Annihilus - Sandstorm Druid

Character Intro and Overview

(Picture taken while Annihilus was Act 2 Hell)

Annihilus is a sandstorm/tornado druid. Playing the druid is kinda like using an Immolator or a bonemancer specializing in Hell's Gate. However, sandstorm is wind damage -- read, physical -- so the only problem you'll run into are unbreakable physical immunes. A mercenary stacked with physical resistance-lowering CtCs (Amplify Damage, Decrepify) can only do so much since you're waiting for that moment where it happens.

In this case, I have an Amplify Damage ring to cast the curse on-demand, and it makes things a little easier.

Stats and Attributes

  • 70 Strength
  • 30 Dexterity
  • rest Energy
Energy is important since not only does it boost wind damage, this class is heavy-demand on mana.

Level 89
168 Strength - mostly from attribute bonuses
120 Dexterity - same
115 Vitality - left alone
505 Energy - yeah

3769 life, 1811 mana before battle orders.
5196 life, 3195 mana after.

151% to Wind Skill Damage - mostly from energy and d-stoning weapon.

Tornado 22853-23102 per missile
Sandstorm 16441-16736 per missile


  • 20 Sandstorm - First skill.
  • 25 Tornado - Secondary, and LMB skill. Useful even though it is slow because it reaches further than Sandstorm and often does a little more damage against small targets.
  • 30 Winter Fury - You'll need this in Hell. Unbreakable physical immunes? They'll slowly die from the cold damage.
  • 30 Cyclone Armor - Another necessity in Hell. Most monsters will do elemental damage so you will need something that will soak it up.
  • rest Arctic Blast


Weapon: +2/1 Starter Elemental Druid shaman wand, 2x socketed +1 elemental-tab forge jewel
Forged +1 all skills
Shield: Rare +1 all skills shield with +36 resists, d-stoned resists, socketed wind skill damage jewels
Forged +1 all skills
Armor, Boots, Belt: Tasselhoff's all forged +1 all skills
Armor socketed with life jewels, forged faster cast
Boots socketed with life jewels, one has resists, forged +% life
Belt socketed with 1 life/res jewel, 1 +druid/life jewel, forged +% life
Gloves: Runefusion, socketed with a +5% Wind jewel (Intensifying jewel of emphasis) forged +%life
Forged +1 all skills
Helm: "Placidity" (He I Se I) totemic mask, d-stoned +% life
Ring1: Zodiac Band, socketed wind damage jewel forged +% life
Forged +1 all skills
Ring2: +1 Druid rare ring with +7 oskill Amplify Damage, socketed wind damage jewel forged +% life
Again forged +1 all skills
Amulet: Beads of the Guardian, no socket, forged 20% FCR, d-stoned 15% extra FCR
Lothar's Will, Yello Jello forged +1 druid skills
Noob's charm with a perfect amethyst for strength and Weaken when struck.

Merc and Merc Equipment

Act 2 Nightmare Meditation
Mercenary's H Set
Weapon Ya-forged with 3x Wa runes
Armor Ni-forged with 3x Ni runes
"Mighty" gloves
LoD String of Ears with 15% DR, socketed with Ni rune
Hermes' Gift gladiator boots for Vigor on equip (so he can keep up with me)
2x 9% lifesteal rings
Band of War amulet

Last Words

This guy needs faster hit recovery and more life. But he's beaten Hell and is actually doing well in the special areas save Naraku.


  • I didn't have much room, and I needed someone to harvest gold ever since Golden_Pig retired, he is quite effective, maybe more so with your setup -- psycho2? 11-20-2012 (Tue) 21:12:22
  • Hey,great job on this one...mine will be wearing more Rares and Crafts thou for more skill levels... -- Lucifer666? 11-20-2012 (Tue) 16:44:35

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