Autechre - Two-Handed Zealot

Character Intro and Overview

Autechre was developed at the Immortal's Grand Championship tourney. While he didn't make a stunning score, this character was played at /players 8 full-time. That being said, he is the first character of mine to complete Hell on /players 8.

Note, finishing Hell means getting up to Baal and killing him to earn the King status. By no means is he a domain controller (Naraku runner). But I am fairly impressed at how far he's actually gone.

Stats and Attributes

LCS Shows the following:
Level 92
Str: 350   Base: 300
Dex: 116   Base: 100
Vit: 164   Base: 130
Ene: 45    Base: 25
Life: 7759  Mana: 380
Attack Rating: 14064
Before Defense: 28972  After Merc Defiance: 57294
Zeal Damage: 17K - 57K
All Resistances at 79 except Cold and Poison which is at 87 in Hell
LCS says: 266% Fire, 251% Cold, 277% Lightning, 290% Poison

Notable Stats:
-81% Target Defense, 20% Open Wounds, 54% Crushing Blow, 48% Deadly Strike
58% Damage Reduction, 73% FHR, 27% D/A/E


Weapon has 2H Melee Passive
  • Fanaticism: Max (Level 32)
  • Holy Shield: Max (Level 36)
  • Zeal: Max (Level 37)
  • Vengeance: Max (Level 36)
  • Sacrifice: Rest (Currently 26)


  • Veil of Steel, socketed with Blemished Diamond, d-stoned +life
  • "Mighty" sharkskin gloves, D-stoned +% Life
  • Ethereal "Zenith" Chain Shirt, D-stoned +% Life
  • Rare Guardian (I have it entered in "Rate the rare!" topic), Tsu-forged and socketed with a Wa rune.
  • "Trip" sharkskin boots, D-stoned +Life
  • LoD String of Ears, Ho-forged and socketed with a Nexus Star, forged +16 Resists; d-stoned resists, +4 Light Radius and +life
  • LoD Raven Frost (CBF), socketed with Perfect Ruby and d-stoned Open Wounds, forged +1 All Skills
  • Rare dual-leech ring with +AR, forged +16 all res
  • Holy Deviant (Holy Pendant), forged +16% Life

10 Square Charms, one +1 Offense Auras; two socketed w/ +16% Life-forged Lady Eboshi's Greed, one +16% Life-forged Nexus Star; two perfect diamonds; two blemished diamonds; three perfect rubies used. "Harmony" veteran's charm. Lothar's Will forged +16% Life; Perfect Cell forged +1 Paladin Skills.

Most of the charms have +Life, some +AR, few both +AR/+Life :) I also have a rare +1 Offense Auras GC skiller. Life was very important to this build since he does not have a shield, so was FHR. The -% Target Defense on the diamonds made things a little easier versus minion/boss packs, but not Act Bosses; however, the bonus against Demons on the Guardian made it much easier to fight off the bosses. I mainly used the diamonds for the defense boost and the +% Crushing Blow; the -% Target Defense was just a nice bonus.

Merc and Merc Equipment

Ethereal Sultan's Conqueror, Ya-forged and Ya-socketed
Burial Mask of Marduuk, Ni-forged and socketed with blemished diamond
Atlastrust, Ho-forged for resistances
5% LL Ring
Beads of the Guardian (CBF)
Achilles' set, Ri-forged boots and Ya-socketed gloves. (Boots were Ri-forged to
alleviate the Lightning resist penalty.)

Ah, my henchidiot is an Act 2 Defiance merc from the start. He had fallen and risen many times, mainly because I needed help, the defense boost, and a small score buff. Once I gave him the late equipment and tweaked the equipment to what it is above, his survivability increased, but he was still in no ways capable of facing later Hell bosses.

What is the "after-party" that is mentioned?

The "after-party" is monster battles that are fought after the Act Boss is defeated. I mainly use the "after-party" to get my Mercenary to rebuff my Defense in order to make an accurate defense score; however, this also skews my other stats a bit, mainly Experience.

There is always an "after-party" in Worldstone Chamber, unless you went to kill everyone before facing Baal. Then there is no "after-party" unless you use prior Waypoints.

What was his entry on the IGC thread at the moment?

Player       Immortal’s Name (Class)     Experience    Damage        Defense       Life          Total
thepsycho2   Autechre (Pal) *            409,320       209,700       57,294        232,770       909,084

Seize the moment, baby!

File to attaach: fileScreenshot027.jpg 130 download [Information]

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