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The first day. Started a Summon Druid named Willow. I was able to make it all the way to Baal on the first day. But at level 30 I have not beaten him yet. Nothing really amazing happened, except that I got the lowest possible rune from the Hell Forge: E.


Leveled to 40 and killed Baal. After, I leveled up to 50 by doing some /p 8 cow runs. My gear needs a serious overhaul, some of the stuff I've been using since Act 1 normal. I'll put it on the to do list. In the mean time I killed NM Andy and made it past the sewers.


I made it past Anya in Nightmare and leveled to 64. I'm pretty surprised how far I was able to get. I am going to try and beat Baal without having to make too many upgrades to my equipment. Hopefully I can do cow runs afterward until I level a significant amount to be able to kill in Hell. Some cool items that I found was a No rune and the lv. 45 unique sorceress ring. These probably seem like crap to the rich people, but I'll take anything I can get right now.

I also got a Se rune from the hell forge, so I am going to try and made a Fossil of the Sun runeword. It's really not made for my character but anything is better than what I have now. I would make the runeword Able with the No rune, but I don't have a Yu rune.


FYI, I write these entries in the morning, so everything that I talk about today happened yesterday. That being said, after a long and bloody battle against Baal, he finally went down. I spent the rest of the day doing cow runs both at the secret cow level and at the ghost farm. I found the Yu rune I was looking for in the World Stone Chamber so I was made the runeword Able. I always came across a 4 socket crystal sword which I turned into a Divine runeword.

Some interesting items I found in NM cows:
Scrolls: 27, which I really wanted, 34, and 37
A 12/15 Deviant Cell. I thought the -15 drain life would be a pain but I have another item that gives me replenish life so it's really not that bad.
A couple of orange runes.
Pul decal

I'm going to try and move on to Hell since I leveled to 75, but if I can't I'll just go back to cows.


I made it to the inner cloister of Act I Hell. It was a real challenge but the experience I get from /p1 in Hell is a lot better than I get from /p4 in Nightmare cows. Nothing too exciting to mention. I leveled to 80, close to 81, and found a Vex decal on my way through Act I. I gambled a Goldark's Strap and place a Ra rune in it for extra gold find. I am going to try and find, or roll, scrolls 31 and 34 so I can get a gold finding set together.


Not only did I level to 85, but I also made it to Act IV Hell. Fighting is not too too hard, however, it is slow and is not very cost effective with mana. I am constantly using potions and picking more up. I found back to back So runes in Act III and a Mu rune in the Flayer Dungeon. I used one of the So runes to make the helm runeword 'Thought' in a +2 tornado Druid helm. Not only is +3 skills awesome but it also gives me +63 resist all so I was able to throw away a bunch of junk charms that I was using for resistances. At one point I had so many charms in my inventory that the space I was using to pick up gear was 4x4.

I'd also like to point out that I haven't had a mercenary since the free mercenary you get from killing Blood Raven died in Act I Normal. I'll probably get one when I get into Act 5 hell, unless the mercenaries in Nightmare have better skills or something.


Didn't have too much time to play today, but I made it to level 86, so I can gamble the highest level unique rings/amulets. Speaking of unique rings/amulets, I have tons of magic built up in my rerolling orb. I can't decide when I should reroll them. I could use a couple uniques.

I was able to gamble a level 40, I think, unique amulet. It's the one with +5 sorceress lightning skills. I also came across a unique Assassin's spiral.


Leveled to 87 and made it to Act V Hell. I am not going to be in any sort of rush to beat baal. I will probably start working on gear now.


Lots of exciting things have happened in the past couple of days. The biggest one was I beat baal in hell on /p 1 making it to level 88 and about 2/3s of the way to 89. The only quest I have left to do is Nihlathak. I finally got myself a defensive Act V merc and it has made all the difference. With his BO my help is right around 6k and my defense is around 15k.

Some cool items I found along the way are:
Scroll # 50 from Pindle
Re Rune in the Frozen Tundra, made a Rift shield out of it.
A shitty Large unique charm so I got my first Maple Leaf.
Mal Decal from the Countess


Got pretty bored of my druid after beating baal so I made a bow-a-zon. It is pretty fun especially playing twinked. A lot better than starting my druid from nothing. Started out using the Arctic gear with a couple pieces of the berserker set to give me an extra +1 skill and 10% life and mana. Played on 8 players until I got to level 16 when I upgraded to the Gabriel's set. And that is where I am at right now.


Sisterfister, my amazon, killed normal andy last night on 8 players. I could have done it a lot sooner but I felt like taking my time and magic find along the way. She is now level 26. Didn't find anything interesting; what a big surprise.


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