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  • The prefixes page was missing some info on which prefixes were restricted from orbs/staves/wands/mana blades, and didn't mention the restriction that Knowledgable can't occur on boots/belts/gloves this file includes the necessary changes. (Verbatim)

  • First you need to take a look at Secret Recipe 49, then you need Socketing Recipes and then you can check the Database for charm runewords. -- Easytough? 09-17-2007 (Mon) 06:00:35
  • how do you make a runeword charm? -- jax? 09-17-2007 (Mon) 04:30:00
  • The "Bright" jewel prefix is incorrect, it is now +2 AR/clvl. The AR/lvl prefixes for charms are also reduced (I think all are halved from the database but can't verify them all). -- Blinn? 12-05-2006 (Tue) 21:38:27
  • crossbow -- 12-05-2006 (Tue) 10:08:37
  • Thanks for the correction! Listing all the etypes at each column takes a lot of space, so I had planned to add the remarks just like yours after generating the html by a script, but forgot. -- 10-11-2006 (Wed) 03:16:10

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