Anduriel - Gameface Assassin

Character Intro and Overview

Anduriel is an Assassin for the Gameface #1 tournament, meaning she is an Iaigiri based built. She is a HC char, and level 98 at the moment. She has had the leading score in the assassin team for a long time, her only weak point is her defense, which is a scoring factor in Gameface. Her good point is the insane damage coupled with amplify damage oskill and 100% deadly strike, 99% crushing blow, which allows her to one-hit kill most monsters on /players 8, which is the highest setting on gameface.


Anduriels char file has been donated for the eastern sun holiday gift exchange, since I (Goeido) stopped playing hc and someone else might have more use for her gear than me.

Stats and Attributes



Iaigiri Max
Weapon Mastery Max
Shadow Master Max
Shade Armor at high level but not max
Blade Shield 4 (for one additional Sentinel)
Death Sentry 1
Blade Sentinel 1

Main hotkeys during combat:
Amplify Damage (from ring)
Blade Sentinel
Dragonflight (from ring)

Death Sentry (to remove corpses)
Cloak of Shadows (against strong ranged attackers)

Hotkeys for prebuffing:
Shadow Armor
Shadow Warrior
Valkyrie (from jewel)
Enchant (from killjoys ring)


Actually, the only special items in her equip are this ring:


The amplify damage oskill helped her damage immensely and made her progress very quickly.

And the Katana:


The Katana is finally complete, I updated the pic

Unique and set items:
Tasselhoffs complete
Heart of Jewels
Hands of the Assassin
Killjoys Attitude
Dweias Revenge

All unique charms

Merc and Merc Equipment

Anduriel has a defensive barbarian merc.
Since she is a tourney char, the merc is only allowed three slots. The items are chosen for their Auras on equip to boost Anduriels tournament score.
The weapon is an ethereal SuUHaI deathblade
The armor is an ethereal TeNKaWoToRu ceremonial armor
The helmet is a rare Coronet with defiance on equip (pic later)


  • read the gameface tourney thread for the history of the char... its my 3rd try on ethereal katanas. -- goeido 08-08-2007 (Wed) 10:21:42
  • Goeido, where'd you nab the katana? -- Will? 07-24-2007 (Tue) 21:44:46
  • Goeido, where'd you nab the katana? -- Will? 07-24-2007 (Tue) 21:35:26
  • 最近はこのページを読まなかった。日本語の質問もいいです。苦手なんですけど、パソコンで漢字を調べることができる。 -- goeido 07-19-2007 (Thu) 08:07:20
  • May I ask you a question in Japanese? -- noris? 06-26-2007 (Tue) 11:10:45
  • ランキング投稿ありがとうございます。質問、日本語でも大丈夫ですか? -- noris? 06-26-2007 (Tue) 08:35:58
  • yep, 900% ed from dstones, Wo-runeforging and 105% damage from 2 jewels (one magic, one rare). -- goeido 06-25-2007 (Mon) 12:12:16
  • 900% ED cap on the weapon, and then another 105%ED from the 2 sockets -- Blinn? 06-24-2007 (Sun) 20:03:55
  • ED1005% ? -- noris? 06-24-2007 (Sun) 11:31:28
  • One word-Pwnage,that's it! -- Battle_Mage? 06-04-2007 (Mon) 17:33:04

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