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I have been playing Eastern Sun ON and OFF from the days of ES 2.20 (I think it was...). Since I found the R series about a year ago, I have never stopped playing(well, when I have time)

To Do List

I want to finish 7 different characters, one from each class, each owning any and every area in the game. Currently I have at least one, which is far from finished, but one that rarely has trouble(Wyverns and Electrocutors...duh?)

Active Characters List

Level 99 Nova Barbarian - Stabby_McTwist

Before anyone asks - this is the first character I created after successfully instaling the mod. Due to Stabby's great help - Barbarian was called after him. Didn't have any idea what to do with this guy, tried different setups, finally, around level 50 settled on Nova. God, is that skill AWESOME! This barb is currently my MF/GF/mow-down everything character. He has enough GF(currently I have 400 million gold in shared stash due to him...), enough MF to farm for cubing materials and get nice rare/set/unique drops and basically has HUGE damage - 60k lightning damage per cast of Nova. However, he is FAR AWAY from finished. My weapons are not socketed, d-stoned. Armor hasn't been d-stoned also. If he is completed, I think he may be one of the most viable (if not the most) characters I have ever built.

To do list :

  • get to level 100
  • finish d-stoning 2 weapons to +400% lightning damage
  • d-stone the armor for +%life and +life
  • get enough materials for other characters in the future

Level 98 Creeping Doom Druid - Frozen-Joker

Level 49 Charged Claws Druid - ClawVerine

My Diary


Starting the diary. Currently playing with my Barbarian, running high level areas for gems, d-stones, runes and whatever I can find.

Well, if someone says I am unlucky - shame on him. 5 Ores, 1 He rune, 1 Nu rune, 1 So rune, few other green runes, 1 Yello Jello, 1 Perfect Cell in just 1 run of all high level areas(Blood Raven Workshop, Cow Level, Dark Magician's, Lost Farm, Andariel's Dressing Room, Marsh of Pain, 3 Lava levels, 2 Domes, Nowhere and Domain)


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