SajberHippien's Diary & Trade page

This is Sajberhippien

I'm a long time Diablo 2 player, mostly single player, that found Eastern Sun some years ago. Since then I've been playing now and then, but the last months I've been playing more and more. I'm more of a caster/ranged player than a meleer, but my highest-level char is still a melee char, though he has some characteristics of a caster (much skill switching and so on).

What I've been doing (As if someone would be interested)


Over a year since update, but my D2-playing has been very varying. I started a strafer though, during a LAN party with some friends, and stuck with her. Level 78 now, and doing quite fine. Great drops today - two purple runes (Su and Nu) and two gold (Te and some other) as well as a nice rare ring that I may use for Henry (haven't decided yet) and an Atlasthrust, and as icing on the cake 4 crystal points (though I don't save for anything with them right now). So generally a good day. Did 12 clears of Lost Farm NM with the ama, and with Henry I did ~20 Hell Baal as well as 8 domains, though just nowhere + domains and not naraku.


Not much Diablo lately, but what I've been able to squeeze in has been fruitful. Traded a pair of good Strafe gloves with Blinn, so Strafeadin can finally begin som serious bovine slaughter (though he needs a good Pierce too), and traded a lot of crystals with someone who I can't recall at the moment. I've also played around with the assassin class a lot lately, started an Ass who is now level 59, currently played as a Sensei. I really like watching the Masters using all these cool combinations, instead of the usual repetitive Sacrifice/Frozen Orb/Corpse Explosion.


Lately I've been working partly on gathering Maples to finish of Henry's weapon and amulet (I'm gonna make the best amulet ever seen, kinda), and partly on gathering ores to finally make that Heaven rune and Angel runeword.
Just gambled rings for rerolling into devil's food and thus maples for 8 millions. Result: 9 maples.


HenryHandsmek, level 96 Paladin (Martyr) Hall_HenryHandsmek?
Ama, level 78 Amazon (Strafer) - No, it's not named after whoever it is that has one in the HoF XD

Trade Have

Due to the christmas gift last year when I gave away everything but Henry, I don't have an organized Have list anymore. I do have quite a bunch of high-level equipment, some rare and some unique, but all are found since I've had no character to farm gold with and as such, they are very limited in number. However, what I do farm is the Domains, so I have a bunch of high runes and odd pieces of high-level equipment as well as about 80 crystal points total.
If you want something, simply ask and I'll check if I have it.

Trade Want

White ethereal elite polearm with 0 or 2 sockets. Preferably Royal Partizan or Impaler, but anything will do.


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