Blitzbear - Charged Claws druid

Character Intro and Overview

Blitzbear is a Charged Claws druid, combining the toughness of a shapeshifter druid with high lightning damage at close range.

I got the idea to try Charged Claws from a Japanese ES diary page, NSX-R has tried this build a while ago.

A Charged Claws Druid has an amazing damage output, since a single large target can be hit by several bolts, while the remaining bolts hit targets close by (currently 18 bolts at 1k-100k lighting damage each).

With Elemental Form, Shout, and the passive 2h bonus, his defense is quite good (about 110k), and since he also has about 14k life with Oak Sage, Elemental Form, and Battle Orders, the lack of a shield doesnt really hurt.

LoD Infinity runeword is the perfect weapon for this build, since it has lvl 12 conviction on equip and up to -55% enemy lightning resist, which breaks many immunes and reduces remaining resists considerably. The physical damage helps leeching and finishing immunes with Maul and Iron Claws.

To do list:

  • Maple weapon for lightning skill damage

Stats and Attributes

all points in Energy, for higher Charged Claws damage



  • Charged Claws: Max
  • Iron Claws: Max
  • Fire Claws: Max
  • Cow Baloon: Max
    10% Synergy to Charged claws, allows summoning 7 Oak sages, and can be used as diversion and damage source, which isnt necessary at the current power level.
  • Shapeshifting Mastery: all remaining points
    Synergy to Elemental Form and Maul, and base skill for 2h melee passive. Adds 8% life, 7% def, 7% damage, and +1 second Maul charge duration per hard point.


  • Elemental Form
    More life, def and damage than Werewolf
  • Maul
    A little bit of extra damage against lightning immunes
  • Oak Sage
    Better than Heart of the Wolverine
  • Summon Elemental
  • Winter Fury
    Gets synergized by the weapons Cyclone Armor charges
  • Summon Dire Wolf


  • Battle Orders: +9 (on switch)
  • Fanatism: +12
  • Shout: +9
  • Lightning Mastery: +3


Items are forged +1 all skills and socketed with +1 druid skill jewels or druid skill forged unique jewels if possible.

  • LoD "Infinity" runeword Shadow Scythe, dstoned 35% Ias and +% Lighting Skill Damage, added self-repair with AS #37
  • LoD Jalals Mane unique Totemic Mask, ruby melded
  • "Eternal Reign" RW in ethereal Ceremonial Armor, dstoned +%defense
  • Magic Fanatism oskill gloves
  • Rare Elemental Form oskill belt
  • Flickerheel unique Sharkskin boots, dstoned +life
  • Rare Ring
  • Yaguls Ring
  • Yaguls Ammy


  • All unique charms, socketed +1 all skills jewels if possible, forged druid skills.
  • Diablo RW odd charm
  • Shapeshifting skills grand charms
  • Dire Wolf staffmod large charm

Weapon switch:

  • Oskill Battle Orders Javelin
  • Spikewall unique Barbed Shield (lvl 13 Spirit of Barbs charges synergize Cow Baloon)

Merc and Merc Equipment

Act5 offensive barbarian
His job is to carry around Aurora gear and to provide Battle Commands and Ancients Call to break immunes. He has 95% resist all and about 50% damage reduction, since Blitzbear cant afford him going down against Lister the Revenger or Metalspark the Electrocutor.

  • Ethereal Admiration RW Arcane Sword
  • Stonewall unique shield
  • Magic salvation aurora circlet (should be replaced)
  • Chains of Binding unique body armor
  • Suffocation of Indifference gloves
  • Hermes Gift boots
  • Girdle of Giant Strength
  • Smackdouns Ammy, concentration forged
  • 2x Elemental Jewel ring


  • Of course, I've always found elemental to be more survivable in Hell with the right stuff -- psycho2? 11-22-2010 (Mon) 21:17:50
  • If you have more IAS, it's better to sacrifice speed for life/defense overall and use elemental form, as I have witnessed on my test druid -- psycho2? 11-22-2010 (Mon) 09:42:05
  • With Elemental or Bear Form it is easier to reach the fastest IAS Break point than with Wolf form. -- Hans? 12-20-2009 (Sun) 22:14:08
  • if You look in the skills section under staffmods, Youll find "Elemental Form - more life, def and damage than Werewolf" -- goeido 12-16-2009 (Wed) 12:43:44
  • May sound dumb but are you using wolf or elemental? -- marsvoltian? 12-16-2009 (Wed) 05:41:52
  • That's some insane damgae :O Looks like I have a goal to aim for ;3 -- Kisherprice? 03-14-2009 (Sat) 15:23:03
  • interesting build! -- ultimategrayfox? 09-26-2008 (Fri) 16:34:11

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