This character was originally built for the Craftsman Tournement, which explains the gear. He is a summoner, concentrating on Golems, hence a Golemancer

Current Stats

160 (262)
100 (196)
275 (294)
35 (142)
Blade Fury (LMB) Damage
1310~4776 [Might Aura(18) RMB]
27753 [40850 with Bone Armor(32) & Shock Armo(13)]
Max Life
4377 [5248 with BO(19)]
Max Mana
910 [1254 with BO(19)]
Resists (Hell)
F:95 C:95 L:95 P:95

Base Stats

Due to reported bugs native to CLoD, I always try to make sure that there are enough hard points in STR/DEX to equip all items. Any additional points from gear/charms/socketables are just bonus stuff.

Minimum Requisite for Equipment
Minimum Requisite for Equipment/Max Block
Everything else


Since this was the first Necromancer I ever completed the game with, there are several skills I invested 1 point into just for experimental purposes. Skills are listed as hardpoints (with gear)

Clay Golem
26 (59)
Blood Golem
25 (59)
Metal Golem
15 (49)
Fire Golem
20 (53)
Golem Mastery
1 (34)
Summon Resist
1 (34)
Bone Armor
1 (32)
Poison Explosion
1 (32)
Corpse Explosion
1 (32)
Amplify Damage
1 (35)
1 (35)
Blade Fury
1 (35) [Mainly used for procing CtC Spells]
other 1 point skills
Revive, Skeletal Mastery, Raise Skeleton, Raise Vampire, Hydra, Posion Slash, Poison Nova, Iron Maiden, Life Tap, Dim Vision, Lower Resists, & Pierce Flesh & Bone.


Since this character was used in the Craftsman tourney, all of his gear is Crafted items. Instead of an item by item breakdown, I'll just summarize the main bonuses. This build is heavily dependent on + skills gear, the more, the better.

+ Skills
All Skill
Necromancer Skills
Necromancer Skill Tabs
Auras While Equipped
Defiance (lvl 12)
Inner Sight (15)
Slow Missle (16)
Battle Orders (19)
Cleansing Aura (22)
Meditation Aura (21)
Might Aura (18)
Shock Armor (13)
Teleport (10)
CtC Spells (mostly from socketed Unique Jewels)
15% lvl 10 Static Field on Striking
10% lvl 14 Poison Nova on Striking
8% lvl 15 Fireball on Striking
7% lvl 10 Glacial Spike on Striking
Resist All +%
Resist All Max +%
48% Life Leech
24% Mana Leech
Prevent Monster Heal (rune forged gloves)
Unique Charms (1 of each, forged with +16% max Life)
Rare Grand Charms + Necromancer Skilltab
Rare Large/Small Charms +xx Life
Damage Augmentor Charm


While running around in Hell, I tried a variety of mercs, and settled on a Cold Rogue. Mainly for fire support. Even in Hell Difficulty, her Freezing Arrows help slow down the monsters. Again, all items were Crafted Items.

Act 1 Rogue (Cold)
Sorceress Crafted Rogue Bow (eli Composite Bow)
lvl 9 Annihilation Aura When Equipped
Merc Forged
2 +1 All Skills Magic Jewels socketed
Safety Crafted Dwarven Faceplate (eli Dwarven Circlet)
Merc Forged
2 x Jindujun (unique jewels, +30%FRW, +DEX, +16% life forged)
Resist All +%
Resist All Max +%
Safety Crafted Sylvan Chain (eli Elven Chain)
Merc Forged
241% Enhance Defense
Socketed Nexus Star (Magic Damage,+ Resist All, + Resist All Max +16% life forged)
Socketed Perfect Diamond (Resist All +%)

Strategy & Tips

Various strategies tried throughout the game, but once I got to Hell, I pretty much had my end game gear and used the following strategy.

Blade Fury. not especially powerful, but it turns a melee weapon into a ranged weapon, and the rate of fire makes it great for spell procing.
Normal RMB
Amplify Damage, Inner Sight, Might Aura (Amp Damage + Inner Sight is one of the few curse combos that stack, and they both affect physical resistance. Damage from the golems is all physical, except the fire golem, this was the most effective curse combination to use.)
Crowd Control
the same basically, but once a few bodies had dropped, switch to Corpse Explosion. Most effective in Hell difficulty due to monsters having more life. high level CE is very mana intensive, so having good Mana/Kill (in my case +21) is a good thing. also, having oskill Meditation Aura (lvl 21, +800% mana regen) means it only takes a few seconds to refill mana globe.
early choice = Posion explosion, not as much damage as CE, but no where near as mana intensive. switched to CE once i could easily support the mana costs.
Extra Fast Enchanted
Decrepify, Inner Sight, Might Aura

Here are the stats on my Golems in Hell difficulty -

Clay Golems
3 total (+1 per 15 hard points in Clay or Metal Golem)
Life - 16852
Defense - 1735
Damage - 2563~1634
Attack - 2070
Slows enemy by 49%
Blood Golems
4 total (+1 per 15 hard points in Blood or Fire Golem)
Life - 13083
Defense - 1755
Damage - 2714~3017
Attack - 1430
Converts 30% of dmg to Life
Metal Golem
1 total (usually cast on aura while equipped or CtC on attack/striking items, preferably Frozen Orb, Blizzard, or Immolation)
Life - 12617
Defense - 3335
Damage - 2678~3009
Attack - 1450
1590% Damage Return (built in Thorns Aura)
Fire Golem
1 total (this is the golem that I had to respawn most often)
Life - 13039
Defense - 1705
Damage - 3897~4570
Attack - 1470
Holy Fire Damge 367~371

Overall, this is a "safe" build. Kill speed starts out slow, but speeds up as more golems can concentrate on fewer monsters. Corpse Explosion, also accelerates kill speed. For the most part, I didn't have to respawn golems too often, except in the special areas. And then, it was mostly just the fire golem. I think I lost more Golems to the mysterious "vanishing minion" syndrome than to actual monster kills. The last version played with this character was R4F, and he could clear every area @ /players 8, except for Hell Nihlithak's Domain, where I finally gave up and ran @ /players 1.

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