Bambi - Amazon

Character Intro and Overview

This is my old Strafer who is mainly a very strong gold find and magic find character using the Waves and Noir sets.

I decided to change things around so radically that I made Bambi2 for the Hall to show the differences.

Stats and Attributes

All Dex

The waves set pretty much guarantees either amp or decrepify is on full-time.

As you can see below, crushing blow, open wounds and deadly strike are maxed - AR is super high and 170% to demons. I have 34% life steal and that is important to survive the various elemental damage in the domain along with the good resists. If I were to max this char I would add more life and more life steal - more damage is not needed (never thought I would say that!).

I saved a couple of points by having deadly strike and pierce large charms in my inventory.

I also have 100% shorter poison duration, that helps considerably.




Really pretty standard stuff, Waves and Noir all socketed with good jewels. I have all unique charms close to perfect and forged +Amazon. It wasnt horribly expensive to forge and dstone the resists and %life. This is probably my least expensive end-game character overall.

I have a perfect +8 Anniliation Atlas Trust, but I use it on another character and because this strafer works so well I have not needed to reroll to perfect. I have an Insight runeword chest that I tried on this character because it has lots of +skills and significant magic find, but Annihilation is really "the bomb" and Bambi just didn't feel the same without it. Because of diminishing returns on MF, I decided to keep the Atlas Trust.

Most of my filler charms have some +damage etc, but since I diverted my best damage charms to my melee characters these charms are my best that have both GF and MF.


Merc and Merc Equipment

Showing off my fancy runeword polearm and ethereal Chains of Binding (probably one of my best finds ever).

My two rings are just standard rings of vengence for the extra damage dstoned with 80% life steal. Notice how much defense this merc has with the defiance amulet forging!

Additionally this merc has 33% damage reduction, 16 magic reduced, 12 damage reduced, 14 lightning absorb, 11 cold absorb.

All other items except for the amulet and the merc forged chest/pole/helm are forged +1 all skills to build up his innate might auora.



File to attaach: fileBambi5.jpg 480 download [Information] fileBambi2a.jpg 227 download [Information] filebambi4.jpg 478 download [Information] fileBambimerc2.jpg 453 download [Information] fileBambimerc.jpg 220 download [Information] filebambi3.jpg 228 download [Information] fileBambi2.jpg 239 download [Information] fileBambi.jpg 216 download [Information] filepicture005_th.png 186 download [Information] filepicture004.bmp 234 download [Information]

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