Ayumi - Assassin

Character Intro and Overview

Ayumi is my level 94 TS/DTail Assassin, and is characterized by her risk, high reward play. She is incredibly fragile, but the tradeoff is she deals ungodly amounts of damage for a melee character with no uses of AS#50 on her gear.

She is still in progress, with her kicking power nearly maxed but with a lot of work left on her life and defense. The charge combo takes more work than spamming a single skill, but it is well worth it. A fully charged kick with full support from Amp/IS/Conviction is capable of taking down entire packs of high HP monsters on /p 8 such as Living Ices, Griswold Clones, etc... Even entire boss packs get floored in a single kick quite often. Against Uber D, a full kick will take out roughly 1/4 of his entire life bar. Regular monsters with moderate HPs are usually majorly overkilled by a triple TS kick, 1 to 2 TS charges is often enough to kill them in a single kick.

Stats and Attributes

hard points - all DEX, for more kick damage
total stats - 336 STR, 885 DEX, 84 VIT, 102 ENR
Resists - 65% Fire, 77% Cold, 85% Lightning, 42% Poison
current life - About 4700. Much too low and extremely dangerous in the Hell Special levels. She has had many many brushes with death from Reziarfg, Reporb, and Metalspark especially. So far she has been lucky, but I need to get a lot more life because at these levels death is probably just a matter of time.

Fully charged Dragon Tail damage: 514k-781k

Immune breaking/resistance lowering:

Amplify Damage
lvl 20 Inner Sight
lvl 26 Conviction
-82% enemy fire resistances

This is really the key to the whole build, because of the way the final damage is calculated. Cutting Physical resistances with an AMP/IS combo means the resulting kick does that much more damage. Since the fire damage is calculated from the damage your kick actually does, AMP/IS is very important not only to get rid of PIs (which will take 0 damage) but also to make other monsters so weak that your kick will result in HUGE fire damage. With the massive fire damage that results from such a kick, Conviction and -82% enemy fire resists will mean virtually everything that is NOT unbreakable FI will be at or very near -100% fire resistances. Taken together, the final explosion should easily do well over 1 million fire damage in a sizeable AoE, wiping out most or all enemies immediately in front. Unbreakable FIs are the biggest roadblock since they negate the biggest portion of the damage, but because this build packs AMP/IS/Conviction there is plenty of other damage to go around from the Rogue and 2x rampaging Shadow Masters. Dragon Talon is also great backup to DTail.


Maxed - Tiger Strike, Dragon Tail, Command Mastery, Shadow Master
1 pt - Various skills for helping the Shadow Masters

main skills:
lvl 95 Tiger Strike
lvl 88 Dragon Tail
lvl 64 Shadow Master
lvl 36 Battle Orders
lvl 26 Conviction



Weapon switch:

+12 Battle Orders Javelin, forged +1 all skills, socketed with 3x +1 All Skills jewels
+1 all skills shield, forged +1 all skills, socketed with 1x +1 All Skills jewel

Equipment that could be improved:

Available areas to improve:
Weapon - D-stone, tinker
Armor - D-stone
Shield - finish tinkering
Amulet - socket, D-stone
Ring - socket, D-stone
Ring - socket, D-stone

Generally she needs very very specific things so finding equipment is mostly straightforward, there aren't many choices.

+skills - for improving the combo and strengthening Shadow Masters
-% enemy fire resistances - to make the massive fire damage of DTail even deadlier.
oskill Conviction - the only FI breaker I have, and makes none FIs dead meat
+Dex and +Str - For more kick damage

That's basically it, a pretty short list of criteria. After that comes the usual life, resists, etc... I still need to work on that.

Merc and Merc Equipment

Fire Rogue. She takes care of all Amp and Inner Sight duties, and also supplies lvl 12 Annihilation for the party. Her equipment is barely modified, so she is not very deadly on her own yet.

Her important equipment:
Weapon - Moonlight kanji runeword Ancient Bow
Helm - Thief runeword
Armor - Atlastrust Chest Plate
Amulet - Wave's Set
Gloves - 2x Perfect Amnethyst Mighty gemword
Boots - +8 pierce rare


  • you should change the amulet with a sin one with +8 oak sage (after all your ammy is just a +1 all and +3 martial can found a decent one sacrifying some skill points maybe), and then can change your swich shield with a magic one with an anthoner + oak sage. the bonus in life to all your party will be massive and the spirit will not die soo easily -- ultimategrayfox? 07-09-2011 (Sat) 21:28:02
  • You don't mind me getting a few ideas from your DTail kicker to my DTalon kicker :) -- Undiagnosed? 04-16-2011 (Sat) 08:54:13
  • This is insane, my lvl 55 barb only does 7k ( from main weap ) and 6k ( from other weap ) with double swing. This must've been tough to complete -- stingray? 07-06-2009 (Mon) 22:10:37
  • very powerful... when i finish my GF i'll try make my own -- ultimategrayfox? 08-03-2008 (Sun) 09:24:06

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