Dec 03 Eastern Sun / Zy-El Bingo Tourney. Metro

May 30 Eastern Sun Heptad Tournament. Metro

Sep 07 Stingray's Speedrun Challenge. stingray

Sep 09 The Immortal's Tournament. Hygilliak


Eastern Sun / Zy-El Bingo Tourney

Eastern Sun Heptad Tournament

A Little Bit of Everything Tournament

Stingray's Speedrun Challenge

The Immortals Tournament


A Little Bit of Everything Tournament

Mage Master Showdown

Welcome to Electric Ladyland!

Wrecking Ball V: Tank Commander Championships

Wave Diablo Goodbye

Set Worshippers III Tournament: Blackjack!

Freykin's Forging with Fire Roundup

Metro Mini #9 — Valentine's Day Massacre: Heart and Soul

Vanity Fair #2 — Pain in the Domain

3rd Runewords/Gemwords Tournament

Gambler's Anonymous Tournament

Obsession II Tournament

Metro Mini #8 — New Year's Kill Counter Classic

Ultra-Rare Collectors Tournament

A Cutthroat Competition

Game Face #2 — Druids vs. Necros (Summoners' Golf Outing)

My Character has the Blues 'Cuz My Merc is So Damn Unique!

A VERY Random Tournament

Metro Mini #7 — The Cow King's Wealth-O-Rama

2nd Craftsman Tourney

Kashya's Summer Rogue Training Camp

Wrecking Ball IV — Maximum Melee Merc Smackdown

April Fool's Limbo Contest

Elzix and Gheed's Vender Bender.

1st King of the Hill Tourney

2nd Annual ES Set Worshippers Tournament

Vanity Fair Catwalk

2nd Annual Runewords/Gemwords Tournament

Eastern Sun Obsession Tournament

Metro Mini #6 — Less is More

Game Face #1: Concentrate Barbs vs. Iaigiri Assassins

Metro Mini #5 — Witch Doctor Endugu's Headshrinker Shocker!

Metro Mini #4 — Fortune Awaits You in the Forgotten Tower

The 3rd ES Wrecking Ball — Planes, Tanks, and Officers

A Slightly Random Tournament

Craftsman Tourney

The Iron Fist Tournament

Metro Mini #2 — A Rare One Point Wonder

The Rescue Cain Rush

New Years Day Cash Cow

Rumble in the Den of Evil

League of Heroes Team Tournament

Back to Old School Tournament

The Runewords/Gemwords Tournament!

The 1st Eastern Sun Set Worshippers Tournament

2nd Eastern Sun Wrecking Ball Tournament

Single Pass Untwinked Magic Find:

1st Eastern Sun Wrecking Ball Tournament:

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