Aono - Sorceress

Character Intro and Overview

Aono is a hardcore lightning sorceress, she's my first es char to reach lvl 100. Overall i built her as ultimate defensive build, thus relatively low damage.

Stats and Attributes

75% block with shield of pain, enough dr to neglect amp, enough fcr for 7fpa. In inventory i have all unique charms, small and grand ones were cubed to gain additional sockets. Since small/grand charm > square/odd charm have penalty of 3 squares, regular skiller take 3 squares so i lose nothing + i get additional bonuses of socketed jewel with skill. Rest of the grand charms in inventory are light skillers.
Well, i'm not really happy about stats, since i decided to go all out on def, i maxed vit, which turned out to be not too useful, also additional points into str/dex were wasted, but oh well.



Ultimate defensive orb, 100 dex and dr%/res from fade, kinda fail on the 4% fire d-stone ;D
Quite obvious here, gem melded dr% and some icb%
Overall useful mods, used that mainly for 5% exp for easier grinding
I prefer to wear ER on myself, even if i would gain 1 more skill from giving er to merc, and wearing insight myself, but since aura updates kinda weirdly after teleports, it's not 100% activated.
5 lightning skills, nuff said
i had completely terrible luck with oak rings on hc, i rolled in total gameplay TWO rings with that oskill, huge improvement possible here
lower resist oskill, lucky "perf" roll

  • enemy lightning res to help me kill immunes, quite much must for any elemental caster
life after each kill and dr%, d-stoned for fcr% since i'm quite low on that

Merc and Merc Equipment

Pretty much my personal aura whore, he have conviction, vigor, meditation, cleansing(prayer combo, ~800-1k hp/2s, quite much god mode as long merc stays alive)rest gear is random crap i gave him, he barely ever dies so i didn't care

Comments - naraku p1 vid

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