Ama - Goldfind Zon

Character Intro and Overview

Ama is my goldfind char, made for getting high amounts of gold for gambling/pgems in a short time. She is my main non-tourney char and gets priority for all equip picks.

Her main areas of action are Hell Baal, Hell Marsh of Pain, and the nm Cow Level.

The build/equip was influenced by Blinns goldfind zon and easythoughs goldfind necro.

R6 news: Ama was successfully updated to R6. The RA nerf has cost her some goldfind, damage went up but only slightly.

Short Term Goals:

  • Reach lvl 99

Long Term Goals

  • Tinker all her armor gear to the limit with life
  • Socket the mercs gear with YA forged +1 all skill jewels
  • Reach lvl 100

Items to look out for:

  • Magic Javelin with +12 Battle orders
  • Helm with "Shielding" mod and high lvl holy freeze on equip
  • 37-40% extragold jewels with damage, dex, or amazon skills
  • Solid Mercury

Stats and Attributes

All stat points are invested in dexterity for more damage

The following screenshots are quite old, from R5 patch and at lvl 90. Current stats are better, Ill update at the latest at lvl 100 ;)



  • Multishot: max (main attack skill, strafe synergy)
  • Strafe: max (for bosses and hell mode)
  • Valkyrie: max (slvl 59 on switch)
  • Decoy: max (to get 2 Valkyries)
  • Pierce: from staffmod (quiver)
  • Critical Strike: 1
  • Penetrate: 1
  • Inner Sight: from staffmod (veterans odd charm)
  • Guided Arrow: all remaining points (strafe synergy)


  • Fanatism
  • Battle Orders (on switch)
  • Natural Resistance
  • ctc Amplify Damage: 6% chance of lvl 5 AD
  • ctc Burst of Speed: 7% chance of lvl 12 BoS


Allmost all the equipment (except bow and quiver) was chosen to reach maximum goldfind. All the forgings except for the bow are RA rune forgings. As Easytough noted before on his goldfind necro, since jewelry can be dstoned with goldfind, any piece of jewelry can reach max goldfind with enough maple leaves, so I chose damage oskills in these slots.


  • DualMax Grand Matron Bow, WA forged, socketed 2 RA-forged ed% jewels, dstoned ed%.
    My first real DualMax Weapon, with no base ED% but I dstoned it anyway. +2 bow skills, 6% manaleech, and 20% ias are decent side mods, and the blue color gives an individual touch.
  • Legolas Quiver
    Its possible to use a Lem socketed quiver for goldfind but the mods of Legolas are too good to pass up.
  • "Wealth" RW Drow Adamantite Chain, dstoned life%, dstoned +life
  • "Thief" RW Dwarven Faceplate (50% Gold, 12/12/25) Topaz melded, tinkered with hearts
    The ctc Burst of Speed prevents the use of Eagle Eye skill for damage, but up to 800% possible goldfind are impossible to pass up, plus this helmet solves all speed and leech problems one could have.
  • Goldarks Strap gloves, RA forged, socketed 2 gold jewels, Obsidian melded, Topaz melded
  • Goldarks Strap boots, RA forged, socketed 2 gold jewels, Topaz melded
  • Goldarks Strap belt, RA forged, socketed 2 gold jewels, dstoned life%, dstoned +life
    No comment needed for triple goldarks.
  • Rare oskill Fanatism Ammy, RA forged, socketed gold jewel, dstoned gold%
    I got this treasure from the eastern sun holyday(christmas)gift exchange, the mods are just incredible. I decided to go for Fanatism over Might Oskill for two reasons: Fanatism has a penalty for party members, and the merc would probably wear more +skills gear than the Amazon.
  • Rare ctc amplify ring, RA forged, socketed gold jewel, dstoned gold% (pic before forging/dstoning/socketing).
    I rerolled this one with a low lvl(37) char, I just wanted any ctc amplify ring with decent mods. Since all the other slots are taken up by goldfind items, only a ring slot was available for ctc curses. Annihilation is a strange junk mod.
  • Rare oskill Natural Resistance ring, +1 all skill forged, socketed gold jewel, dstoned gold%
    This ring replaced Dfuzzt Fingerguard, it has all the resists one needs (including magic resistance) and nice skills.


  • All unique charms, forged Amazon Skills, socketable unique charms socketed with goldfind jewels
  • "Wealth" RW odd charm
  • Magic resist all charms
  • Magic charms of the collector (0,125 gf/clvl per inventory space taken)

Weapon switch:

The weapon switch is used to cast Battle Orders and Valkyrie.

  • Magic +11 oskill BO Javelin, +1 all skills forged, socketed 3 +1 all skill jewels
  • Magic +1 all skills Dragon Shield, +1 all skills forged, socketed
    2 +1 all skill jewels and Laras unique jewel

Currently +19 Battle Orders and +12 Valkyrie

I still need to replace the +11 BO Javelin with a +12 one.

Merc and Merc Equipment

A2 Might merc

The main job of the merc is to provide the zon with high level damage Auras, but of course he also has act as additional tank in Hell.

All skills bonus: +23
Life: 7k
Damage Reduce: 67%

Auras on equip:

  • Concentration (25)
  • Annihilation (8)
  • Vigor (6)


  • Atlastrust Chest Plate, merc converted, skill forged, socketed +1 skills jewel, skull melded
  • Ethereal LoD "Pride" RW Guardian, Merc converted, dstoned ed%
  • Heart of Jewels, Merc converted, skill forged, socketed +1 skills jewel
  • Zodiac Band Ring, skill forged
  • Elemental Jewel Ring, skill forged, dstoned life%
  • Beads of the Guardian, Concentration aura forged, dstoned life%
  • Iron Fist gloves, skill forged, socketed +1 skills jewel
  • Hermes Gift Boots, skill forged, socketed +1 skills jewel, ruby melded
  • Girdle of Giant Strength, skill forged, skull melded, socketed +1 skills jewel

He still needs some +1 skill jewels, the Jewelry isnt socketed, and the helm should be replaced, too.


  • I usually shop in act 1 nm at charsis, if the entrance is in NE, you can teleshop, and the requirements of the items are low -- 11-15-2009 (Sun) 17:42:50
  • for the BO javalin, whats the best place to find one? just mfing around or doing a steady town reset -- Flapyjack? 11-15-2009 (Sun) 10:44:55
  • It is, for her, since she already uses Fanatism on the right mouse button and the merc has synergized Annihilation... I think the only chars who would use Annihilation on RMB are pure summoners. -- goeido 02-27-2009 (Fri) 18:19:11
  • did that really say annihilation was a junk mod...? -- will? 02-27-2009 (Fri) 02:39:18
  • I usually delete regularly... I think its mainly old, regularly updated pages with pics, Hawkmans page suffers the same problems -- goeido 12-05-2008 (Fri) 16:52:45
  • Spambots seem to like your Ama -- Moonie? 12-05-2008 (Fri) 14:39:49
  • for 2 valks, you need 25 hard points in decoy (ES R6) -- goeido 06-26-2008 (Thu) 18:30:43
  • What i must do to havbe 2 valkyries??? -- Raff? 06-26-2008 (Thu) 07:14:51
  • its the LoD classic runeword pride, Cham Sur Io Lo, which only works in polearms. -- goeido 06-05-2008 (Thu) 16:21:08
  • How did you put "Pride" in a Guardian when it's a runeword for body armor? -- CA5PER? 06-05-2008 (Thu) 12:39:34
  • the only auras that dont stack when on the same char/merc are the holy elemental auras. 2 concentration auras on the same char DO stack. -- goeido 05-23-2008 (Fri) 18:59:42
  • why is the amulet concentration forged when you use pride? thought they did not - bobey?
  • merc goldfind only works when the merc does the kill, and since the mercs killspeed is much too low, its better to concentrate on survivability and auras for the zon. -- goeido 05-23-2008 (Fri) 13:56:09
  • Why isn't your merc outfitted with any GF gear? -- AdmiralCrackbar? 05-23-2008 (Fri) 11:55:06
  • stat distribution is all dex, before and after R6 -- goeido 03-27-2008 (Thu) 21:29:14
  • What is your stat distribution on this zon? since your playing on r6 -- Xc0n? 03-26-2008 (Wed) 14:11:47
  • nice work man 10x -- mona? 03-20-2008 (Thu) 02:47:39
  • Excellent Design work, Nice -- lightsoul? 01-29-2008 (Tue) 12:38:42
  • The WA forging is on the bow, not on the quiver. -- goeido 11-28-2007 (Wed) 11:58:04
  • Please teach me how to "WA" forge to Legolas Quiver. -- plumwine? 11-27-2007 (Tue) 22:02:15

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