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Let's start this off honestly.

I'm a 13 (soon to be 14) year old 8th grader that has been playing Diablo II since he was 7. I discovered mods sometime around 9 or 10, and I think that was around the time I joined the PK.

If anyone remembers me, I played it off as if I were a 16 year old kid. I was actually around 11, and I was arrogant. I had a bit of an ego as on another Diablo forum someone assumed I was around that age due to my language. I was so proud of this that I believed myself to be this overly mature god. That can partially be blamed to my lack of experience, something I would have denied back then. I apologize for this.

With that confession, let's go onto something with a lighter note!
I have a love for gaming, but not that first person shooter trash that everyone my age seems to love. I really enjoy RPG's, but I can generally enjoy any strategy game.

Some of my favorite games are:
Rome Total War (and various mods)
Mods of Diablo II (particularly ES)
Minecraft (not nearly as often anymore)
Morrowind and Oblivion
Portal 1 & 2
Somewhat Half Life 1 & 2 (though I've never been good at either)

I love to sing, with a varying degree of pitches. I generally try to keep my voice lower when singing, but if the song calls for it I can do higher.

Acting also goes along with that. Acting was actually a talent I discovered only in the last few months as I apparently have some skill with it. Or so I've been told. It's fun, obviously. Why would I do it otherwise?

I enjoy cooking as well, and I've always been interested since age 5. I only took up actually cooking within the last few years.

I like many physical activities, like bike riding or swimming. I'm joining the wrestling team this winter, and aspire to join football in the next grade. Despite this, I'm overweight. I won't say how much, but it's largely due to a lack of control in younger years by myself and my parents. I don't blame them, though.

My favorite anime would have to be Bleach. I don't see the appeal in Naruto, to be honest. Bleach is a whole lot more engaging, if a bit over-stuffed with fillers.

My favorite normal tv show? That would be a cartoon. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I was skeptical at first, assuming it was just a little girl's show. I saw one episode, fully intending to rage at it in the comments, and likely ridiculing the increasing population of the male community. I forgot about that thought in the first 5 minutes, and then I kept watching. I ended up watching the entire first season in about a week. Saturdays, which had been "meh" before, are now exciting as the new season has started. A new episode is quite enough motivation to get up around 8:30 on a weekend.

As a final note, when I get a new mic headset for Christmas, I'll be taking to game commentary. I'm sure to play ES a bit, so any video's I make I'll post here.

My Active Characters

This is a char page
I'm making a note here, listen up
It's hard to explain this in portal rhythm
Stingray characters

That's all you get.

I don't care for fancy stat distributions, or skills for that matter. All stat points go into ONE STAT for simplicities sake. And it's not very likely to be vitality... casters/summoners get all energy, melee users get strength, and ranged gets dexterity.
All/Most builds will probably be very simple. One point in passives, and maxing main skills and synergies. I've made all of ONE complex character in all of my time playing ES.

It's not like vitality is really important, anyway. There's no point in tanking if everything's dead already. All "losses" can be made up for with d-stoning anyway if it becomes an issue.

VoiceOfHeaven - Level 1 - Paladin

This will be a FoH paladin. The idea behind his name, is that he acts as a focal point for celestial beings. They channel their power through him to smite evil, and the more powerful he becomes, the more energy can be channeled through him without killing the caster. I've always wanted to create one.

BinderOfSouls - Level 1 - Necromancer

A golemancer. I originally wanted to name him TheAnimator, which made me want to have "Flash" in his name somewhere. Flash, animate, get it? Nevermind. I realized having flash ANYWHERE in the name would look stupid, so I opted for this. It refers to how I think making a golem would be done. I think a soul would have to be bound to a material, but the soul has been altered so it would obey. I don't believe they would just make a rock sculpture, *poof*, and a minion comes out.

Creeper - Level 1 - Druid

A creeping doom druid. I wanted to make him use a skill less obvious, but the closest thing to an exploding green ***** is cow balloon.

Vulcan - Level 1 - Sorceress

A purely fire sorceress. The name is because the roman god Vulcan lived in the volcano on Sicily (Mt. Etna, I believe) and volcano = fire.

Albert - Level 1 - Barbarian

The name is probably a lot less obvious than the others. This is going to be a whirlwind barb. Albert is a character from Legend of Dragoon. One of his best attacks is called "Gust of Wind Dance" which reminded me a lot of whirlwind.

Ninja_Jade - Level 1 - Assassin

She's a samurai. The ninja part should be clear. But just Ninja sounded too corny, so I decided to give her a name. I always thought Jade was a fit name for the assassin, so I went for it.

SindyTheSniper - Level 1 - Amazon

Another strafer... I'm sorry, but if you're a bow amazon, there's very little choice.

Trading List (Pm me at phrozen keep to trade)

I actually don't believe I'm going to be trading. If ever, then it's certainly not anytime soon.

My Diary (Descending)


  • Feel free to hop over my Hamachi network. You can find it on the TCP/IP list of this wiki. -- Exar Kun? 10-14-2011 (Fri) 18:18:43
  • ES R6D uses 1.10 - but the installer has a launcher that will use the 1.10 version while also backing up the 1.13 version when you play -- so you'll be playing the mod as 1.10. Give it a go! It's a wonderful diversion if you're looking for one. -- psycho2? 09-23-2010 (Thu) 11:22:56
  • I'm looking at installing ES, but can't find anywhere on here where it mentions if it's compatible with V1.13 of LoD. What's your experience? Can you post here or email me? -- astro_jpc(AT)yahoo? 09-20-2010 (Mon) 20:47:26

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