completed.
  • Normal/Exceptional/Elite Necromancer Heads completed.
  • Normal/Exceptional/Elite Paladin Shields completed - all Armor items completed.
  • White Rune Runewords completed. (I U Shi Ka N Ku Yo)


  • Red Rune Runewords completed. (Ki Ri Mi Ya A Tsu Chi)


  • Yellow Rune Runewords completed. (Sa Yu Ke E Ko Ra O)


  • All Weapon items completed.


  • All Unique Armor items, except for Jewelry, completed.


  • Unique Jewelry completed.
  • All Unique Weapons completed.
  • Both item slots tested for Unique/Runeword/Normal Item compatibility; both appear to work correctly with the aforementioned slots.

My Diary


Two rather nice finds today in the same run - *two* Assailant's Grand Charms, one with +0-37 Max and one with +0-25 Max.


Another bit of nice treasure today from Nowhere runs (which are fast becoming a favorite of mine) - Nu Rune (dropped from a monster as soon as I stepped off the Naraku 1 WP), Null Rune (from Nowhere), Fu / Ma Runes, a Lion Branded GC of Vita (vanilla would kill for this one), and my favorite drop, a Something Wicked Large Charm. That was the only Unique Charm I didn't have, and now my collection of them is complete.


An attempt at a Domain run with Temari on P8 came to an early stop after Metalspark's entire pack came out, leveling my Shadow Master and merc quickly before three Electrocuters tore my 9000 life down in moments. I did find a lot of nice stuff on the way, however, including a Jah decal and a +1 All Skills jewel, so the trouble was worth it.


Pushed myself to clear the entire Domain with Catherine, who up to this point had done everything in the game, Hell Baal included, on P8. This was no exception, and with a lot of struggling I managed to push myself to near the end. Unfortunately, her deathless streak was cut short when a lucky shot from an Electrocuter (Fatalstorm and Metalspark's packs were the two to spawn in Nihlathak's room, much to my chagrin) OHKOed my 2200 life. I went back and tore the place apart in hatred that her streak was ruined, dismantling both Metalspark and Fatalstorm, plus minions, with careful use of my Shadow Masters. After that 15-minute fight, Nihlathak stood no chance and died in less than 5 minutes. The whole endeavor took over an hour and a half, but with only P8 Cows remaining, I'm almost done conquering everything.


Not much to say about the few runs I've made today, but it did yield a few nice things, namely a Paladin Combat skiller and a Necro Summoning skiller. Mostly just trying to finish out the gear, and working on finding another Vex and Ohm decal so I can try out an Exile shield.


Well, I hadn't made an update before now because there was nothing update worthy, but I had a good run of things this morning. One single pack of cows killed by Kaorinite, my Trapper, yielded an Unknown Hero Grand Charm, an Unearthed Wand Coupon, AND a plain Maiden's Jewel at once. Needless to say, I'm happy, and a Poison Necro might be in the works now...


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