Can I use a character of LoD or an older version of ES?

Can I use a character of LoD or an older version of ES?
ES 3.00 R series is incompatible with any other version than ES 3.00 R series. You can use the old R series characters, but please note:
  • The old jewels may be reset. You can cube those old jewels into new ones.
    • Old Jewel -> 3 Magic Jewels (ilvl=99)
    • 2 Old Jewels -> 2 Rare Jewels (ilvl=99)
    • 5 Old Jewels -> Unique Jewel (ilvl=99)
  • The normal (non-upper) wands will get larger (1x2 -> 1x3). Please make 1x1 space below those wands before update, or they will be lost.
  • The old morphing charms no longer work in the latest version. Now you can transform into the monster by an oskill which is given as a full set bonus.

Why does ES run on an older version of Lod, 1.10? // ES Warum läuft auf eine ältere Version von Lod, 1,10?

Why does ES run on LoD 1.10?
ES Warum läuft auf LoD 1,10?
ES 3.00 runs on 1.10 LoD, because new versions do not yet been fully support many useful plugins such as fully equippable mercenaries.
Instead, ES launcher and an intelligent runs correctly with any version of LoD in the D2 folder, and you can still LoD, including the payment on Battle Net.
ES 3,00 auf 1,10 LoD auf, weil jede neue Version noch nicht vollständig analysiert wurde, und viele nützliche Plugins wie voll equippable Söldner nicht auf die neueren Versionen funktionieren.
Stattdessen hat ES-Rakete und eine intelligente korrekt läuft mit jeder Version von LoD im D2-Ordner, und Sie können nach wie vor LoD spielen, einschließlich der Zahlung auf Battle Net.

Why does ES bundle an older version of PlugY, 5.06? // Warum ES bündelt eine ältere Version von PlugY, 5,06?

Why does ES Bundle PlugY 5.06?
Warum ES Bundles PlugY 5,06?
PlugY 5.06 is the stable version for LoD 1.10. PlugY 6.xx and 7.xx have been reported to cause TCP/IP problems, and most of the new features of them are not working with LoD 1.11b and ES.
PlugY 5,06 ist die stabile Version für LoD 1.10. PlugY 6.xx und 7.xx Es wurde berichtet, führen TCP / IP-Probleme, und die meisten der neuen Features von ihnen sind für LoD 1.11b und nicht in ES arbeiten.

Are there any restrictions for Mac version?

Are there any restrictions for Mac version?
Following features are implemented by Windows add-ons or direct edits of Windows executable of D2 and don't work in Mac version.
  • PlugY The Survival Kit
    • multiple page shared stash
    • multiple page personal stash
    • expanded character stats display
    • gold sharing between characters
    • stat point reassiging
    • skill point reassigning
  • D2Mod System
    • fully equippable hirelings
    • rearranged gem stats display
  • Preference Menu
    • map setting (can't enable the map regeneration)
    • aura setting (can't select the old monster figure graphics)
    • life/mana orb setting (can't select the old demon orb graphics)
    • /nopick option (can't make /nopickup the default)
  • Gamble Filter (limits the items on the gamble screen).
  • Smart Launcher (supports both LoD 1.10 and 1.11, switches LoD and ES easily).
  • DLL Changes
    • Andariel drops better runes and gems at the first kill.
    • Hellforge quest drops better runes and gems.
    • Qual-Kehk gives a Dragon Stone, a Perfect Obsidian and a Flag for resquing his men.
    • Anya gives a unique stone, a rare charm, a rare jewel and many D-Stones as the quest reward for resquing her. (Details)
    • NPC sells 25 items at the gamble screen instead of 15.
    • The limit of gold in the inventory is octupled.
    • The limit of gold in the stash is quadrupled.
    • The bug of LoD that Paladins lose life when they summon Skeletons/Vampires is fixed.
The features in red are added by installing Quest Reward Fix. (Available at the ES download page.)


Nothing happens when I launch ES.