Daishi_GD - Barbarian

Character Intro and Overview

Daishi_GD is my original "Daishi" Sword Barbarian build from R5E/F/G ladder, with minor skill changes then previous. I've always loved playing Barbarians for raw melee power. Yes most Melee characters will be slower killers then some kind of Caster Mage but its about having fun right?

Main attacks are Wirlwind/Berzerk/Frenzy. My main idea was to be a heavy hitting "Destroyer" build. But I end up being a good tank from my item setup. Always carried the Shield in my Cube(no room in Inventory) and Duel swords.

It did get to a point where I could just run around without armor on and I would do Naraku naked for fun.

The only long term change I would make to this character is a Eth Rare weapon just to see how much damage I'd do.

Stats and Attributes


  • First screen shot is without my holding my shield. With shield below.
    Base Stats:
    100 Strength
    85 Dex
    385 Vitality
    15 Energy


Combat.JPG Masteries.JPG
Base Skills:
20 Wirlwind
20 Berzerk
30 Sword Mastery
15 Frenzy
1 Point Iron Skin/Natural Resistance/ Increase Stamina
1 Point All Warcries except Find Item.


Now that part that you've all been waiting for! What makes this guy so crazy?! This does!

If you look through my gear you will notice I tried to split up between Strength-Vitality jewels. (Jewels that add 0.75 Strength or Vitality per character level, Level 60 jewel) If you want to be all damage- by all means just go all Strength. 5 More jewels - about 360 more strength.(-360 from current Vitality.)

All my Items(except for sword) is Dragon Stoned with Tyranuim Ore(Increase Max Life 4%) (see http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3cube_n.htm#dst for details).

The armor is an obvious choice for any character really. Not much to say about the armor, it speaks for itself! If you don't have a Wo Rune but everything else and like I said you CAN run around without any armor if you want.
If I could use Eternal Reign? I'd use one of these:
Leoric's Plate Royal Armor is a good one.
Runeword "Indomitable" in Ethereal elite armor if you are just starting out is great.

My helmet(Arreat's Face) is an LoD Coupon Unique giving it 2 sockets and making it what it is. Low level requirement for lots of D-Stoning.
Same with the Shield(Stormshield) Knowing I would only use the shield for "Tanking" I put vitality jewels inside- because life and tanking go hand in hand. The shield is also "U rune" forged for 7% Increased Chance of Blocking because the shield would normally only have 72% Chance to Block for a Barbarian. Also the jewels in the shield are forged iwth Tsu's for 15% Faster Hit Recovery- adding 30% FHR onto the shield.

Heel of Blood are very important for tanking, because of the obvious Life Tap Casting. When up against heavy hitting bosses, I would stand my ground and "Concentrate" till Life Tap casts followed by either Wirlwind or Berzerk depending on the strength of the enemy.
Strength jewels inside both rings, a Vitality jewel inside the Amulet.
Realistically- The Best Melee Item in Diablo 2. You would never need or want anything but then this weapon. Yes there are people out there with sword that do 9XX-2XXX damage, but all your going to get from that weapon is damage. Which to be is dumb because I feel it very important for the weapon to be more well rounded than to just deal a bit more damage. My second weapon of choice is "Death", Another LoD runeword made from Decal's. I'll duel these together and run and and frenzy if I am feeling to lazy to Wirlwind. (It's a lot easier to hold down right click with Frenzy and just move the mouse around then to Zig-Zag your mouse with Wirlwind!)
To help give you an idea where the some Stats come from.
I would only use Deviant Cell and Unknown Hero out of the unique charms because playing online with other people Barbarians are really easy to get passive bugged and you freeze yours friends and blah blah... A shame because those Unique Small Charms are great for leech!
These would be my secondary-weapons (My buff sticks)I realise now I am missing an All Skill jewel in the Secret of Ooze and that the +1 Barbarian jewel isnt even Tab Forged with +1 WarCries. Venoms just like 3k damage? Use China Gemword for Enchant. It's only like 175 fire damage but it adds +272% Attack rating.
The Wand is for Venom and the Tekko is for Eagle Eye. Eagle Eye adds about 400% enchanted damage, and 27 Crushing blow.

Merc and Merc Equipment

Desert Mercenary (Nightmare - Combat)- Might aura!
Merc Gear:
Weapon : LoD Runeword- Pride (lvl 20 Concentration Aura)
Armor : Runeword- Envy (lvl 15 Defiance Aura)
Helmet : Gemword- ArchDimeron (For +10 Might)
Gloves : Unique Elite- Death Grip (24% Life Leech, to keep him alive)
Boots : Uniq Elite- Heel of Blood ( Ctc Life Tap)
Belt : Rare Elite- Ctc Chilling Armor when struck (Defence bonus + cold)
Jewelery : Iron Thimble/Zodiac Band/ Spellcasters Aid


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