Boobers - Sorceress

Character Intro and Overview

Boobers was my first ever Eastern Sun character. I played LoD for quite a few years and ES seemed like it was different enough to keep me interested, but similar enough that it would have the same DII "feel". My most played and by far favorite class is Sorceress, so I got started with Boobers.

When looking through the ES database, I realized that there were many more ways to break immunities than in LoD. Once I saw that I could easily get Oskill Conviction Arua and even Oskill Lower Resists later on, I decided that going all out in one tree was a good idea. I actually started as a Lightning Sorc and played around with the different trees. Once I found a Fu rune and saw how bad ass the "Winter" runeword is, I was all cold after that.

Boobers is currently level 94 and is the first character that I defeated Hell Baal with. She likes nightly slaughters in the moonlight, those yummy purple elixers (she may be going to rehab, she drinks too much) and romantic trips into the depths of Hell.

Stats and Attributes


Typical Sorceress stats. Most points in Vitality. I think I was forced to dump a few in Strength earlier on to wear gear.



Frozen Orb and Blizzard are her bread and butter. The rest are on there just for the pretty numbers. Finally got slvl 100 for Frozen Orb and BLizzard. I believe its 98 and 97 without the Barbs warcries. Suprisingly, little difference is noted with Frozen Orb. You can tell a definite difference in Blizzard.


I like to think that Boobers' gear is pretty nice. Its far from done, but its coming together.


Nightwing's Veil was one of my Holiday Gift Exchange gifts. I had debated on dropping the "Archdimeron" for it, but I think it will be fine. Loss of Conviction will make Cold Immunes more difficult to defeat, but its honestly the only time I used it. I think the much larger skill boost will be more worthwhile. Tasselhoff's Belt and "Wealth" gloves are just fillers for the moment. They will be replaced eventually. The boots are just an old craft with +1 Cold Skills.


Armor, Weapon and Shield are unchanged for a while now. "Eternal Reign" is self explanatory. The "Winter" blade is just hard to beat. The shield was a lucky craft I got a while back.


The two Killashandra Ree's Black Crystal's could still be rerolled for FO/BL, but they are close enough. The amulet really needs to be replaced. I don't know why I haven't gotten to it yet. The rest is just all the unique charms forged and a few socketed with a 2/3 socket Odd Charm.

Merc and Merc Equipment

Boobers uses an Act V Defensive Barbarian Merc. I was totally suprised by how improved the Act V mercs were in ES. Hes my freaking hero man. Saved my butt so many times before. He can generally take a hell of a beating before going down with the exception of some bosses and special areas (see Duriel in the Throne Room. ONE shot killed him 13 times straight. I dunno if it was a bug or what, but I spent literally about 15-20 mins just resurrecting him and going back and forth.). His Battle Orders and Battle Command are great and he can very often tank huge groups with Stun and Concentrate.

His gear is the Hell Barbarian Merc set, a couple Ring of Vengeance, a Beads of the Guardian and Achilles'. Once I get him some better gear, I'll post some screens up of his stuff as well.


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  • Anyone still around? A few friends and I are putting together a play group. -- Fursofa? 02-29-2016 (Mon) 01:16:30
  • Neat boots and shield m8. -- Daishi_GD? 10-29-2009 (Thu) 09:42:34
  • hey do u have hamachi? -- sparkitup? 10-26-2009 (Mon) 22:37:43
  • hey do u have hamachi? -- sparkitup? 10-26-2009 (Mon) 22:37:30
  • Interesting stuff, being I started my Obsession Bizz/FO Sorc. Based on your post, I must add, Boobers. Not sure what I'll do come Hell, if I make it, with the limitations in that tourney. Run, is one thing I can think of. I also had no clue that Barb mercs could wear shields. When did this happen? It hasn't been this way all along in ES, has it? -- Billybgame? 08-14-2007 (Tue) 21:24:58
  • Yeah, sorry. Been kinda MIA around the wiki. What you say is true. There are some CI's that I can not break (Act V special areas mostly). I usually static the piss out of these and then let the merc handle them. Even those that I can break, still end up having a fairly strong resistance to cold. For instance, running cows in Hell is really quick with blizzard until I hit a pack of CI cows. I need both LI and Conviction to break them and then it leaves them at something like 50% resistance. Literally takes like 10-15 Orbs to killem or alternating between 3 Blizzards and Conviction. I'm suprised you didn't know that about the Barbs Blinn =p. With a Sorc, I can get my Oskill Conviction higher than the Mercs will get with + to skills. I can't see me giving up my Barbarian protector for anything! :) -- boobers? 08-01-2007 (Wed) 15:09:52
  • I'm not sure if they have always been able to use sheilds or not. When I found the Shield of Pain, I just tried it. They can only equip shields with a 1 handed weapon, unlike real barbarians who can use two handed weapons and switch between the 1 handed and 2 handed damage for the swords. Kinda a bummer too, I've found quite a few high damage 2h swords but have yet to find a good 1h one. -- Klink? 07-27-2007 (Fri) 15:37:20
  • Whoa, wha? Since when have Act 5 Barbs been able to use shields? That's big news to me. About the DR%, 50% is the effective cap, but since Amplify Damage gives you -90% DR, having up to 140% is still beneficial. With 140%, even when cursed you are at the full 50% DR which is mighty nice. -- Blinn? 07-27-2007 (Fri) 06:55:55
  • Thanks, forgot about the conflict. So far, I've simply used the merc as an uber tank, he has a decent fast one hand sword, about 20% life steal and the Sheild of Pain (Damage Reduced 75%), though I hear that the cap for damage reduced % is at 50%. He does have over 50% crushing blow which has helped some what. The only times he dies is when he gets hit with amp damage and there are a horde of cows when playing at 4+ players setting, and the 3 mephistos in throne room can kill him if I'm not careful. Maybe once I get more +all skills I can get stop using meteor, until then lower resist, static field spam and 5-6 metors usually does the trick. Thanks for the help ;) -- Klink? 07-27-2007 (Fri) 05:08:40
  • His Ancient's Call would conflict with your Lower Resists as well. You could try keeping your Defensive Barb and try to boost his damage as much as you can. He might be able to strike down Cold Immunes for you, it'll be slow but if any Merc is going to stay alive while handling a bunch of CI monsters it will be him. A Fire Rogue does good damage as well, but for a Sorc a tank is too important so I would try to make the Barb work. -- Blinn? 07-27-2007 (Fri) 04:52:46
  • Okay, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Whenever I try a pure cold sorc, I always stumble upon a horde of cold immunes I just can't break. I've been thinking of switching my act 5 defensive which almost never dies to a offensive barbarian. I tried this in my early 70's but the offensive barb would die very quickly, the lack of defense and his constant use of berserk just pwns him. If only he would stop using damn berserk, I could use oskills to make up for the loss of shout and battle orders. -- Klink