Captain - Druid

Character Intro and Overview

I have tried pretty much all the various Druid builds, I have a good Charged Claws one but I noticed no Druid Summoners in the Hall so here is mine. It has completed Hell but not the Domain, I need more life and resists for that. Summoners are not my favorite builds (a bit slow killing for my taste) so I doubt I will finish this, but I believe I built a pretty powerful one.

The Act 1 Cold Merc with the Ice Runeword really makes this build safe since so many monsters are frozen solid.

You play letting the summoned creatures create a wall between you and the mobs. The Druid stands close enough for the Fanaticism aura to kick in, you Amp the mobs and switch immediately to the might aura (both right mouse). Re-summon as needed. The high level summons are actually pretty tough, only bosses generally put the smack down on them. Many regular mobs are frozen by the Merc.

Really the only end game thing to do for those of you thinking of doing this would be to get more life and probably some more blocking/DR. I suspect that the Domain is doable, but slow.

Stats and Attributes

All Energy.

summoner stats.jpg


Also, the level 9 Fanatatism on equip from the Druid Weapon. Level 12 Thorns and level 24 0-skill Amp Damage on Druid Amulet. The damage #'s shown are before the Might Aura or Heart of the Wolverine is applied.

Really I probably undersell this build because I have other more powerful ones. If you keep to P3 or below you can fly thru the zones.

summoner skills.jpg


Nothing too special, good might rings and magic glove, amp amulet, lucky 0skill BO on the helm and on-equip Vigor. I didnt invest in +skill forgings, in fact I generally just went +Druid Summons since that is where all the points are. Thus, a very cheap build when you get the basic rare equipment.

It was nice to finally use the Tasselhoff's in a build - lot's of sockets. I suspect that it is possible to get 100 in the wolf and elemental summons, but you would have to get pretty lucky (or spend a ton of resources) to get the +skills and still have the might and fanaticism I have. Additionally I have +65% to summon damage Jewels in total.
summoner gear.jpg

summoner amulet.jpg

summoner gear2.jpg

Merc and Merc Equipment

I have triple rumors and an annihiliation forged amulet. The damage isn't much since I have not dstoned the weapon(around 2k), but WOW, the freezing is something else. 100% pierce from the rings and amulet and -90 cold resistance in total.

summoner merc.jpg


File to attaach: filesummoner stats.jpg 357 download [Information] filesummoner amulet.jpg 345 download [Information] filesummoner merc.jpg 431 download [Information] filesummoner gear2.jpg 352 download [Information] filesummoner gear.jpg 385 download [Information] filesummoner skills.jpg 404 download [Information]

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