Can I use a character of LoD or an older version of ES?

Can I use a character of LoD or an older version of ES?
ES 3.00 R series is incompatible with any other version than ES 3.00 R series. You can use the old R series characters, but please note:
  • The old jewels may be reset. You can cube those old jewels into new ones.
    • Old Jewel -> 3 Magic Jewels (ilvl=99)
    • 2 Old Jewels -> 2 Rare Jewels (ilvl=99)
    • 5 Old Jewels -> Unique Jewel (ilvl=99)
  • The normal (non-upper) wands will get larger (1x2 -> 1x3). Please make 1x1 space below those wands before update, or they will be lost.
  • The old morphing charms no longer work in the latest version. Now you can transform into the monster by an oskill which is given as a full set bonus.

Why does ES run on an older version of Lod, 1.10? // ES Warum läuft auf eine ältere Version von Lod, 1,10?

Why does ES run on LoD 1.10?
ES Warum läuft auf LoD 1,10?
ES 3.00 runs on 1.10 LoD, because new versions do not yet been fully support many useful plugins such as fully equippable mercenaries.
Instead, ES launcher and an intelligent runs correctly with any version of LoD in the D2 folder, and you can still LoD, including the payment on Battle Net.
ES 3,00 auf 1,10 LoD auf, weil jede neue Version noch nicht vollständig analysiert wurde, und viele nützliche Plugins wie voll equippable Söldner nicht auf die neueren Versionen funktionieren.
Stattdessen hat ES-Rakete und eine intelligente korrekt läuft mit jeder Version von LoD im D2-Ordner, und Sie können nach wie vor LoD spielen, einschließlich der Zahlung auf Battle Net.

Why does ES bundle an older version of PlugY, 5.06? // Warum ES bündelt eine ältere Version von PlugY, 5,06?

Why does ES Bundle PlugY 5.06?
Warum ES Bundles PlugY 5,06?
PlugY 5.06 is the stable version for LoD 1.10. PlugY 6.xx and 7.xx have been reported to cause TCP/IP problems, and most of the new features of them are not working with LoD 1.11b and ES.
PlugY 5,06 ist die stabile Version für LoD 1.10. PlugY 6.xx und 7.xx Es wurde berichtet, führen TCP / IP-Probleme, und die meisten der neuen Features von ihnen sind für LoD 1.11b und nicht in ES arbeiten.

Are there any restrictions for Mac version?

Are there any restrictions for Mac version?
Following features are implemented by Windows add-ons or direct edits of Windows executable of D2 and don't work in Mac version.
  • PlugY The Survival Kit
    • multiple page shared stash
    • multiple page personal stash
    • expanded character stats display
    • gold sharing between characters
    • stat point reassiging
    • skill point reassigning
  • D2Mod System
    • fully equippable hirelings
    • rearranged gem stats display
  • Preference Menu
    • map setting (can't enable the map regeneration)
    • aura setting (can't select the old monster figure graphics)
    • life/mana orb setting (can't select the old demon orb graphics)
    • /nopick option (can't make /nopickup the default)
  • Gamble Filter (limits the items on the gamble screen).
  • Smart Launcher (supports both LoD 1.10 and 1.11, switches LoD and ES easily).
  • DLL Changes
    • Andariel drops better runes and gems at the first kill.
    • Hellforge quest drops better runes and gems.
    • Qual-Kehk gives a Dragon Stone, a Perfect Obsidian and a Flag for resquing his men.
    • Anya gives a unique stone, a rare charm, a rare jewel and many D-Stones as the quest reward for resquing her. (Details)
    • NPC sells 25 items at the gamble screen instead of 15.
    • The limit of gold in the inventory is octupled.
    • The limit of gold in the stash is quadrupled.
    • The bug of LoD that Paladins lose life when they summon Skeletons/Vampires is fixed.
The features in red are added by installing Quest Reward Fix. (Available at the ES download page.)


Nothing happens when I launch ES.

Nothing happens when I launch ES
First, please make sure LoD 1.10 or higher (1.10, 1.11, 1.11b, 1.12, etc) is installed. A mod isn't a stand-alone game, and needs the original game installed.
Next, please make sure the Expansion disc is in your CD drive. The launcher may suppress the no-cd message in some environment. Please don't use any hacks like no-cd crack or loader.

If you're using Daemon Tools and MiniCD, make sure that SafeDisc and SecuROM is selected in the advanced preferences.

do i need the disc eveen if i bought it online?

ES randomly crashes when I directly run ES.

ES randomly crashes when I directly run ES by a shortcut with "-direct -txt"
Please make sure to use the shortcut created by the installer. The launcher now handles many things like swapping files according to the preferences you set, and ES doesn't run correctly without the launcher.

D2 says the Expansion disc was not found.

D2 says the Expansion disc was not found, but the disc IS in the drive.
The drive letter may be changed because of connecting or removing some removable devices. In my case, clicking "Ignore" or "Try Again" 10ish times usually makes D2 find the CD.
If your CD-ROM drive is having sporadic problems recognizing your Expansion disk, it could be a sign of age: CD-ROM drives often work intermittently and sporadically when they are wearing out. You can test your drive with a variety of other disks to see whether it is working properly. A drive that is wearing out will often be able to read some disks, but not others. Listening to a variety of un-scratched audio CDs is one good way to check. If you hear the drive stopping and re-starting several times when trying to read a CD or CD-ROM that you've just inserted, either the disk is damaged (test it in another drive/computer), or the drive is wearing out or needs to be cleaned.

My Expansion CD is damaged/broken/lost...can I still play ES?

My Expansion CD is damage/broken/lost...can I still play ES?
You cannot play ES without your Diablo II Expansion disk inserted.

If your disk is damaged/broken you have several options:
  • You can get a replacement CD from Blizzard, for a $10 fee.
  • If your CD is unreadable because it is scratched on the bottom, you can get a CD polishing kit from a local computer outlet or audio CD reseller. Kits typically include a tool for buffing out shallow scratches, and often a liquid that can be used to fill deep scratches. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Scratches on the top (label side) cannot be repaired: the data of the CD is stored just below the label, so if that side of the disk is damaged, your only option is to get a replacement.
  • If your CD is dirty, you can clean it with a cotton cloth, wiping outward from the center. Water and dishwashing liquid may also be used.
Making a backup copy of CD is allowed in most countries. You can make a CD image file instead of a physical copy, and mount it using a virtual CD program like DAEMON tools. d2loader is a hack and isn't supported by ES, but those virtual CD programs are legal (as long as the backup is legal in your country) and run fine with ES. (Please ask any questions to the author or the company of those programs. Please don't ask it in Phrozen Keep.)

ES doesn't run correctly with MH/HM/C3PO etc.

ES doesn't run correctly with MH/HM/C3PO etc.
Please don't use hacks. ES doesn't support any third party programs.

ES says LoD or another MoD is running, but no other LoD is running.

ES says Another ES is running, but no other ES is running.

ES shows an error message "LoD or another MoD is running. Please quit it first.", but no other LoD is running.
ES shows a message "Another ES is running. Are you launching 2nd ES?", but no other ES is running.
If you open "Diablo II" folder by Windows Explorer or My Computer, the launcher misdetects it as a running Diablo II program. This is because both show the same string "Diablo II" in the title bar. Please close the folder and try again.

How do I install ES on Linux or Windows Vista?

How do I install ES on Linux or Windows Vista?
Linux Installation Thread
Diablo II on Windows Vista
Diablo II - NOTE: For best results, set Compatibility Mode for application to Windows
XP SP2 in the shortcut's properties and run as Administrator. This should allow all
features of game to work properly, including LAN and Battle.Net play. If the game
takes too long to start up, try disabling Aero Glass (or under compatability disable
desktop composition). 

Multiplayer Games

Can Mac users play with Windows users in a tcp/ip game?

Can Mac users play with Windows users in a tcp/ip game?
Windows version has many different settings (PlugY, etc.), and it is reported that D2 crashes when a Mac user enter Windows user's game or vice versa.
Windows user can turn their ES into "Mac compatible" to play with Mac users, by running "Mac compatible patch" after you install the Windows version ES (R3D change).
"Mac compatible" Windows version can co-exist with LoD 1.10, 1.11 or 1.11b, and you can still use gamblefilter and ES preference menu. But it has other restrictions of Mac version (please see the Mac restrictions). Also, the map regeneration is always off, and you may have to disable /nopickup option when you play with Mac users.

D2 crashes when I play a TCP/IP game.

D2 crashes when I play a TCP/IP game.
Please only use the original stash page. Never touch the shared stash and the other pages of personal stash in TCP/IP games. It can cause not only a crash but also a save data corruption.

D2 crashes when I exit a TCP/IP game.

D2 crashes when I exit a TCP/IP game.
Usually too many items in the shared stash cause that error. Please reduce the items in the shared stash, by transferring the items to mule characters. The new feature of R3, stash switch will be useful to switch to an empty stash.
Also make sure all players use the same version of ES, and the same settings of PlugY. If the problem persists, make all players use the default preference setting (/no pickup is off, map regeneration is on).

My character makes other players drop from a multiplayer game.

When one of my characters goes near other players in a multiplayer game, their D2 crashes and they drop from the game.
There is a limitation (or a bug) of LoD called 27 State Bug that if a player have more than 27 states he crashes nearby players in multiplayer games.
Any effects like auras that gives you a special graphics always gives a stat. In addition to that, all passive skills and carry one items like White Odd Charm also give a stat.
Barbarians tend to have this problem because they have many passive skills and warcries. Rich players who carry many unique charms, aura equipments and/or oskill passives also tend to have this problem.
To avoid this, please reduce such equipment when you play in multiplayer games. Sorry about giving up good equipment, but you can still use it in solo games. You won't need it much in multiplayer games, because partied players usually enhance each other and become far stronger than monsters.
Effects that count for a statExamples
Friendly Auras that boost youMight
Friendly Warcries that boost youBattle Orders
Other Friendly Spells that boost youEnchant
Armor SpellsShiver Armor
Assassin AurasBurst of Speed
Passive SkillsClose Combat Mastery
CursesAmplify Damage
Enemy Auras that weaken youConviction
Enemy Warcries that weaken youBattle Cry
Other Enemy Spells that weaken youCloak of Shadows, Inner Sight
Carry One ItemsWhite Odd Charm
Your Conviction doesn't boost or weaken you, but gives you a stat because it gives you the aura graphics.
Monster's Holy Shock deals Lightning damage to you, but it doesn't give you a stat because your status isn't changed. Monster's Holy Freeze give you a stat, however, because it gives you the slow effect and the blue color.
The same skills from multiple sources don't stack. For example, Might gives only one stat even if both you and your merc equip a Collar of Minotaur.

Where can I find TCP/IP players to play with?

Where can I find TCP/IP players to play with?
Try the Multiplayer Headquarters thread which is stickied over at the Eastern Sun Forum

Can I have any private server information here?

Can I have any private server information here?
No. The large part of this Wiki is maintained by the members of The Frozen Keep ES Forum, and The Phrozen Keep prohibit linking to private servers and private server information.
If you need playing information, please use the search engines.
If you have any technical questions, please don't ask here but email to the author (the address is in the readme). Any emails asking about playing information will be ignored.


Do I have to kill normal Baal to create a HC character?

Do I have to kill normal Baal to create a HC character?
Answer (Win)
If you kill normal Baal, that info is saved in the Windows registry. If you have killed Baal in the original LoD, you don't have to kill him in ES to create a HC character, unless the registry is cleared by a clean install of LoD.
If the registry is cleared, run regedit.exe, open HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Diablo II and set AllowHardcore to 1, to enable creating HC characters again.
If you aren't sure how to use regedit.exe, copy and paste the following lines to the notepad, save as "temp.reg" and double click it.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Diablo II]
Answer (Mac)
It's unknown how the info you killed Baal is saved in Mac. It's reported it seems that restoring a HC character, or a character who killed normal Baal, into the save folder enable creating HC characters again.


The synergy for Masteries/Passives doesn't work.

Strength of the Ancients/Vigor of the Ancients doesn't work

Putting points into a synergy skill for Masteries/Passives never increases the damage, stats, etc. displayed in the LCS and skill tree.
Putting points into Strength of the Ancients/Vigor of the Ancients never increases the stats displayed in the LCS and skill tree.
They don't work until you start a new game, or re-equip any skill+ item. This is a restriction of D2.
Also, Strength of the Ancients and Vigor of the Ancients needs at least level 1 Luck of the Ancients. In the current version, LoA is a prereq of these skills, but an old character may not have LoA.

My oskills sometimes disappear.

One of my oskills sometimes disappears from the icon pool and becomes unselectable.
The reason had been unknown for a long time, but according to the post of Easytough, hovering the mouse cursor over an item with a skill bonus disables the oskill of the same kind you have.
For example, you equip Enigma RW armor and you hover the mouse cursor over a staff with "+1 To Teleport (Sorceress Only)", the oskill Teleport disappear from your icon pool. This occurs only when the target has a class specific skill bonus (xxxxxx only) of that skill, and doesn't occur if the bonus is an oskill or a charged skill.
This seems a bug of D2 itself and can't be fixed. Reequipping the oskill item enables the oskill again. But the lost minions don't come back, and the loss of the materials for Skeletons and Bone Golem will be problematic.

My summons sometimes disappear.

Some or all of my summons sometimes disappear or are destroyed.
The oskills sometimes disappear, which results the summons granted by oskills being destroyed.

Beside that, even the summons summoned by native skills occasionally disappear. When a summon falls behind you it usually catches up to you by teleporting. But when the distance increases too fast, (ie. you move too fast and/or the minion is blocked by an obstacle), it seems to fail to teleport. Monsters brought back to life using the necromancer Revive skill never teleport to keep up with you...if you run too far ahead, they will disappear.

If you have tons of Faster Run/Walk, consider reducing it or switching to walking (which will also increase your defense). (In R4, a recipe was added to make a negative Faster Run/Walk charm in case you lose your minions even if you walk.) When you come across an area with many obstacles, try to move a bit slowly. Someone reported that using Fade instead of BoS had reduced his Shadow Master's disappearing.

Moving by (Oskill) Teleport gathers all your minions, which prevents the summons (including Revived monsters) from disappearing, too. Going back to town by Town Portal is a cheap alternative to gather the minions.

Why revived monsters are so weak in ES?

Why revived monsters are so weak in ES?
The skill itself is rather improved (longer duration, 250% more damage). But several reasons make revived monsters in early games not so useful.

I hear some oskills are weaker than the native ones in ES.

I hear some oskills are weaker than the native ones in ES.
Yes they are.
Elemental Masteries grants 5% damage bonus per level. But if you put one or more actual points into the skill it grants another 75% damage bonus. So Sorceresses can receive 80% damage bonus from level 1 Mastery. This is because Elemental Masteries are simply too strong as an oskill.
Even if you play a Sorceress, an Elemental Mastery granted by an item works like an oskill Mastery, because of the lack of actual points.
Oskill Dodge, Avoid and Evade have only 2/3 D/A/E chance of the native ones. This is because other classes than Amazon don't show the D/A/E animation and their D/A/E is very fast.
Oskill Fend have less attack number and ED% than the native ones. This is because Fend attacks very fast with other classes than Amazon and Sorceress. In recent versions, Oskill Fend is no longer spawned and Oskill Killer Scythe is spawned instead. Oskill Killer Scythe has no such penalty because Killer Scythe is a slower version of Fend balanced for Necromancers, and it's well balanced for other 4 classes than Amazons and Sorceresses, too. It's pointless for Amazons and Sorceresses to use Oskill Killer Scythe.

What are the caps of skill points in ES?

What are the caps of skill points in ES?
Level 1 and 6 skills: 30 points.
Level 12 and 18 skills: 25 points.
Level 24 and 30 skills. 20 points.
All skills can further be boosted with +skills items till level 100.

What is Fend Bug? How can I avoid it?

What is Fend Bug?
All attacks except Concentrate and Iaigiri are interuppted by getting hit, blocking and D/A/E (Dodge, Avoid and Evade.) Multiple swing attacks like Fend can be *internally* interrupted as well, but the attack animation doesn't stop until all swings are displayed.
Does Fend Bug occur only with Fend?
No. It occurs with any multiple swing attacks (Zeal, Fend, Jab, Fury, Strafe, etc.) But the bug is most noticeable with Fend because it has the longest animation among the multiple swing attacks in LoD.
Is Fend Bug caused only by D/A/E?
No. Fend Bug is also caused by getting hit and blocking. But it's most noticeable with Fend, Fendazons usually don't block and D/A/E occurs much more frequently than getting hit. So it's wrongly believed that only D/A/E causes Fend Bug.
How can I avoid Fend Bug?
In short, keep clicking! It can be too late to click when you see the attack animation is over. It's bad to hold down the mouse button, either.
Fend Bug is a display bug, and harmless by it self. But it prevents you from knowing when the attack is actually over. The attack animation you are watching may be a fake, and you may be losing the attack chance.
It had been said that Fend Bug makes you whiff, but it's incorrect. It's you that doesn't start the new attack. Don't believe the animation, and keep clicking to start a new attack in case the attack is interuppted.

What is D/A/E lock? Should I avoid taking D/A/E?

What is D/A/E lock?
When Dodge, Avoid or Evade is activated, the character gets busy to display the animation and can do no other things during that time.
This is also the case with blocking and hit recovery, but D/A/E lock is more noticeable than other locks in LoD, because D/A/E animation is much longer, and no item can make D/A/E faster. Also, Blizzard added a code so that blocking doesn't show another animation just after a blocking while D/A/E has no such code.
Should I avoid taking D/A/E?
In LoD, D/A/E takes 8 frames (about 1/3 second) while in ES it takes only 1 frames (1/25 second). This means it needs to activate D/A/E 3 times per second to completely lock you in LoD, but it needs 25 times per second in ES. D/A/E lock is very short and hardly noticeable in ES.
Also, it had been said that (only) D/A/E causes Fend Bug. But blocking and getting hit can cause Fend Bug as well, and you can easily avoid Fend Bug (See the FAQ above). So it can no longer be the reason to avoid taking D/A/E.
Generally speaking, D/A/E usually benefits more than it's drawback in ES. But someone still prefer not taking D/A/E, and those people can do without D/A/E. (In ES, Dodge also includes the function of Avoid and Evade, and no skill requires Dodge as the prereq.)
For other classes than Amazon, D/A/E shows no animation, so it has no drawback. (As written in the FAQ above, D/A/E interrupts the attack, but getting hit also does, so D/A/E is always better.)

Map / Quest

Question: After I beat the ancients and I try to progress through to the worldstone chamber...instead of it saying worldstone chamber it says nowhere. So I have tried repeatedly to click on because sometimes the map itself is actually the worldstone chamber it's just labeled incorrectly. However this freezes up the computer and brings up a diablo 2 error box. I have tried the map regen trick as mentioned below but to no avail. Can someone figure out what this error is and how I can progress into Nightmare?

Some areas are too difficult to beat.

I can't get the Viper Amulet because the Lost City is filled with Ghost Cows.
Some areas are filled with strong monsters and are too difficult to beat.
In LoD, there are very few areas to play after you beat Hell Baal, say, WSK, Cow Level, Pindle, and maybe The Pit. In ES, many areas you don't have to visit for the quests have been converted into special areas where you can get the best experience and drops like WSK and Cow Level.
Lost City (Lost Farm) is one of those special areas, and you don't have to visit Lost Farm for the quest, because the south entrance of Act 2 Sewer leads to the dungeons with the Viper Amulet and the Horadric Staff in ES.
Many maps other than the Lost City have been changed in ES. Please check the Map section in ES Database for details.

I can't find Flayer Dungeon.

I can't find Flayer Dungeon anywhere in Flayer Jungle.
One of the Sewer entrances in Upper Kurast leads to Flayer Dungeon.

I can't find the downstairs from The Dead End to Nowhere.

I can't find the downstairs from The Dead End to Nowhere.
The downstairs are hidden and not shown until you hover the mouse cursor on them, which is why the area is called "The Dead End". Hint: There always exists a "landmark" near the downstairs.

I can't find a specific monster/area.

I can't find a specific monster/area.
D2 sometimes spawns a bugged map with some missing object (a super unique, a dungeon entrance, etc.)
This happens very infrequently, so D2 will regenerate a new vaild map in the next game. If you disable the map regeneration via the preference menu, temporarily enable it to reset the bugged map.

Do there happen World Event and Hellfire Torch quest in ES?

Do there happen the World Event and Hellfire Torch quest in ES?
The World Event (Diablo Clone) is a feature of Battle Net. But PlugY emulates this event in SP and TCP/IP games, so if PlugY is working, it does happen, even you sell nothing to the NPC. (In Mac version ES, PlugY isn't available and it doesn't happen.)
You can cause the World Event by selling a new item Devil's Food, instead of Stone of Jordan. Devil's Foods can be made from unwanted unique rings and amulets via Rerolling Orb. Now you can cause the World Event very cheaply, and the random encount chance has been improved by 33%. Diablo Clone doesn't always drop a unique charm, but has 10% chance to drop a unique charm, 30% chance to drop a rare charm and 60% chance to drop a magic charm.
Hellfire Torch quest is a feature of LoD 1.11 Battle Net, so it doean't happen in ES which is based on LoD 1.10.

What's the Devil's Food message I see every 5 minutes?

I constantly see the message that Devil's Foods are sold to the merchants. What is this message?
That is an emulation of World Event, a feature of Battle Net. On Battle Net, you see that Stones of Jordan are sold, but it doesn't mean any SOJ is actually sold in your game. In ES, a new item Devil's Food is used instead of SOJ to cause the World Event. Please also see the above question.

Quel-Khek doesn't seem to give the proper reward for my class. How do you use the reward?

Readme says Quel-Khek gives the materials for Class Crafting. But he gave me a Perfect Obsidian, a Flag and a Dragon Stone and my character's class is Sorceress. How do you use these materials?
The trick is the Flag. To make a Perfect Sapphire, please cube the Perfect Obsidian and the Flag with a Chipped Sapphire. To make a Crushed Gem, right click the Dragon Stone several times. Then you are alomst ready to do Class Crafting.
Sorry but the Chipped Gem and the junk jewel are not included in the kit. Please prepare them for yourself.

Horadric Cube

How can I get a new Horadric Cube?

I threw my cube onto the ground, forgot to pick it up and left the game. How can I get a new one?
Pass the cube from a new dummy character via PlugY's shared stash. If you can't use PlugY, launch two instances of ES on a PC. Host a TCP/IP game by the character. Join with a new dummy character. Pass the cube.

Why do I sometimes get a rare ring/amulet when I try to make a unique?

Why do I sometimes get a rare ring/amulet when I try to make a unique?
There are three recipies for making a uniqe ring/ can re-roll 7 rares or three uniques into a new unique, or you can use secret recipie 6 to create a unique. The secret recipie will always produce a unique, and can produce any ring/amulet, regardless of the character using the recipie.

However, the re-roll recipies are limited by the level of the character re-rolling the rings/amulets. You get a rare when the ring/amulet that came out did not have a high enough ilvl to become a unique (that is, if your clvl is below 15, or if you tried to make a class ring/amulet, and your clvl is below 65). Because the ilvl of the output is 70% of your clvl (rounded down), you may have to reach a higher clvl than you expect in order to get the ring/amulet you want. Here is a list of rings/amulets, and the character levels required to cube them:
  • Lvl 10 Fallen Star or Lovers' Pendant: clvl 15
  • Lvl 20 Dragon Eye or Eye of the Witch: clvl 29
  • Lvl 30 Ring of Vengance or Collar of the Minotaur: clvl 43
  • Lvl 40 Elemental Jewel or Beads of the Guardian: clvl 58
  • Lvl 50 Iron Thimble or Roaring Thunder: clvl 72
  • Lvl 60 Zodiac Band or Eye of the Beholder: clvl 86
  • Lvl 75 The One Ring or Spellcaster's Aide: cannot be made using unique ring/amulet re-roll
If you put a class ring/amulet in last, you will get a ring/amulet for that class out. The most common reason for getting a rare ring/amulet is accidentally placing a class ring/amulet in the cube last when your character has not reached level 65. Required clvls to get class rings/amulets are as follows:
  • req lvl 45 class ring/amulet: clvl 65
  • req lvl 60 class ring/amulet: clvl 86
  • top class ring/amulet: cannot be made using unique ring/amulet re-roll

How can I reroll a class specific ring/amulet?

Is it possible to reroll rings and amulets into a specific one?
The last one you put into the cube determines the type of jewelry. For example, if the last input is an Amazon ring, the output is an Amazon ring, too.
When you use a Rerolling Orb, use an alternative form of Dragon Stone instead of a Key. Cubing with a Spider Silk rerolls an Amazon ring, for example.

How can I get Spider's Silk, Holy Symbol, Crushed Gem, etc.?

How can I get Spider's Silk, Holy Symbol, Crushed Gem, etc.? I've never seen those items drop.
A Dragon Stone turns into 7 forms cyclically by right click. All monsters drop only Dragon Stones, and you have to make the ones you need by right-clicking D-Stones. (The only exception is the unique Panther Woman nearby the Horadric Cube Chest, who drops a Forging Hammer.)
ClassD-Stone FormGem ColorRelated Properties
AmazonSpider's SilkEmeraldAR, MF
AssassinDragon StoneRubyIAS
BarbarianForging HammerAmethystEDam, EDef
DruidTyranium OreTopazLife
PaladinHoly SymbolDiamondAll Res, vsDemon, vsUndead
SorceressCrushed GemSapphireMana

Why stacked items aren't fully replenished by Cube?

Why stacked items like quivers and javelins aren't fully replenished by Cube?
It's because our little Cuby can do math only up to 255. Don't scold him, arrow's maximun stack size used to be 250 in Classic D2, which was the largest number he needed to count.
(R5 Change) With a new method, now quivers are fully replenished by cubing. Throwing Weapons are replenished to 255 as before.

In-Game Troubles

ES crashes when I enter Act 5.

ES crashes when I enter Act 5. (on a Macintosh computer)
This happens when you try to use Eastern Sun with LoD 1.11. On a Macintosh, you must be using LoD 1.10 or 1.10b (preferably the latter). Please uninstall D2, do a clean new install of D2 and LoD, and then patch it to version 1.10b. You can download the patch from Blizzard's FTP.
ES crashes when I enter Act 5. (on a Windows computer)
The Windows version of ES is designed to run correctly with LoD 1.10 or 1.11 installed. The most common cause of this crash in the full PC version is trying to launch ES without using the shortcuts placed in the start menu. ES will only run correctly when launched using "ES_300r_launcher.exe" from the ES folder, or the shortcuts on the start menu.

If problems persist when using the launcher, it usually indicates an install problem, please see the Install Guide.

ES crashes when I talk to Warriv after killing Andariel.

ES crashes when I talk to Warriv after killing Andariel.
According to the official FAQ of Diablo II, it happens when you use the "-ns" (no sound) command line parameter, but it's reported it sometimes happens without the parameter.

It seems the crash doesn't always happen. So please save and exit after killing Andariel and before talking to Warriv, and then talk to Warriv in a new game so that you don't need to kill Andariel again even if the game crashes.

If the problem persists, reinstalling the sound card/driver may help.

I can't enter the dungeon entrance/stairs.

I can't enter the dungeon entrance/stairs.
In ES, more skills can be assinged to the left mouse button. This makes your key assign more flexible, but some of those skills prevent you from clicking the dungeon entrance/stairs. Please assign Normal Attack to your left mouse button.

My character has 'frozen' in place and can't move.

Not entirely sure what causes this, but twice now in Act 2 my barb has 'frozen' in place and cant move. Seems to happen when I get knocked back in a certain fashion and it will just keep me there. Cant do skills but I can make a TP but cant go into it. Only fix I have done is to restart the game.
Try taking off a piece of equipment, or doing a weapon switch by pressing "W". Common in LoD. One reported reason for this is the Str/Dex bug...if you don't have enough base Strength or Dexterity to equip your weapon (that is, if you're relying on Str/Dex from charms or equipment to be able to equip it), and you level in the middle of using certain skills, you can become frozen in place until you un-equip and re-equip your weapon (Whirlwind was implicated as a skill with this problem).

Monster's dead bodies block my passage/loot.

Some monsters leave dead bodies which block my passage/loot.
Duriels in Marsh of Pain and Siege Beasts in Act 5 leave dead bodies that cannot be walked over. If you don't have Teleport or Leap, please be careful not to be surrounded by them, particularly near the edge of a map or on a bridge. The dead bodies may also make your loot unclickable.
If there aren't no detours, or the loot is too precious to give up, try to move 2 screens away and then go back there. The dead bodies will disappear like the normal dead bodies.

Monster's Drop

How does /playersx command work?

Life & Exp
1st Kill
tries to drop X times1-2111333-5663-5
rares and betterx1x1x4x5x3x6.4x12.8x16x24x1.6/x4/x5
  • The values under the monster types are the chance to drop something per try.
  • Most non-boss monsters try to drop only once while Act Bosses try to drop 6 times, for example.
  • A few tough monsters try to drop twice even if they are non-boss monsters. Double Drop Monsters include:
    • Naraku: Treant, Living Ice, Matagi, Namahage, Evil Eye
    • Dome: Quarterback, Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, Cornerback, Safety
    • Ballpark: Outfielder, Slugger, Manager, Umpire, Knuckleballer
    • Nowhere: Treant, Ghastly Horseman, Grimalkin
    • Nihlathak's Domain: Evil Eye, Grimalkin, Tatarashi, Vile Swordman
  • Uniques and Champs always drop a potion in addition to the listed random drop.
  • Semi Bosses that try to drop 3 times include King Leoric, Black Jade and Lachdanan.
  • Semi Bosses that try to drop 5 times include Blood Raven, Griswold, Countess, Radament, Summoner, Sarina, Izual, Hephasto and Cow King.
  • Treant King, Reporb, Reziarfg, Nihlathak and the five guardians in his domain drop like an Act Boss (but no 1st Kill bonus).
  • Clones that try to drop 3 times include the minions of King Leoric, Black Jade and Lachdanan.
  • Clones that try to drop 5 times include cloned Blood Ravens, Summoners, Andariels, Duriels, Hephastos, Nihlathaks and Izuals.
  • 4 Cloned Act Bosses in Throne of Destruction drop like the original.
  • In R5G and later, junk drops are no longer increased by players, so the actual drop chance is slightly less than the listed numbers.
In Nightmare and Hell /players x settings higher than 2 increase monster damage and attck rating by 6% per player

How does MF work? Does MF increase the drop of XXXX?

How does MF work? Does MF increase the drop of XXXX?
MF doesn't increase the drop amount at all, but improves the quality of items which can be Magic or better. If an item doesn't have its magic version, MF doesn't work at all. MF fully works for Magic (Blue) items, but less effectively for Rares, Sets and Uniques.
Magic Find%MagicRareSetUnique
ItemsDropped byHow MF works
Weapons, Armor
and Quivers
All MonstersIncreases Magics (blue items) and better.
Reduces white items instead.
Rings and AmuletsAll MonstersIncreases Rares and better.
Reduces Magics instead.
JewelsAll MonstersIncreases Rares and better.
Reduces Magics instead.
CharmsAll MonstersIncreases Rares.
Reduces Magics instead.
MF can't increase Unique Charms
RunesAll MonstersDoesn't work.
CouponsAll MonstersDoesn't work.
Ancient ScrollsAll MonstersDoesn't work.
Dragon StonesAll MonstersDoesn't work.
OrgansNon-boss MonstersDoesn't work.
Set Jackpot AA few Super Uniques
The 1st drop of Act Bosses
Doesn't work.
Set Jackpot BAll Uniques and Act BossesDoesn't work.
Rune JackpotAll Uniques and Act BossesDoesn't work.
Coupon JackpotAll Uniques and Act BossesDoesn't work.
Set Jackpot A is intended to help starters and mainly dropped by the super uniques in early acts. The chance is relatively high but can drop only low level sets.
Set Jackpot B can be dropped by all unique monsters and act bosses, and can drop high level sets, but the chance is slim.


I can't make the maximum number of sockets on a white item.

I can't make the maximum number of sockets on a white item.
The socket number is also limited by the ilvl (item level) of the target item.
Body Armor346
Paladin Shields344
Please see the Body Armor line. MaxSock1=3 means, if the ilvl is lower than 25, the socket number is capped at 3. If the ilvl is between 25 and 39, the socket number is capped at 4. If the ilvl is equal to or higher than 40, the socket number isn't capped, because the largest socket number on body armor is 6. The items not listed here can always have the maxmum number of sockets.
  • If PlugY is available, the ilvl is displayed on the item. If you can't use PlugY, following rules will help to know the ilvl of an item.
  • If the item is dropped by a monster, the ilvl is equal to the level of the monster. As a rule of thumb, the items dropped in NM Act 3 and later can have the maximum number of sockets.
  • The ilvl of sold items is your clvl (character level) + 5, but is capped at 12 in normal Act 1 and capped at 20 in normal Act 2.
  • The white items created by a cube recipe has the same ilvl as the previous item.

What ilvl the target item has to have for a specific affix?

Is the level of available affixes equal to the ilvl of item?
If for exmaple, I was to re-roll a Ninja To to have Bloodlust prefix, what clvl would I had to be? And what ilvl the sword had to have?
The level of available affixes (alvl) is equal to the ilvl only when the level (qlvl) of the target item is 0.
Rings, Amulets and Grand Charms have no level (qlvl=0), so alvl = ilvl for them. Weapons and armor have the level, so you need to use the ilvl calculator to know the clvl/ilvl you need.
1. Open the ilvl calculator.
2. Check the Base Weapon page of the database to see the qlvl of Ninja-to. It's qlvl is 37 (Lvl column).
3. Put 37 in the first text window of the calculator.
4. Leave the second window 0, because Ninja-to isn't listed, so it's magic level is 0.
5. Check the Prefixes page of the database to see the alvl of Bloodlust. It's alvl is 75 (Lvl column).
6. Put 75 in the third window and push the CALC button. Here is the answer.
Required Item Level of the Target Item 87 
Required Monster Level to Drop 87 
Required Character Level to Reroll 87 
Required Character Level to Gamble (Min Chance) 83 
Required Character Level to Gamble (Max Chance) 92 

How many affixes can you get on a single item?

How many affixes can you get on a single item?
A rare item can get up to 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes.
A crafted item can get up to 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes, too. But the total is capped at 4.
(3 prefixes and a suffix, 2 perfixes and 2 suffixes or a prefix and 3 suffixes)
A magic item has 25% chance to have both prefix and suffix, 25% chance to have only a prefix, and 50% chance to have only a suffix.
You will need to look for 3 things for the affix to spawn for you;
1. There must be a 1 in the "rare" column on those pages, for rare and crafted items.
2. It must meet the "Item Type". Either 'weap' or 'mele' for a melee weapon, for example.
3. This isn't really a requirement but more of a reminder; two affixes for the same group will not spawn on the same item. (ie; you can get Cruel and Ferocious on the same item. Or Cruel and Bloodlust, but you can't get Bloodlust on rares anyway...

What would be the best combination of Affixes for weapons?

What would be the best combination of Affixes for weapons?
For prefixes you want ED.
IF you get perfect Cruel and Grandmaster that 500% ED. On top of that you can get Screaming for 3-300% Max ED (/clvl) or Fool's for 2-250 Max Dmg (/clvl). or for a perfect pure ED roll you can get Heavy for another 200% ED. With Cruel/Grandmaster/Heavy you can get up to 700%ED before D-Stoning.
For Suffixes you only have one choice for ED% and that of Grandmastery which grants 20% IAS and 100% ED. Other useful suffixes are;
of Piercing (Ignore Traget Defense) 
of Quickness (40% IAS) 
of Ages (Indestructible) 
of Skillmaster (oskills) 
of "Skill Name" (CtC) 
of Aurora (Aura when Equipped) 
Or other useful mods like min or max dmg, leech, stats, or DS/CB/OW. Getting the perfect combination of these is near impossible. Good Luck...

Some skills never appear as a staffmod.

Some skills never appear as a random skill bonus.

Some skills never appear as a staffmod. Akara never sells a staff with +X To Time Stop, for example.
Some skills never appear as a random skill bonus. Sand Storm never appears on Yagul's Wrath, for example.
The original D2 has 30 skills per classs and 5 new skills are added to each class in ES. The original skills must have the same skill ID as in LoD, so the 5 additional skills have the apart (inconsecutive) skill ID. (The original Sorceress skills have #36~#65 and the additional Sorceress skills have #367~#370, for example)
Due to this apart skill ID, the additional skills can't appear as a staffmod, or a random skill bonus.
ClassAdditional Skills (ie. can't appear as a staffmod or random skill bonus)
AmazonEagle Eye, Legendary Arrow, Dance of Death, Fire Wall, Frost Nova
SorceressTime Stop, Fanatic Swing, Aerial Shield, Fissure, Twister
NecromancerPierce P&B, Killer Scythe, Hells Gate, Hydra, Blade Fury
PaladinAura of Divinity, Arrow of Confession, Sacred Piercer, Holy Ward, Summon Anointed Bear
BarbarianAncient's Call, Phantom Hatchets, Berserk Fury, Nova, Thunder Storm
DruidSandstorm, Iron Claws, Cow Baloon, Charged Strike, Bone Spear
AssassinShade Armor, Shuriken, Iaigiri, Teeth, Cold Wave

Staffmods of some high level skills often appear on low level items.

Staffmods of some high level skills often appear on low level items, and raise their level requirement.
Yes, it's annoying, but it's a compromise to fix another major problem.
Many skills have different req levels in ES (e.g. Teleport is a lv 1 skill rather than a lv 18 skill). The staffmods are assigned based on the skill ID, so to have the skills appear as staffmods at the proper level, you need to change the skill IDs. In previous ES versions (patch N and before) the skill IDs were changed so that the staffmods work properly.
But then it proved this change makes many skills not working properly. Many skills are hardcoded and related to their specific ID (e.g. the damage synergy from Holy Shield to Smite only works if both skills have the original ID).
Working skills are more important than the staffmods, so the skill IDs were changed back to the LoD values in patch R (This is one of the main reasons for the save game incompatibility).

When I can't pick up the unique charm, what should I do?

When I can't pick up the unique charm, what should I do?
Just like with Annihilus in LoD, you can't pick up a unique charm if you have the same charm already. Perfect Cell Unique SC and Vlad Tepe's Sustenance Unique SC are different charms, for example, so you can carry both.
If you can use PlugY (ie. single play on Windows), go back to town and store the old charm in the shared stash. Then you can pick up the new one. You can check which one is better, and make a Maple Leaf from the bad one. Or you can reserve one of them in the shared stash for another character.
If you can't use PlugY, you can still pick up the new one by dropping the old one onto the ground. But you can't exit the game with both charms, so there is no choice other than making a Maple Leaf.

My "ED + Max/Min Dam" jewel doesn't work correctly.

My "ED + Max/Min Dam" jewel doesn't increase the total damage correctly.
The ED part of an "ED + Max/Min Dam" jewel doesn't work when socketed into armor. This is a known bug of D2. Fortunately you can pull out the jewel in ES, and can socket it into a weapon.

New CtC Meteor, etc. have no delay while old ones have some. Why?

I found CtC Meteor on recent items has no delay, but the same mods on my old items still have some delay. Why?
CtC (Chance to Cast) mods of following skills spawned in R5G or later use a special version of that skill and no longer make the skill icon red.
This change doesn't affect the existing items. So if you want the no-delay version, you need to reroll the item (or reactivate the runeword.)
  • Bone Wave, Hydra
  • Fist of the Heavens
  • Flame Wave, Meteor, Lightning Hydra, Blizzard, Frozen Orb

Minions / Hirelings

My merc loses life everytime he/she gains a level.

My merc loses life everytime he/she gains a level.
D2 has a bug in calculating the life of a merc when he/she levels up. Certain mods that give her bonus life are ignored which is why she ends up with less life. The same effect happens in LoD, only there these mods are quite rare which is why the bug is not seen.
They wrongly believe they are fully healed, so their life regeneration doesn't start until their life is changed. This can be done by letting them take some damage, letting them leech some life, giving them a healing pot, or quickly removing the item that gives them bonus life and putting it back on (this last one activates their regeneration even though it initially leaves them with the incomplete life total they started at).
If you hire an act 3 sorcerer you'd better give him a healing pot or quickly remove then reequip a piece of his gear, because they can't leech.

How much life regeneration ability do minions have?

MinionLife Regeneration
Act 1 Rogue4
Act 2 Desert Mercenary5
Act 3 Eastern Sorcerer6
Act 5 Barbarian10
Shadow Master2
Shadow Warrior3
Ghost Decoy4
Golem (All)3
Cow Balloon0
Spirit (All)3
Vine (All)3
Wolf (All)4
Water Elemental5
Anointed Bear5
Common Monster2

What equipment do Minions have in ES?

Valkyrie27Rare Tiara
25Rare Amulet
23Rare Titan Belt
21Rare Titan Boots
19Rare Titan Gauntlets
17Rare Impaler
16Rare Archaic Armor
14Magic Circlet
13Magic Amulet
12Magic War Belt
11Magic War Boots
10Magic War Gauntlets
8Rare Lance
7Rare Chaos Armor
5Magic Plated Belt
4Magic Greaves
2Magic Gauntlets
1Rare Spear
1Rare Full Plate Mail
Shadow Warrior16Magic Piece of Caster's Weapon Type (L)
16Magic Piece of Caster's Weapon Type (R)
8Magic Piece of Caster's Boots Type
8Magic Piece of Caster's Body Armor Type
8Magic Piece of Caster's Headgear Type
1Normal Piece of Caster's Weapon Type (L)
1Normal Piece of Caster's Weapon Type (R)
1Normal Piece of Caster's Boots Type
1Normal Piece of Caster's Body Armor Type
1Normal Piece of Caster's Headgear Type
Shadow Master17Rare Amulet
13Rare Ring (L)
11Rare Swayyah (R)
Rare War Fist (R)
Rare Scissors Swayyah (R)
11Rare Battle Cestus (L)
Rare Runic Talons (L)
Rare Scissors Swayyah (L)
11Rare Spellcaster Gloves
Rare Sepulcher Gloves
Rare Titan Gauntlets
11Rare Rogue Boots
Rare Sepulcher Bootss
Rare Titan Boots
11Rare Ring (R)
11Rare Piece of Caster's Body Armor Type
11Rare Hood
6Magic Swayyah (R)
Magic War Fist (R)
Magic Scissors Swayyah (R)
6Magic Battle Cestus (L)
Magic Runic Talons (L)
Magic Scissors Swayyah (L)
6Magic Spellcaster Gloves
Magic Sepulcher Gloves
Magic Titan Gauntlets
6Magic Rogue Boots
Magic Sepulcher Bootss
Magic Titan Boots
6Magic Ring (R)
6Magic Piece of Caster's Body Armor Type
6Magic Hood
5Normal Spellcaster Gloves
Normal Sepulcher Gloves
Normal Titan Gauntlets
5Normal Rogue Boots
Normal Sepulcher Bootss
Normal Titan Boots
1Normal Swayyah (R)
Normal War Fist (R)
Normal Scissors Swayyah (R)
1Normal Battle Cestus (L)
Normal Runic Talons (L)
Normal Scissors Swayyah (L)
1Normal Piece of Caster's Body Armor Type
1Normal Hood
Ghost Decoy27Rare Guardian Crown
24Rare Royal Armor
18Rare Slayer Guard
12Rare Embossed Plate
9Magic Avenger Guard
1Magic Gothic Plate


What's the Uber build or char in ES?

What's the Uber build or char in ES?
None. Or in the other words, all builds or characters can be uber.
You can read many good posts here.

How to backup my shared stash or start a fresh shared stash?

How to backup my shared stash, or start a fresh shared stash?
Backup the file _LOD_SharedStashSave.sss in the save folder. To start a fresh shared stash, delete the old stash after backup, and PlugY automatically makes a new empty shared stash.
In recent versions, you can use the stash switcher to switch two shared stashes.

How Elemental Masteries work with Enchant type spells?

How Elemental Masteries works with Enchant type spells?


  • Elemental Masteries here includes Sorceress Fire/Cold/Lightning Mastery and the mod +XX% To Fire/Cold/Lightning/Poison Skill Damage.
  • Enchant type spells include Enchant, Holy Fire/Freeze/Shock and Venom. Charged Strike and Vengeance aren't an Enchant type spell for example, because their elemental damage doesn't work when you attack with another skill like Jab and Zeal.

Does Fire Mastery increase the damage of Enchant twice for melee attack, and once for ranged attack?

  • It seems widely believed, like posted here. But the LCS shows Fire Mastery works twice for both melee and ranged attack. And the Arreat Summit only says "Using Enchant on ranged weapons now boosts the damage a variable amount".

How Fire Mastery works with Enchant

  • The Fire Mastery of the caster of Enchant increases the listed damage bonus of Enchant.
    (This effect is halved for all Enchant type spells in ES.)
  • The Fire Mastery of the attacker increases the fire damage enchanted on the weapon.
  • So if the caster is the attacker, Fire Mastery works twice, regardless of melee or ranged attack.

Unknown Factor "missile pct"

  • Why did they think ranged attacks receive less bonus? I found a column named missile pct in the line of Enchant in skills.txt and it's set to 33. This value looks like the effectiveness of Enchant to ranged weapons.
  • I'm not sure if it's actually working, because the LCS shows the full damage for ranged weapons. But the theory "Fire Mastery works only once for ranged attack" may be misled by this column. Also, if this works, it explains the comment of Blizzard, "Using Enchant on ranged weapons now boosts the damage a variable amount" well.
  • This value is changed to 50 in ES, because the penalty seems too severe in case it's working.


  • All Enchant type skills are affected by Elemental Mastery twice (when the spell is cast and when the character attacks), regardless of melee or ranged attack.
  • The missile pct column of Enchant may or may not be working. If it's working, Enchant only boosts ranged weapons by 33% in LoD and by 50% in ES. But the LCS doesn't show any effect of missile pct. Holy Fire/Freeze/Shock and Venom have no such column, so they fully work for ranged weapons.

How is this Gamble Chit working if i buy more than once of same Unit?

How is this Gamble Chit working if I buy more than once of same Unit?
What grade (unique, set, rare, magic) a chit turns into is determined when you buy that chit. If you buy two chits, both may be unique one, for example. Strictly speaking, you should buy and identify the chit one by one, not to get any redundant ones. Though the chance is slim, and buying 5 or 10 chits in a row is less time consuming.

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