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I have been playing Diablo since the very beginning. Played V&K mod for D1 aswell as ME mod. Progressed into Diablo 2 and eventually mods, like Zy-El, Median, Eastern Sun. Diablo 3 came along and then life happened. Got married, had kids, computer upgrades got left behind. I am at the point that my computer cannot load, Steam, etc. Even Mozilla Firefox is no longer supported on my PC... Windows Vista! I know, I know...

I now get a bit of extra time, and was depressed that I couldn't do anything on my PC. Proceeded to find my old buried CDs and installed Diablo and played Beelzebub HD mod for a bit. My Sorcerer hit a huge wall in Hell, my spells maxed out and I could not progress. Left a bad taste in my mouth.

Installed D2 and tried to get MedianXL going first. Installer not supported/won't run on Vista. Had no interest in Zy-El this time around so came back to Eastern Sun! Glad I did... it was always my favourite.

I play when I can, sometimes a few times a week, sometimes once every few weeks. Started off with a Paladin, up to level 37, then a WW/Conc barb up to 59. They now sit basically stripped of all resources and maybe I'll play in the future. I have a level 80 Strafezon and a lvl55 Sorc that I change spec from Immo to Blizzard depending on how I want to play.

I play on version R6D.

::I also only made this Diary to see if there were any other active ES players. I however am not interested in online play, seeing as how my gaming time is sporadic at best.

My Characters

Bowenaro (Cool name right?!)

  • Strafezon; Nightmare cleared, GF/MFing on /P6.
    • XBow/Gear lacking real damage to farm quickly on P8. Domain definitely not beaten on P8.


  • Sorceress; Blizzard, Nightmare cleared.

To Do List

  • Organize Shared Stash... it's a mess. Who knew I was a hoarder?
  • Make a page for each character. I know it's not really needed... who wants to see gear for a level 80 or 57 character? Still...


  • August 16, 2020:: Did not grab the waypoint for CowLevel with Elandria. Oops!! She is now level 80, my Strafezon hit 81, and I've started an Assassin. She is level 24. Slowwwly organizing my stash. Had not realized I could store organs in the multi stocker. Had nearly 5 stash pages full.
  • August 2, 2020:: Elandria just killed Baal in Nightmare. She is level 71. I've decided I will stick to Blizzard spec with her. Found a -5% cold res Icestorm Shard jewel. Time to farm some cows, see how well she can handle P8 with a 13k dmg Blizzard.
  • July 26, 2020:: Tried do to Domain on P8 with Elandria(now 57). Impossible still. I really like to clear Domain on P8 before moving to the next difficulty... but I think I'll need to farm better gear in Nightmare first.


  • I'm glad people still play ES. Have you tried Eastern Sun Rises? :) -- Tireheb? 10-06-2020 (Tue) 23:00:44
  • Welcome to my Diary. Feel free to comment... I'm just starting to get back into ES. -- Valahan? 07-26-2020 (Sun) 04:16:46

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